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Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window Admission

Thursday, July 22, 2021 / No Comments

Higher Secondary Single Window(Ekajalakam) Admission 2021

Admission to Plus One classes in Govt/Aided/Unaided Higher Secondary schools in Kerala is done through Single Window System. This Higher Secondary admission process has been followed for the past few years in an easy and effective manner.

When to apply for Plus One admission 2021?

As soon as the results of 10th std students studying in State syllabus are published, the admission process would begin. A prospectus recognized by the govt would be published for this. 

Single Window Admission System(Ekajalakam) 2021

Admission to Plus one classes in Govt and aided Higher Secondary Schools is done through Centralised Allotment Process called Single Window Admission(Ekajalakam). This allotment Process starts immediately after the publication of SSLC/10th standard results. Admission through this system is to procure the merit seats in Govt and aided Higher secondary schools. This is an endeavor to clear the doubts regarding plus one admission that are likely to arise among the students and parents.

How to submit application for Plus one Single Window Admission 2021?

Applications should be submitted online for admission to Plus One in Higher Secondary schools in Kerala. The HSCAP portal is exclusively for this purpose. While applying online, the scores obtained in SSLC exam, Date of Birth, details of participation in club activities and other such data should be entered for availing of eligible bonus marks.

The students should submit their Single Window Application online through Computer system/Mobile with internet connection or govt or aided Higher Secondary schools in the state. 

Single Window Admission Help Video by DHSE ICT Cell

The Higher Secondary ICT Cell has prepared separate videos for the students, on the directions and guidelines for Single Window Admission Process. 

Single Window Help Line Video by ICT Cell(2020)

Single Window Help Line Video Part 1 by CG & AC(2020)

Single Window Help Line Video Part 2 by CG & AC(2020)

Is one application sufficient for all districts in Kerala?

It is sufficient to submit one single window application for schools in one district, whereas for plus one admission to schools in other districts, a separate application to each district has to be given. Read Prospectus for details.

Can corrections be done in online submitted applications?

Yes. Corrections are possible. If the details given in the application are found to be unjust, the application will stand cancelled. Hence, the applicants had better confirm the details in the application in HSCAP admission portal. 

What is the eligibility criteria for plus one admission 2021 through Single Window System?

Students who have passed S.S.L.C or Equivalency Exam conducted by other Boards can apply for Single Window Admission.

What is Higher Secondary School code?

The code number given to govt/aided/unaided Higher Secondary schools is of much significance in the admission process. To find out the code number of Higher Secondary schools in each district. Check School Code Here

Combination Code

There are 46 subject combinations available in Higher Secondary course. They are clubbed differently as Science, Humanities and Commerce groups. The groups with subject combinations, their code, weightage given to all subjects in SSLC while choosing each combination for admission to Plus One, are given below. Refer the Annexure 10 in the prospectus to know the subject combination sanctioned to each school district wise. Check Higher Secondary Subject combinations and codes.

How to give options for Plus one Single window admission 2021?

At the time of online submission of application for Higher Secondary plus one admission 2021, meticulous care is needed for the entry of options. Applicant’s priority may vary as some would focus on school while others on subject combination. There is no limit to set options. Make a list of the schools of your preference and those have with transportation facility also. A sample form is given below to prepare a list of your options before entering online. Entry of options be done only after checking the names of institutions.  Download Sample Worksheet for Option Entry.

What is the criteria for Plus One Admission 2021?

Eligibility of each student for admission is determined by WGPA (Weightage Grade Point Average). Weightage will be given to certain subjects of the qualifying examination according to the subject combination selected by the student.

How the bonus points, if any, are granted in Plus one rank list preparation for admission?

Bonus points are granted as per the list given below.

Plus One Single Window Main Allotment 2021

Allotment list would be published in the Admission portal after preparing a rank list on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying exam. There would be two allotments in the first round. In accordance with the availability of seats, Supplementary allotment may follow this.

Plus One Single Window Permanent Admission and Temporary Admission 2021

Students who get first option allotment must pay their fee and take permanent admission within the time allotted. If the first option is not allotted in the first allotment, but expecting higher options in the next allotment, such students can take temporary admission and continue as such till the completion of main allotments.

Higher Secondary Plus one Supplementary Allotment Process 2021

Closure of the main allotment process is followed by supplementary allotment and school combination transfer allotment. Students are advised to check the admission portal regularly to alert themselves of the notifications, and latest info related to admission etc.

