Scheme and Guidelines for Computer Lab Work

Guidelines for Lab Work and Practical Evaluation of Computer Science/Application (Science, Commerce and Humanities) published. It includes general instructions, format of recording in Practical Log Book, Score distribution, list of practicals, sample questions and assessment scheme for classes XI and XII. The revised scheme is effective from 2015-16 examination for both the classes. Click the below link for Guidelines and Model Practical Questions.
HSE Computer Practical Examination -Scheme and Model Questions
Guidelines for Lab Work and Practical Evaluation of Computer Science(2014 – 15 Admission onwards)
Guidelines for Lab Work and Practical Evaluation of Computer Applications (Commerce) (2014 – 15 Admission onwards)
Guidelines for Lab Work and Practical Evaluation of Computer Applications (Humanities) (2014 – 15 Admission onwards)
Solved Practical Lab Manual
Plus Two Computer Application Practical Work Book by T C A Gafoor
Plus Two Computer Science Practical Guide by Anish(All in One)
CPP Level 1 Program-Source Code by Thomas Vargeese,GHSS Kadaminitta
CPP Level 2 Program-Source Code by Thomas Vargeese,GHSS Kadaminitta
CPP Level 3 Program-Source Code by Thomas Vargeese,GHSS Kadaminitta
CPP Program-Source Code and Flowchart by Azhar B.M,EMJAY VHSS,Vatakara
Sample Practical Log Book-Part 1 C++ Programs-Computer Application(Commerce)
Sample Practical Log Book-Part 1(C++ Programs-Computer Science (Science)
Sample Practical Log Book-Part 2(HTML and Javascript)
Sample Practical Log Book-Part 3(Javascript)
Sample Programs Javascript
Sample Practical Log Book-Part 4( MySQL) by Santhosh Kumar KP,GVHSS,Atholi
Sample Practical Log Book-Part 4(PHP) by Mohammed Ashraf KYHSS Athavanad,Malappuram
CPP Sample Programs for XII Commerce by Thomas Varghese
Web Design Sample Programs for XII Commerce by Thomas Varghese
SQL Sample Programs for XII Computer Science/Application by Thomas Varghese
Higher Secondary Software Package for UBUNTU(Php-mySQL-C++)
HSE Computer Practical Examination -Mock Test(Viva) Tools
HTML & Java Script Mock Test Tool for Viva
SQL & DBMS Mock Test Tool for Viva

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42 comments to ''Scheme and Guidelines for Computer Lab Work"

  1. Sir

    CCP level 1 programmes vachu labil cheyyikkukayum record ezhuthikkukayum cheyyamallo alle.

  2. I installed Geany Cpp in windows XP, the cpp program is compiled and build.After click on execute the output window is reading input values but not displaying the result in same window and output window is closing automatically.Geany Cpp working fine in windows 7.

  3. Sir,kindly upload accountancy lab manual

  4. Sir, kindly upload humanities lab programs.. part1 programs. Plz tell me what the procedure I have to write in record for part1 programs.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. can you upload sql and php programs to be done in +2 cs record

  7. sir kindly upload mysql programes of level 1,2,and 3

  8. sir,
    Whether PHP progrmas are compulsory this year? or javascript and HTML is enough? Nobody is sure about it . can u help?

  9. In which text editor PHP can be done?

    1. Any editor is fine.Like notepad in windows or gedit in Linux .. the only thing which matters is save the PHP code in www folder(server folder)

  10. sir i want a brief about header files in gcc and turbo cpp

  11. please upload Sample Practical Log Book for PHP

  12. sir,we want all answers of that we can compare it with our pls upload sample practical log book(php) containing all answers

  13. HTML lab works 10 ennam ulla PDF nte link send cheyyumo

  14. Eadhokea prgms aanu varan chance kuuduthal?

  15. Eadhokea pgrms aanu examinu varan chance kuududhal..

  16. Plz uplode more viva qutions for computer application

  17. Sql programil valiya table um ath cheyyan vendiyulla coding add cheyyanam

  18. In which Operating system cpp programs should be write for examination
    Ubuntu or Windows Sir/Madam Give Me answer before this exams begin

  19. Sir please upload new programmes computer science

  20. Chapter 6 +12 let us assess answers undo

  21. sir
    can you please upload sql software

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  24. Sir can you please upload algorithms of C++ for plus two computer science

  25. My sql app install cheyyan entha vendath?

    1. Android il aanenkil Penguin Server Enna app und PHP,MySQL okk eathil cheyyam..

      Windowsill Wampserver Enna software und

      Linux il LAMP configuration cheyyanam ie, Linux,Apache, MySQL,PHP nammal seperate install.cheyyanam

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  27. pls publish sanskrit question paper & answer key


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