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Kerala State School Sports/Games Manual,Software and Results

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 / No Comments
The sports and games meet of students of Lower primary to Higher secondary of govt/aided and recognized Un-Aided schools under General Education Department in our state is known as Kerala state schools athletics and games meet. Only the schools following State syllabus are eligible to participate in Kerala state schools athletics and games meet.

The competitions are conducted in 6 stages
1. School level Competitions.
2. Sub District level
3. Revenue District Level
4. Zonal Championship
5. State Games Championship
6. State School Athletics
Every school shall conduct school competitions within the school in Games and Athletics. The participant must be a regular student of the school and shall not have completed the age of 19 years.

Various Contests Categories
The competitions are conducted in 6 categories.
1. Seniors: Below 19 years and up to 12th Std.
2. Juniors : Below 17 years and up to 10th Std.
3. Sub Juniors : Below 14 years and up to 8th std.
4. Kiddies: Below 12 years and up to 7th std.
5. L P Kiddies: Below 10 years and up to 4th std.
6. L P Mini: Below 8 years of age and up to 2nd std.

Grace marks for Schools Athletics and Games meet
Regular Higher Secondary students secured merit certificate in state level and National level participation, during the course is eligible for grace marks. The distribution of Grace Marks in the National Level and State Level Competition is as follows.

1.Winner in International Level Competition 25%.
2.Runner-up in International Level Competition 23%.
3.International Level Third place holders 21 %.
4.International Participation 20%
5.Winner National Level 15 %,
6.Runners National Level 13 %.
7.National Level Third placeholders 11 %.
8.National Participation 10%.
9.State Level Winner 5%
10.State Level Runner 4 %.
11.State Level Third placeholders 3 %.
12.State Level participation 2 % (4th to 6th place in Games and 4th to 8th Place for athletics)
Manual for schools Athletics and Games meet is available from the link below.
School Athletics and Games Meet Data Entry Portal
Details of School Athletics and Games meet participants should be entered in the General Education Department’s School Sports portal on time. Portal link is given below.
School Level Sports Mela Manager Software
This School-Level Sports Mela Manager software is designed to automate the back-end process of the School level LP/UP/HS/HSS/VHSS Sports Meet.

The entire process of the school level Sports Mela, from the entry of a participant to the printing of results will be done at the click of a mouse. The tabulation and score sheets for the events are also system generated. Click the below link to download the School Level Sports Mela Manager Software by Rajesh.K,HSST,GHSS,Naduvannur.
School Level Software for Sports Meet
Sports Mela Software for School Level (LP/UP/HS/HSS/VHSS) by Rajesh K
Help File
Schools Athletics and Games Meet Results
As and when the schools athletics and games meet results are available from the sub district level, its link will be made available here.
Kerala State School Sports/Games Result
Kollam Revenue District Results(Athletics): Meet Result | Best School | Best Sub District
Kerala State School Sports/Games Result Link(All Districts/Sub Districts)

State Life Insurance(SLI), Group Insurance Scheme(GIS) and Viswas Portal

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 / 2 Comments
Updating Passbooks of GIS Subscribers and SLI Policy Holders
The govt has published an order on 28.07.2017 regarding adding the details of premium and its updatation of govt employees who are members of State Life Insurnce(SLI) and Group Insurance Scheme(GIS) in Viswas Portal as part of digitalization. As per this order, instructions have been given for the updation of pass book and collecting the same by the DDO. So it is the responsibility of the DDO to include the policy details and premium to be paid details of all govt employees in Viswas Portal.

Each govt employee would have one GIS account. If any one has two GIS accounts, the first one can be retained and the second one can be cancelled. An application has to be given to the insurance office to cancel it. In the case of SLI, each govt employee may have more than one policy.

All govt employees should enter the details of premium such as premium – till date, number of terms paid and get it countersigned by the DDO of the institution of that period where they were working. The copies of all pages of this passbook must be submitted to the DDO. It should be endorsed by the DDO of the time and date of encashment also be entered. The scanned copy of the first page of the pass book of all policies should be updated in the software (even the mobile photo is sufficient).

The month and year entered in the first page of pass book would be that of the policy beginning period. Like wise, the amount entered in the first page is the first premium. The maturity date of SLI policy would be that entered in SLI pass book whereas for the GIS policy, the maturity date is the date of retirement year and month.

At the time of GIS premium increase, premium details (month of increase of the premium, year, increased premium amount, salary scale of the month) etc should be entered. If the premium is not paid for continuous six months, the current policy would be considered as a lapsed policy. Though the premium is paid after six months, it would be considered as a lapsed policy only. Details of such policies need not be uploaded. To revive such policies after six months break, the employee should contact the insurance office and submit an application to renew it. After that only, the details can be uploaded. Since final submission can be done only after the inclusion of details of all staff of the institution, lapsed policies should be renewed on submission of application as early as possible. Once the details above said are collected, it can be included in the software.

