Salary Challenge and Rebuilding Kerala

Donating govt employees one month's gross salary(amount equivalent to 9/2018 gross salary) to CMRDF fund. Click here for revised guidelines.

Kerala Flood Relief - One month salary of Govt Employees to CMDRF

As the govt is striving to mobilize resources to outlive the deluge that has damaged the complete state, the Chief Minister has urged all the govt employees to contribute generously their one month salary towards disaster relief fund. It has been estimated that the state is badly in need of nearly Rs.30,000/- crores to recover and revamp our devastated regions and condition of flood victims. It is expected that the salary contribution of the employees would bring Rs.3800/- crores to the relief fund. Under these circumstances, the govt employees and pensioners are asked to contribute their salary and pension amount to Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund.

One month salary/pension is calculated as per the gross salary for the month of September 2018 and the amount will be deducted from the salary of this month. It can be done in a single term or 10 terms. If any contribution had already been given, the amount can be deducted from the gross salary amount to be paid on production of receipt to the DDO concerned.


To ease the disbursal of salary to disaster relief fund, the govt has issued certain guidelines.
Instead of cutting of the salary amount, PF amount deposited can be used or one can avail of PF loan, the repayment of which has been relaxed for 10 months. In the case of employees retiring before the loan repayment period, the balance amount will be fixed up in DDRG. 

Or the employees can surrender their earned leave of 30 days. Those who have already surrendered it will be provided with one more chance to do it again so that it can be contributed to the flood relief fund instead of deduction from salary. An application for these can be submitted at once. 

Moreover pay revision arrear eligible employees can credit the same to relief fund and the rest of the amount to be paid can be deducted from salary. 

The DDOs concerned should make income tax deduction in this financial year for the salary amount contributed towards relief fund under 80G norms. It is the responsibility of the DDOs that the contribution amount collected thus have to be remitted in the account opened for this purpose. 

Those who don’t agree with this Salary challenge campaign must give a statement stating their reluctance to the DDOs concerned before 22nd September 2018. Govt order and Circular regarding this, the statement for those in need of showing reluctance etc:- are given below.
Kerala Flood Relief-Guidelines to contribute one month salary of Govt Employees to CMDRF-Revised guidelines published on 31.10.2018
Kerala Flood Relief-Guidelines to contribute one month salary of Govt Employees to CMDRF-Spark User Manual
Option form(Sample) to contribute one month salary of Govt Employees to CMDRF
Kerala Flood Relief-Guidelines to contribute one month salary of Govt Employees to CMDRF. GO(P)No 144/2018/Fin dated 11.09.2018
Kerala Flood Relief-Contribute one month salary of Govt Employees to CMDRF-. PF NRA withdrawal- GO(P)No 151/2018/Fin dated 26.09.2018

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