Higher Secondary Single Window Admission 2021

To have a clear understanding of the Single Window Admission procedure for admission to Higher Secondary course, First year, read the prospectus and annexures published by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education. After the publication of the prospectus, it can be downloaded from the link.

Higher Secondary Plus  One Single Window Help Desk 2021

Single Window Help Desk will be functioning in govt and aided Higher Secondary schools to guide and help the students to know more about the procedure and to submit Single window application 2021. The students and parents can make use of this free service.

Plus One Single Window(Ekajalakam) Admission Schedule 2021

The Single Window Admission schedule for the academic year 2021-22 and updates would be made available here, as and when it is published. Use this desk to share and clear your doubts.

Commencement of Online submission of Applications: Not available
Closing of Online Submission of Application: Not available
Publication of Trial Allotment: Not available
Publication of First Allotment: Not available
Publication of Second Allotment: Not Available
Commencement of Classes: Not Available
Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window Admission 2021-22
Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission Prospectus 2021-22
Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission 2021: How to Apply?
Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission Portal(
Plus One Single Window Admission 2020-21-Related Circular Archive
10% Reservation in Higher Secondary Admission for Economically Weaker Sections in General Category : Govt Order GO(Ms) No. 137/2020 Gen Edn dtd 11-08-2020. (Annexure 1 & 2)
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Higher Secondary Service Guide for Newly joined HSSTs

Saturday, July 17, 2021 / 3 Comments
higher secondary service guide 2021
This post aims at giving primary knowledge on service and salary matters in the initial period for teachers who enter afresh into this field as Higher Secondary School Teacher(HSSTs). There are many teachers who are not able to pay attention to their own service matters amidst their busy teaching schedule. There have been such cases that some newly appointed teachers had to be in charge of principal. Besides, the lack of office staff creates more intricacies in the Higher Secondary Section.

As per the govt order GO (p) No 391-2015 Fin dt 07-09-2015, various salary self – drawing posts were nullified and One office One DDO system came into existence. This is the significant change in the service / salary matters. The prominence of SDO code, SDO specimen card in treasury was done away with this consequently. The major works in the establishment wing was made easier with the generation of joining report, RTC, PSC verification proforma, Relieving Report etc. by the official web site which handles the joining and transfer matters of Higher Secondary school teachers.

Sri.Ramesan Kaarkot, HSST History, CHMKS GVHSS, Kottappuram, Kasargode has prepared a hand book on the service related matters to be done by a HSST entering into service, in a clear and detailed manner for this blog. It has two parts. It is published here with the hope that the HSST community in Kerala would recognize and take up the self-less hard work by Sri.Ramesan sir.

The E-Book "Higher Secondary Service Guide" presents the things to be done once only from the entry period into service to the declaration of probation, the service matters to be done in each period / month of a year after entry into service and various links of related posts published in Hsslive blog.
Higher Secondary Service Guide 2021(e-Book) for newly joined HSSTs by Rameshan Karkkot
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How to Apply for Higher Secondary Plus Two Certificate Correction?

Friday, July 16, 2021 / No Comments
The guidelines for the students who would like to make corrections and replace the Plus two certificate issued by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education are given here so that the procedure may be rightly done to make the necessary changes. 

Plus Two Certificate: Correction in Name 

The students who require correction in their name in the certificate should submit the original certificate along with an attested copy of the SSLC mark list and application duly recommended by the principal of the institution where the student had appeared for the examination. Also, a letter carrying the details of the student should be forwarded by the principal for this. 

Plus Two Certificate: Correction in Date of Birth

For correction in date of birth, apart from the application and documents as done for name correction, the principal should certify that the correction was done in the school admission register too. 

Fee for Plus Two Certificate Correction 

The fee for  certificate correction is Rs 40/- A Treasury chalan towards certificate correction fee in the head of accounts 0202-01-102-97 (03)-Other receipts be also attached along with the application and it should be sent to the Exam wing of the Higher Secondary Directorate. 

How to Apply for Plus Two Certificate Correction ?

The guidelines for making correction in the Name of the student, Parents and Date of birth have been issued. The correction would be done based on the school records. The application form published by the Higher Secondary Examination department should be filled with correct details under the supervision and the recommendation of the principal of the institution where the student has studied and it should be submitted to the secretary of the Examination wing of the Higher Secondary department. 


