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Frequently Asked Questions on Higher Secondary Plus Two Results

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 / 94 Comments

The general queries that usually arise among the students after the publication of Higher Secondary Second year exam results and clarifications of the same are published here. 

Qn. Is it possible to do revaluation of Higher Secondary March exam results?
Higher Secondary students (second year) are given a chance to revalue their subjects except Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. If there is difference in the score after revaluation, a new Score sheet will be granted on submission of the old Score sheet. Provided the change of marks after revaluation is 10% or more, the fee remitted towards revaluation, will be refunded

Application in the prescribed format shall be submitted to the Principals of the Examination centre where the candidate registered for the Examination. Application form can be downloaded from the following link
HSE March 2020-Revaluation
Plus Two March 2020-Revaluation Notification
Plus Two March 2020-Application for Revaluation
Plus Two March 2020-Application for Scrutiny
Plus Two March 2020-Application for Photocopy
Refund of Revaluation fee-Guidelines

Details of Fee:- 
a) Revaluation - Rs. 500.00/- per paper, 
b) Scrutiny - Rs. 100.00/- per paper, 
c) Photocopy - Rs. 300.00/- per paper. 

Candidates who desire to apply for revaluation/Scrutiny/Photocopy of answer scripts of their Higher Secondary Examination March can apply in the prescribed form before 28th July 2020. 

Qn. Supposing the student’s Revaluation score is less than the previous score, which would be considered?
The top score of the two will be considered. Though the score is less in revaluation, the higher marks scored in March exam will be considered. 

Qn. What should the student do if he fails in some subjects in Plus Two March exam?
The regular students who appear for plus two March exam can apply for SAY/Improvement exam  for the subjects they don’t qualify. Such students can write SAY exam for all the subjects they fail to qualify (subjects below D+ grade). It is now possible for the second year students to improve their score in three subjects apart from appearing for SAY exam.
Update: Higher Secondary Second year SAY/Improvement Examination-Modified Govt Order GO(MS) No.131/2020/Gen.Edn dtd 27.07.2020. Download Now !

Fee for SAY Examination : Rs.150/- per Subject. 
Fee for Practical Examination : Rs. 25/- per subject.
Fee for Certificate: Rs. 40/-. 

Qn. Are the ‘Registration Cancelled’(second year exam) students eligible to apply for SAY exam?
No. The students who have cancelled their second year exam reg. are not eligible to apply for SAY exam. 

Qn. Students passed all subjects in Plus Two March exam and they desire to upgrade their score in certain subjects. What should they do?
Regular students who scored D+ grade or above in all subjects in the Plus Two March exam can apply for SAY/Improvement exam to upgrade only one subject of their choice. 

Fee for Improvement Examination: Rs. 500/- per subject
Fee for Certificate: Rs. 40/-. 

Qn. Students write Improvement exam in to upgrade their score whereas they obtain less score than the previous one. Which score is considered in such cases?
The higher score is considered. Even if the score obtained in the Improvement exam is lesser than that of March exam, the higher score obtained in March will be considered. 

Qn. Will, the students appeared for Improvement exam, get one certificate combining the certificates of March exam and Improvement exam?
Yes. A certificate of combined score obtained in March exam and that they obtain in Improvement exam will be issued. 

Qn. What are the rules for awarding grace marks ?
The benefit of grace marks for achievements in the First Year Higher Secondary Course will be awarded to eligible candidates for the First year Higher secondary examination only and for achievements in the Second year course, for the Second year Higher secondary examination only. Grace marks for NCC, NSS, Scout & Guide and SPC shall be awarded at the Second year Higher secondary examination only. 

The preference will be for attaining minimum mark for becoming ‘Eligible’ i.e, grade D+. Second preference will be for lifting the lowest grade to the next higher grade and so on. When a student is eligible for grace marks for different items, the item with highest grace mark only will be considered.
Grace marks will be given to the candidates irrespective of whether they are eligible for higher studies or not in the examinations.
Qn. Students would like to get admission for higher studies outside Kerala State. Should they give a separate application for Migration Certificate?
All students appearing for Higher Secondary Second Year March exam will get their Migration Certificate when they become eligible for higher studies. They need not apply separately for this. 
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Higher Secondary Plus Two Political Science Objective Questions & answers

Saturday, April 25, 2020 / No Comments
Reading between the lines in each unit in the textbook is important for a student to get the point and concept in depth to appear for examination. It is not simply studying but focusing at the exam point counts a lot in getting good score. Hence it would be beneficial if they work out more questions from question paper. Such good practice would yield good result. 

With this view, a video tutorial in Political Science has been prepared for the Second year Higher Secondary students and from the tutorial answers for objective type questions can be derived. The video tutorial is based on the NCERT text book. It would be useful to do unit wise revision after completing each chapter. 

Here each question and answer is explained both in Malayalam and English. This presentation to achieve top score is prepared for the students by Sri.Baby T, HSST Political Science in Govt Higher Secondary School, Edamury, Ranni, Pathanamthitta. This supporting video study material for the second year Higher Secondary students can also be used for competitive examinations like PSC.

Plus Two Politics Objective Questions & Answers Part 1

Part 1 includes 
Chapter 1: Challenges of Nation Building
Chapter 2: Era of one party dominance
Chapter 3: Politics of Planned development

Plus Two Politics Objective Questions & Answers Part 2

Part 2 includes 
Chapter 4: India's External Relations

Plus Two Politics Objective Questions & Answers Part 3

Part 3 includes 
Chapter 5: Challenges to and restoration of Congress system 
Chapter 6: The Crisis of democratic order 
Chapter 7: Rise of popular movements

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Friday, April 17, 2020 / is planning to start up a new step towards improving the study methods for the Higher Secondary students and thereby ensure an effective learning strategy. is widening the academic platform to reach the students easily. It provides a learner friendly system where the first and second year Higher Secondary students can clear their doubts regarding the subjects of their study.

What should you do for this?

If you are interested in clearing doubts in the units of your subject, enter the details in the form given below and submit it. The details that you need enter are your name, district name, year, stream, name of subject in which you have doubts, chapter no/name etc and then enter your doubt in the space provided for that purpose.

The students are also advised to put forward their doubts in a simply as well as clearly so that it can clarified properly. The questions and doubts which are ambiguous, or in vague manner or that requires explanation of the whole chapter will not be considered as giving right response for such things is not feasible. 
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