Plus Two Computer Science & Application Solved Lab Record (2023-24) by Dr.Nishad

plustwo solved computer lab programs
Dr. Nishad Abdulkareem, HSST Computer Science at Govt. Tribal HSS, Sholayoor, Palakkad, has prepared a sample lab record for Higher Secondary Second Year Computer Science & Application lab experiments for 2023 and onwards. 

This material aligns perfectly with the Guidelines for laboratory work and the Practical Evaluation of +2 Computer Applications (Commerce)/Computer science - 2023 by the Kerala Higher Secondary Education Board. 
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This invaluable resource consists of a meticulously designed set of lab experiments, all aimed at enhancing students' practical knowledge in the realms of C++, HTML, and SQL. The solved exercises provided in this material offer students a well-rounded learning experience. 

Dr. Nishad Abdulkareem’s Computer lab record(Solved) provides step-by-step instructions for each lab experiment, making it accessible even for students who are new to programming. The clarity and simplicity of these instructions help students grasp the concepts effectively. The material covers all the lab exercises on topics in C++, HTML, and SQL as outlined in the latest Lab manual by DHSE(2023 onwards). 

Dr. Nishad Abdulkareem’s lab record has been carefully crafted to align perfectly with the guidelines provided by the Kerala Higher Secondary Education Board. This ensures that students are well-prepared for their practical evaluations and examinations. By working through these lab experiments, students will develop strong practical skills in C++, HTML, and SQL. 

The clear and detailed instructions in the material help build students' confidence in coding and problem-solving. Since the lab record aligns with the Kerala Higher Secondary Education Board's guidelines, students using this resource will be well-prepared for their practical examinations, ensuring a higher chance of success. 

The programs showcased in this book align with the Guidelines for laboratory work and the Practical Evaluation of Computer Science 2023-24 (Kerala Higher Secondary Education). At the end of each section, you’ll find comprehensive instructions for coding and executing C++, HTML, and SQL codes. 

Since the programs created here are intended for educational purposes, we use straightforward logical constructs, and certain necessary data validations are intentionally omitted for the sake of simplicity.
The document is created, edited and formatted using LaTex, the de facto standard for creating and publishing scientific documents.(alert-success)

+2 Computer Application(Commerce) Lab Record 2023-24(Solved) 

Dr. Nishad Abdulkareem’s sample lab record for Higher Secondary Second Year Computer Application lab experiments for 2023 onwards is a valuable resource for students, teachers, and schools alike. Please click the link below to download this material in PDF form: (Last updated on 08-12-20223, Version 4)

+2 Computer Science Lab Record 2023-24(Solved) 

The lab record for +2 Computer Science, authored by Dr. Nishad, has been released and is available for download. Please click the link below to access it. (Last updated on 13-12-2023, Version 3)

+2 Computer Science/Application Lab Work-Video Tutorial 2023-24 is thrilled to announce the release of a video tutorial series for higher secondary computer science and computer application lab work, meticulously prepared by Dr. Nishad Abdul Kareem. Designed with a strong emphasis on simplicity and clarity, these video tutorials will guide students through every aspect of their lab work, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter. 

From the fundamentals to advanced concepts, we leave no stone unturned, offering in-depth troubleshooting guidance and error detection solutions to address common challenges. All lab exercises will be uploaded one by one, so please visit here regularly for updates. You can access the full playlist on YouTube at the following link

+2 Lab Guidelines by DHSE

Department of Higher Secondary Education(DHSE) has published the manual and guidelines for students appearing in the lab exam for 2023-24. This comprehensive resource includes sample lab questions, mark distribution details, and other important instructions. You can download the Lab manual (Computer Science/Application) published by DHSE for 2023 onwards by clicking the link below

The documents have been prepared for, and you can expect to receive alerts for the latest updates on these documents here.

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