Address for Communication

The address is given below.
Address Joint Director(Exams) O/o Director of General Education, Higher Secondary Wing, Housing Board Building Santhi Nagar Trivandrum-1

The documents to be attached for correction are 

a) Original Higher Secondary Certificate 

b) Attested copy of SSLC/10th Certificate 

c) Original Chalan receipt of Treasury for Rs. 40 

d) Self-addressed envelope with postage stamp worth Rs.42(if the certificate is sent by post) 

It should be remembered that the corrections would be done based on the school records only. Click the link below to download the application form and guidelines.

Application for Higher Secondary Plus Two Certificate Correction, Circular dtd 08.09.2020

Medical Reimbursement for Govt Employees: Guidelines, Application, Orders & Circulars

Thursday, July 15, 2021 / 27 Comments
medical reimbursement hand book
An employee can claim the reimbursement not only for medical expenses incurred for himself but also for his/her spouse,dependent children and parents. 

Digital Education in Kerala: Activity Outline, G-Suit Platform

Monday, July 12, 2021 / No Comments
digital education in kerala
The govt has decided to implement a new online classroom transaction method G-Suit platform, completely free, to all schools under the Department of General Education, Kerala. 

A School with free platform !

It is a significant decision on the part of teachers and students. Now a days, the teachers are making use of different online platforms of their choice. It sometimes causes difficulties to the students as each teacher is equipped with various online tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Teach Mint etc. Moreover there are instances of teachers with lack of experience in handling such online classes having some fuss with it as some outsiders also taking entry into classes with the link. 

Free G -Suit service to all schools 

Due to the helpless situations that arise in some schools, the Department of General Education has decided to implement this tool in all its schools unanimously. As per the circular published now, there would be a separate log in facility for teachers and students in all govt, aided and recognized unaided institutions. Besides it would enable to avoid the intruders. Even if it happens, it can be tracked rightly. Thus it ensures the online privacy and security. 

The excellent service at free of cost 

The facility to record live classes is the merit as the video link of the recorded classes can be shared to the students who could not attend the class. Apart from this, the students can prepare quiz questions and the teachers can give assignment to the students. Class tests also can be done through this. This G- Suit service provides use of more such related apps. Premium feature is the significant thing to be mentioned. The Kite Victors that arranges the IT facilities at school level has also a well arranged scheme to give training to all the teachers and students. 

How to use G-suit service ?

The teachers and students have to learn more about using the Google G-Suite service successfully. The necessary guidelines regarding this and the help files will be updated here as and when published.
Related Help file, Circular & Govt Orders
Uploading details of non-ST students-Digital Study-Sampoorna User Guide
Uploading details of non-ST students-Digital Study-Sampoorna User Guide(Video Help by Sinesh K V)
General Education-Digital Learning-School level Campaign GO(Rt) No. 3337/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 09-07-2021
General Education-Digital Education-circular dtd 08-07-2021
G-suit and Google meet for schools- Kite Circular
Uploading details of ST students-Digital Study-Sampoorna User Guide
Neighbourhood Learning Centre-Guidelines 2021-22
Kite Laptops for ST Students. GO No. 3134/2021/Gen Edn dtd 25-06-2021
Interest free loan for mobile purchase. Circular dtd 23-06-2021
Digital Class Margarekha 2021-22

Lock down, Work arrangement and Presence in Government office & Schools

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 / No Comments
Lock down, Work arrangement and Presence
In the present situation of global pandemic of Covid 19, several GOs have been published regarding the presence of the govt employees & teachers from the starting period of declaration of lock down  March 2020 to till date. As there are some doubts to the govt employees, regarding the GOs and work arrangement, to make it clear, let us have a glance at all the Govt Orders published till the present day. 

1. March 2020 

50% of group B,C and D employees should be present and Saturday will be a holiday for all govt offices.
General Administration Department -coronavirus -holiday -declared to all educational institutions reg G.O(Ms)No.41-GAD dtd 11-03-2020
General Education Department - Corona Virus (Covid-19)-immediate action reg G.O(Rt)No.1264-G.Edn dtd 11-03-2020
General Education Department - Corona Virus (Covid-19)-immediate action -clarification G.O(Rt)No.1335/2020-G.Edn dtd 18-03-2020
GO(Rt) No. 1247/2020/GAD dtd 20-03-2020
Almost all govt offices except the very necessary or emergency service departments like Secretariat, various Directorates, Health Services, Police, Civil Supplies, Fire etc remained closed till 17/04/2020.
GO(MS) No. 49/2020 GAD dtd 23-03-2020
Hsslive-General Education Department - COVID -19 - Strengthening of surveillance measures and Construction of COVID-19 Cell in General Education Department - Orders issued. - G.O.(Rt) No. 1402-GEDN.pdf dtd 24-03-2020
The payment of wages of Contractual-Casual-Daily wage-Outsourced Staff during lock down period due to COVID. GO(P) No. 33/2020/Fin dtd 26-03-2020
General Administration Department - COVID19 - Government offices and employees - restrictions - revised order - G.O.(Rt) No. 1282-GAD dtd 27-03-2020

