Plus One (XI) / Plus Two(XII) Sociology Study Notes

Study Notes of Higher Secondary Plus One and Plus Two Sociology, prepared by Yaseer P.K, WOVHSS, Muttil, Wayanad East published. Expecting these notes and model questions, which have grown up to the status of support and guide, could be utilized by the learning and teaching community. Study materials can be downloaded from the following links.
Plus One (XI) Sociology Study Notes(Malayalam Version)
XI Sociology Chapter 1: Sociology and Society
XI Sociology Chapter 2: Terms,Concepts and Their use in Sociology
XI Sociology Chapter 3: Understanding Social Institutions 
XI Sociology Chapter 4: Culture and Socilaisation
XI Sociology Chapter 5: Research Methods in Sociology
XI Sociology Chapter 6: Social Structure, Stratification and Social Process in Society
XI Sociology Chapter 7: Social change and Social order in Rural and Urban Society
XI Sociology Chapter 8: Environment and Society
XI Sociology Chapter 9: Western Sociologists
XI Sociology Chapter 10: Indian Sociologists
Plus One (XI) Sociology Study Notes(English Version)
XI Sociology Chapter 1
XI Sociology Chapter 2
XI Sociology Chapter 3
XI Sociology Chapter 4
XI Sociology Chapter 5
XI Sociology Chapter 6
XI Sociology Chapter 7
XI Sociology Chapter 8
XI Sociology Chapter 9
Plus One (XI) Sociology Presentation Slides,Model Questions
Plus One(XI) Sociology SCERT Model Question Paper 
Plus One(XI) Sociology One Word Questions by Yaseer
Plus One(XI) Sociology Objective Questions by Yaseer
Plus One(XI) Sociology (Match the Following) Questions by Yaseer
Plus One (XI) Sociology Revision Notes
XI Sociology Revision Notes in Malayalam(All Chapter)
Plus Two (XII) Sociology Revision Notes
XII Sociology Revision Notes in Malayalam(All Chapter)
Plus Two (XII) Sociology Study Notes
XII Sociology Chapter 1
XII Sociology Chapter 2
XII Sociology Chapter 3
XII Sociology Chapter 4
XII Sociology Chapter 5
XII Sociology Chapter 6
XII Sociology Chapter 7
XII Sociology Chapter 8
XII Sociology Chapter 9
XII Sociology Chapter 10
XII Sociology Chapter 11
XII Sociology Chapter 12
XII Sociology Chapter 13
XII Sociology Chapter 14
XII Sociology Chapter 15
Plus Two (XII) Sociology Objective Questions by Yaseer
Plus Two (XII) Sociology Presentation Slides
XII Sociology Chapter 2 Part 1 | Part 2
XII Sociology Chapter 3
XII Sociology Chapter 4
XII Sociology Chapter 5
Plus Two (XII) Sociology Study Camp Slides
Unit 1,2,3 
Unit 4,5,6
Unit 7.8.9
Unit 10,11,12
Unit 13,14,15
Plus Two (XII) Sociology Question Bank
Edumate 2017 Question Bank for Plus Two by SCERT

Plus Two Sociology Exam Tips

Sociology exam tips for Higher Secondary second year(plus two) students by Yaseer P.K, HSST Sociology, WOVHSS, Muttil, Wayanad is published here. This video covers important points in all chapters of plus two sociology course book and the question pattern for the public exam.

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  1. Well done Mr. Yaseer ... appreciate your work..

  2. Really beneficial to the Students and Teachers. Thanks for your tremendous effort.
    Joseph James
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  3. Sir.. please publish +1 economics note

  4. Good attempt...congrats...expects notes from remaining chapters(XII)

  5. Sir I Need 8th ,9th and 10th chapter notes of class 12th Sociology

  6. can you please post Sociology Book 2 notes also?

  7. There are 2 books for both 11 and 12.
    Where are the other ones?
    Can you upload?

  8. Thanks but can't find Malayalam version for Malayalam meadium.

  9. Thanks for your notes.

    please share sociology projects as well of class 11 and class 12.

  10. Chapter 1 in 12th Sociology is incomplete. Please look into the matter.

  11. pls upload chapter wise question paper

  12. First of all thanks a lot for putting these notes together my friend. Hats off to you.

    On a side note, Chapter 10 in 11th class English section pdf is actually pointing to Malayalam version. Please update it when you get a chance.

    Thanks once gain for the great work.

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  14. really very useful notes which contains all the points.

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  16. Can i get zoology chapter wise questions and answers for plus one students

  17. Sir these notes are very helpful..good effort.

  18. Sir,I need 10th chp of sociology +1,English mediUm,as early as possible


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