Help file regarding SLI / GIS premium of previous period, each term premium amount and how to collect such details can be downloaded from the link.
Updating Passbooks of GIS Subscribers and SLI Policy holders in Viswas Portal-Help file and User Manual
Computerisation of KSID - updating SLI/GIS premium deductions in passbook-Instruction- Issued.Circular No.No.31/2017/Fin dtd 29.04.2017
Group Insurance Scheme-Online Portal Viswas-Computerisation of SLI and GIS. GO(P)No97-2017-Fin dated 28-07-2017

User Manual for Viswas Portal
State Life Insurance Department have introduced the facility to file applications online for Group Insurance Scheme(GIS) Membership and Claims through the portal Viswas. Click the below link for Guidelines and user manual for the new GIS portal Viswas.
Group Insurance Scheme-Online Portal Viswas User Manual
Group Insurance Scheme-Online Portal Viswas

GIS Account Number to 12 Digit Account Number
The help file and portal link for converting your GIS Account Number to 12 Digits is given below
Convert your GIS account Number to 12 Digits Conversion system-Help File
Convert your GIS account Number to 12 Digits Conversion system-Portal Link

Enhancement of GIS Subscription Rate
Government have revised the classification of Scale of Pay of Groups and rate of subscription of Kerala State Employees Group Insurance Scheme(GIS).Click the below link for Govt Order.
Group Insurance Scheme(GIS)-Classification and Rate of Subscription-Revised. GO(P)No.112/2016/Fin Dated 01.08.2016
Group Insurance Scheme-Enhancement of Rate of Interest - GO(P) No 533-13-Fin dated 25-10-2013
Group Insurance Scheme-Enhancement of Subscription Rate GO(P) No 381/2011 Fin dated 06-09-2011

Group Insurance Scheme Membership
The circular regarding the time to enroll the Group Insurance scheme and different forms for GIS admission are available here.
Group Insurance Scheme-Time to enroll in the scheme revised.Order GO(RT) No.460/2015 fin dtd 13.10.2015
Group Insurance Scheme-Related Forms

State Life Insurance Scheme Membership
The general guidelines,Application form and Nomination form for State life insurance scheme(SLI) is given below.
State Life Insurance (SLI) - Application-General Guidelines
State Life Insurance (SLI) - Application form
State Life Insurance (SLI) - Nomination form

Enhancement of SLI Subscription Rate
Government have revised the classification of Scale of Pay of Groups and rate of premium of Kerala State Life Insurance(SLI).The revised rate will come to force with effect from 01.01.2017, i.e salary for the Month of December 2016. For details view/download GO(P)No.149/16/Fin Dated 04.10.2016.
State Life Insurance (SLI) - Premium Rates Revised-GO(P)No.149/16/Fin Dated 04.10.2016

Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship for Forward Communities

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Online applications are invited for the Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship for the academic year 2017-18 from students belonging to economically backward forward communities. Under this scheme, the students of economically backward forward communities will get educational scholarships and competitive assistance for their studies. Under this scheme scholarships will be given to students studying from high school level to post graduation.

Applicants should be from non-reservation forward community and a resident of Kerala. Annual income of the family should be less than 2 lakhs based on all sources. Only online applications are accepted. The scholarship amount for Higher Secondary students is Rs.3000/- every year. High School level students would get Rs.2000/ a year.

In order to process the scholarship application, applicant must provide the following documents.
1.Institution certificate
2.Income certificate (original) from village office.
3.Copy of mark list of SSLC
4.Copy of the 1st page of pass book in the name of applicant ( should have Name, Account No, IFSC Code, Address etc)
5.Copy of Aadhar card

Last date for Online Submission of the Application by students is 15.11.2017. The details of the Scholarship are given below.
Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship for Higher Secondary Level
Vidhya Samunnathi Scholarship Guidelines for Higher Secondary Section(HSS)
Institution Certificate Format for Higher Secondary Section(HSS)
Apply Online (HSS Section)
Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship for High School Section(Class 8 to 10)
Vidhya Samunnathi Scholarship Guidelines for High School Section(HS Class 8 to 10)
Institution Certificate Format for High School Section(HS)
Apply Online (HS Section,Class 8 to 10)

Hand Book on service and salary matters for newly joined HSSTs

Sunday, October 8, 2017 / 3 Comments
This post aims at giving primary knowledge on service and salary matters in the initial period for teachers who enter afresh into this field as Higher Secondary School Teacher(HSSTs). There are many teachers who are not able to pay attention to their own service matters amidst their busy teaching schedule. There have been such cases that some newly appointed teachers had to be in charge of principal. Besides, the lack of office staff creates more intricacies in the Higher Secondary Section.