2. April 2020 

From 18/04/2020, class 1&2 govt employees should have to be present 5 days a week. Saturday is a holiday. For class 3 & 4 employees, the presence ratio should be 33%. This existed till 22/04/2020. 
The payment of wages of Contractual-Casual-Daily wage-Outsourced Staff during lock down period due to COVID-clarification-GO(P) No. 40/2020/Fin dtd 09-04-2020
Circular No. 90.SS.1./2020/GAD dtd 11-04-2020
GO(MS) No. 78/2020/GAD dtd 17-04-2020
Very least number of employees from Red zone districts and hot spot areas, 33% of employees in Secretariat and Directorate, in all other offices except Red zone and hot spot 50 % of employees of A & B category, 33% of B & C category should have to be present. Physically handicapped, persons with severe illness, pregnant women and parents with children below 5 years should be exempted from work. This situation was from 23/04/2020 to 18/05/2020 
Circular No. SS 1/91/2020/GAD dtd 22-04-2020

3. May 2020 

50% of all category employees should be present. After the declaration of lock down, the employees working in other districts and those who can’t be present to duty should be present before the collector of the district concerned. 
GO(MS) No.99/2020/GAD dtd 18-05-2020 

4. June 2020 

Very few govt employees at the offices in the containment zone need present. All employees must have to be present in other places. Employees who are parents of physically disabled or severe illness, autism /cerebral parsley children, mother of children below one year, 7 months completed pregnant women etc be exempted. Also. Special casual leave can be allotted to the employees residing in the containment zone on producing an affidavit from the secretary from the LSGD concerned. This came into force from 07/06/2020 
GO(MS) No. 112/2020 dtd 07-06-2020

Group B employees should be present on all days. Others be limited according the social distancing norms. Those who can’t reach other districts, can be present in the Collectorate or Panchayath with permission from their parent department. 
GO(MS) No. 117/2020/GAD dtdt 18.06.2020

5. July 2020 

With effect from 01/07/2020(Go No. 112 & 117 – continuation). In the office where social distancing can’t be followed for work arrangement, the head of the office concerned can take suitable decision for the presence of the Group D & C employees on alternative days or week. For the employees under quarantine, special causal leave for that period along with ‘work from home’. Pregnant women need not go to office instead, they should make arrangement for work from home. The order still prevails.
Circular No. SS.1.236/2020/GAD dtd 01-07-2020
GO(MS) 128/2020 dtd 02-07-2020

6. September 2020 

All govt offices shall function with 100% attendance.
Appointment, Approval, Rejoin after LWA and other leaves. Higher Secondary Education-Circular dtd 14.09.2020
Functioning of govt offices in full strength. GO(Rt) No-756-2020-dmd dtd 22-09-2020
Appointment, Approval, Rejoin after LWA and other leaves. General Education-Circular dtd 28.09.2020
Gazatted officers appointed as Sectoral officers. GO(Rt) No. 768/2020/DMD dtd 29.09.2020

7. October 2020

Pregnant officers, breast feeding mothers having kids less than one year, cancer patients and officers undergoing organ transplant are exempted from appearing directly in the office for the duty and they are allowed to work from home.
Functioning of govt offices in full strength. Clarification  GO(rt) no. 814/2020/DMD dtd 14.10.2020

8. December 2020

Govt office-Guidelines-GO(MS) No 964/2020/dmd dtd 10-12-2020
50% attendance from December 17th - guidelines dtd 15-12-2020

9. January 2021

School Working-Revised guidelines from 25th January 2021
Saturday Working day for Govt offices-GO(Ms) No.16/2021/GAD dtd 13.01.2021

