Plus One/Plus Two Computer Application Slides

Presentation Slides of Plus One and Plus Two Computer Applications(Commerce) ,prepared by T.C.A Gafoor, AKM HSS Kottoor, Malappuram, Prajeesh and Shahija P.V, HSST Computer Science, Anjarakandi HSS. All are power point presentations and can be used in your class to make the teaching effective. You can download and use it for class room transactions. We request you to make use of this presentation slides and give your valuable suggestions and feedback. For more details , please follow the links below.
Plus One (XI) Computer Applications(Commerce) -Presentation Slides
01 Fundamentals of Computer
01 Fundamentals of Computer by Shahija P.V
02 Components of Computer System
02 Components of Computer System by Shahija P.V
02 Peripheral Devices(Components of Computer System) by Sreekumar, Govt HSS, Punalur
03-Principle of Programming by Shahija P.V
03-Principle of Programming
04 Getting Started with C++ by Shahija P.V
04 Getting Started with C++
05 Datatypes & Operators
05 Datatypes & Operators by Shahija P.V
06 Introduction to Programming
06 Introduction to Programming by Shahija P V
07 Control Statements
07 Control Statements by Shahija P.V
08 Computer Networks
08 Computer Networks by Shahija P.V
09 Internet
09 Internet by Shahija P.V
10 IT Application
10 IT Application by Shahija P.V
Plus One (XI) Computer Applications(Humanities) -Presentation Slides by Prajeesh P.S
4-Data Analysis with Spreadsheet
7-Advanced Tools for Image Editing: Part 1 | Part 2
Plus Two (XII) Computer Applications(Commerce) -Presentation Slides
1-Review Of Programming
4-Web Technology
5-Web Designing Using HTML Slide1 | Slide 2
6-Client Side Scripting-Javascript : Slide 1 | Slide 2 |Slide 3
7-Web Hosting
7-Web Hosting by Aswin G S
8-Database Management System
9-Structured Query Language Slide 1 | Slide 2 | Slide 3
10-Enterprise Resource Planning
11-Trends and Issues in ICT
Plus Two (XII) Computer Applications(Commerce) -Presentation Slides by Shahija
1-Review Of Programming
4-Web Technology
5-Web Designing using HTML
6-Client Side Script
7-Web Hosting
Plus Two (XII) Computer Applications(Humanities) -Presentation Slides by Prajeesh P.S
1-Introduction to Publishing
2.Introduction to Word Processors
3-Creating Professional Documents
Plus One(XI)/Plus Two (XII) Computer Applications(Commerce) -Notes
Plus One(XI) Computer Application Study Notes
Plus One(XI) Computer Application/Science Presentation Slides(Training Material)
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application(Commerce) Study Notes

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