10. February 2021

Work from home-clarification circular dtd 02-02-2021

11. April 2021

Work from home-50% Attendance-Restrictions for the effective containmnet of covid 19-50% attendance in Govt offices. GO(Rt)378/2021/DMD dtd 21-04-2021
Work from home-50% Attendance-Restrictions for the effective containmnet of covid 19-DGE Circular dtd 22-04-2021
All departments shall function only with essential staff which would be determined by the Secretary/ HoD.-GO(Rt) No.383/2021/DMD dtd 26-04-2021
All departments shall function only with essential staff which would be determined by the Secretary/ HoD.-GO(Rt) No.391/2021/DMD dtd 30-04-2021

11. May 2021

Work from home-25% Attendance-Restrictions for the effective containmnet of covid 19-25% attendance in Govt offices. GO(Rt) No.297/2021/DMD dtd 03-05-2021
Covid 19 - Exemption from duty to blind and other disabled employees-exemption granted-orders issued. G.O.(Rt) No.394/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 03-05-2021
Disaster Management Department - Covid-19 – containment activities-lock down in the State from 8th May 2021-G.O.(Rt)No.404/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 06-05-2021
Labour Department is also included in the exception category of Government of India establishments.-G.O.(Rt)No.406/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 08-05-2021
Covid duty for govt employees & teachers-G.O.(Rt)No.410/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 11-05-2021
Covid duty for govt employees & teachers-Revised G.O.(Rt)No.412/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 12-05-2021
Covid-19 – containment activities- second phase lock down in the State from 16 th May 2021 to 23rd May-2021. G.O.(Rt)No.416/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 14/05/2021
Covid-19 – containment activities- Third phase lock down in the State from 24th to 30th May. G.O.(Rt)No.432/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 21/05/2021
Sub registrar Ofiice -working time. Circular dtd 27-05-2021
Lockdown in the State from 31st May 2021 to 9th June 2021 - additional guidelines - orders issued.G.O.(Rt)No.444 /2021/DMD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 29 May, 2021
All Central and State government departments, including PSUs, Corporations, Autonomous Organisations, Commissions etc. may function with upto 50% of staff from 7th June-2021 onwards on rotation basis. G.O.(Rt)No.448/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 31/05/2021

11. June 2021

Disaster Management Department - Containment Activities - work arrangement-G.O.(Rt)No.452/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 03/06/2021
The date of reopening of various Government establishments with minimum staff upto 50% of strength postponed from 7.6.2021 to 10.6.2021. G.O.(Rt)No.455/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 03/06/2021
Work from home categories-G.O.(Rt)No.456/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 04/06/2021
Working-Krishi Office-G.O.(Rt)No.458/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 05/06/2021
Disaster Management Department - Containment Activities - Lockdown in the State from 10th June to 16th June 2021.G.O.(Rt)No.459/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 07/06/2021
Disaster Management Department - Containment Activities - Lockdown in the State from 10th June to 16th June 2021.G.O.(Rt)No.459/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 07/06/2021
Daily wages employees- lock down period-eligible for salary-G.O.(P)No.82/2021/Fin Dated 14/06/2021
Lock down-excemption-G.O.(RT)No.467/2021/Fin Dated 15/06/2021
lockdown exemptions based on average Test Positivity Rates of LSGIs 22/06/2021. G.O.(Rt)No.479/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 22/06/2021

11. July 2021

Re-categorization of Local Self Government Institutions, on the basis of Average weekly Test Positivity Rates - additional guidelines from 8th July 2021-G.O.(Rt)No.500/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 06/07/2021
Daily wages and Contarct employees-Salry as per attendance. G.O.(P)No.100/2021/Fin Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 19/07/2021
Restrictions imposed in the State as a part of COVID-19 containment activities from 22nd July 2021. G.O.(Rt)No.534/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 20/07/2021

This would be helpful to mark in the attendance register along with the Order No in connection with it, in that period from 23rd of March 2020.

Kerala 11th Pay Revision Report-Pay Revision Calculator Software

Saturday, May 1, 2021 / 2 Comments
The State of Kerala came into existence on 01.11.1956. Since then Ten Pay Revision Commissions were appointed by the Government for revising the pay of Government employees/teachers and this Commission is the eleventh. 

Pay revision has been going on Kerala in every 5 years and this Commission is also constituted 5 years after the last Pay Revision Commission.

The Eleventh pay revision committee recommended for new pay scales for government employees and teachers, with the lowest scale increased from Rs 17,000 to Rs 23000 and the highest scale from Rs 97,000 to Rs 1,66,800. 

The pay revision panel, formed in 2019, has recommended that the revised pay should be implemented with retrospective effect from July, 2019. Click the link to download the 11th Pay Revision Report.

Pay Revision Calculator Software

The 11th pay Revision Commission has handed over pay revision recommendation report of the State Government employees from 01-07-2019 to the government. Here is a new programme to calculate the revised salary, the revised scale of pay, revised HR from 01-04-2021, arrears for the period 01-07-2019 to 31-03-2021, the fixation of promotion grade after 01-07-2019 etc. 

How to activate the Pay Revision Calculator Software? 

It can be activated in the Windows/Ubuntu Operating System. For this, the computer date format be changed to dd/mm/yyyy. Then open the software and select the employment details and enter the PEN, Name, Designation details. Then select the basic salary of 01-07-2019, scale of pay etc. Also, enter the date of increment after 01-07-2019. 

There is also the facility to enter grade if its date is after 01-07-2019. If all the details are entered, your all reports like your new basic, scale, arrear will be available. The present tool by Sri. Gigi Varughese was prepared on the basis of details available now. The software would be updated according to the latest details available. The updated version would be given here.
Pay Revision Calculator Software by Sobhan S
11th Pay Revision-Pay Revision Calculator Software(Windows) by Sobhan Olive(Undertaking & Statement included for Pay revision fixation-Last updated on 15-04-2021)
Pay Revision Calculator Software by Bibin C Jacob
11th Pay Revision-Pay Revision Calculator Software(Windows-Fixation & Increment)
11th Pay Revision-Pay Revision Calculator Software(Windows-Fixation, Grade & Increment)
11th Pay Revision-Pay Revision Calculator Software(Ubuntu Version)
Pay Revision User Guide
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision updation in SPARK-Instructions from Treasury Department
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision updation in SPARK-User guide by info SPARK
Pay Revision Calculator Software by Gigi Varughese
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision-Pay Revision Calculator Software(Windows) by Gigi Varughese
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision-Pay Revision Calculator Software(Ubuntu) by Gigi Varughese
Pay Revision Calculator Software by Ahamedkutty K
11th Pay Revision-Pay Revision Calculator Software(Ubuntu) by Ahamedkutty K
Pay Revision Calculator Software by Narendran C V
11th Pay Revision-Pay Revision Calculator Software(Windows) by Narendran C V
Pay Revision Calculator Software by Safeeq M P
11th Pay Revision-Pay Revision Consultant & Arrear Maker by Safeeq M P
Know your New Salary-Table prepared by V C Muneer
Know your revised salary Prepared by V C Muneer
11th Pay Revison Reports & Govt Orders
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision-SPARK Updation-Instructions dtd 05-03-2021
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision-Annexure V(Form of undertaking)
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision-GO(P) No. 27/2021/Fin dtd 10-02-2021
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision Report-Recommendations
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision Report-New and Existing Scale of Pay
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision Report Part 1
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision Report Part 3
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision Pension Revision Order -GO(P) No. 30/2011 fin dtd 12-02-2021
Know your New Basic Pay
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11th Pay Commission Report Based Pension Ready Reckoner

School Transfer for Higher Secondary Second Year Students

Thursday, April 8, 2021 / 23 Comments
Students who are willing to continue second year of their Higher secondary course after completing first year in one school, should submit an application for second year school transfer. 

The Principal of the Higher secondary school has the right to consider applications of school transfer of Higher secondary first year completed Govt/Aided/Unaided students studied in state syllabus and admit in the second year provided there are vacancies. School transfer application for second year be completed in 30 days after school reopening. Mutual school transfer is permissible for govt /aided/Unaided school students. 

Students who completed first year in Open School scheme also can avail this opportunity for second year admission in regular Higher secondary school. While considering the application of open school students, priority should be given to the regular students. Where as the Regional Deputy Director of Higher Secondary education concerned is responsible for issuing the order.

Director of Higher secondary education has the right to admit students promoted to second year and studied in Other States or Countries or in CBSE scheme. Such students must appear for all subjects in the first year improvement exam conducted by DHSE. 

Click the link below to download Higher Secondary Second Year (Plus Two) school transfer related government order and guidelines.
School Transfer & Readmission for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Circular dtd 14.06.2021
School Transfer & Readmission for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Circular dtd 10.06.2021
School Transfer for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Government Order and Guidelines