As per the govt order GO (p) No 391-2015 Fin dt 07-09-2015, various salary self – drawing posts were nullified and One office One DDO system came into existence. This is the significant change in the service / salary matters. The prominence of SDO code, SDO specimen card in treasury was done away with this consequently. The major works in the establishment wing was made easier with the generation of joining report, RTC, PSC verification proforma, Relieving Report etc. by the official web site which handles the joining and transfer matters of Higher Secondary school teachers.

Ramesan Kaarkot, HSST History, GHSS, Pallikkara, Kasargode has prepared a hand book on the service related matters to be done by a HSST entering into service, in a clear and detailed manner for this blog. It has two parts. It is published here with the hope that the HSST community in Kerala would recognize and take up the self-less hard work by Sri.Ramesan sir.

Part A presents the things to be done once only from the entry period into service to the declaration of probation. Part B gives the service matters to be done in each period / month of a year after entry into service and various links of related posts published in Hsslive blog.

Note: links to HSS service guide related files in PDF form are given at the end of the blog post.
Higher Service Guide[PDF]
Service Guide for Higher Secondary Teachers Prepared by Ramesan Karkkot[PDF]
Related Files
1 GO(P) No 391-2015-Fin dated 07-09-2015 One DDO
2 Pan Card Instructions
I-1 Office Address
II-1 Personal Memorandum
II-2 & Part II A7 & B4- Statement-Service verification
II-3 Covering Letter to Director
III-1 AG covering letter
IV-1 Spark Admission
IV-2 NPS Arears Help file 2015
IV-3 GO(P)- 77-2017-Dated 16-06-2017 AG NEW SITE
IV-4 Login website
VI-1 - Pran registration Application
VI-2 GO(P) No 622-2013-Fin dated 19-12-2013 NPS
VI-3 NPS Arears Help file2015
VI-4 & Form of Option -Old Pension
VIIa-1 GIS _online_viswas_help
VIIa-2 gis_admission_sanction
VIIa-3 SLI-GIS-GPF premium rates
VIIb-1 SLI application
VIIb-2 sli_appln_instutions
VIIb-3 sli_Change nomination
VIIb-4 SLI-GIS-GPF premium rates
VIIc-1 GPF for NPS
VIIc-2 GPF Admission
VIIc-3 GPF Nomination
VIIc-4 Nomination for dcrg having family
VIIc-5 GPF Loan Money Limit
VIIc-5 Nomination for dcrg having no family
VIIc-GPAIS-2 Nomination
VIIc-gpais 3-Order 2016
VII-1&PartA17- New Pay Slip Requst letter
Forms and Letters for PSC/Gazetted HSST Senior
1.Joining Letter - Director ,DHSE
2.Joining Letter-AG
3.R T C [ pdf & Fillable PDF]
4.Police Verification
5.Personal Memorandum of PSC verification
6.Prescribed statement of service for PSC verification
7.Spark Admission/Pen Registration Form
8.PRAN Application Form
9.SLI Application & Nomination Form,SLI Changing Nomination Form
10.GPF Application Form ,Nomination Form
11.GPAIS Nomination Form
12.Request Letter to Issue Ag slip after one Year
13.Probation Declaration [PDF &Editable PDF]
Forms and Letters for PSC/Non-Gazetted HSST Junior
1.Joining Letter - Director ,DHSE
2.Police verification
3.Personal Memorandum of PSC verification
4.Prescribed statement of service for PSC verification
5.Spark Admission/Pen Registration Form
6.PRAN Application Form
7.SLI Application & Nomination Form,SLI Changing Nomination Form
8.GPF Application Form ,Nomination Form
9.GPAIS Nomination Form
10.Probation Declaration [PDF &Editable PDF]
Forms and Letters for Previous Service Details
1)Request Letter for LPC & S.B to their Previous Office
2)AG covering letter
3)Form to continue Old Pension [Statutary]Scheme

Leave Travel Concession(LTC) for Govt Employees and Teachers-How to Apply?

Saturday, October 7, 2017 / 5 Comments
As per the pay revision order  G.O(p)No 85/2011 dt 26/02/2011 in 2011 TA is allowed for govt employees and teachers in Kerala state to go for a pleasure trip once with their family. The govt has issued guidelines on LTC through govt order – GO (P) 05/2013 fin dt 02/01/2013.

All full time staff and teachers including aided school staff are eligible for LTC. Applicants should have completed 15 years of service to avail of this concession. As per the existing order, LTC can be availed of one time only during the service. But the employees on suspension or LWA for other jobs and part time contingent employees and temporary employees are exempted to take advantage of this.

It is allowed for the employees, employee’s husband/ wife, unmarried children / legally adopted children etc. All employees should enter the name and details of family members in their service book ( page no. 5). At the time of applying for LTC, the higher official should verify the details of the applicant that the names entered in service book and those given in the application are same.

LTC is granted for the distance of 6500 kms (including return journey). Also the short and direct route would be considered for sanctioning the amount. LTC is allowed for 15 days, inclusive of holidays. Teachers of schools and colleges will be allowed LTC on vacation as per para 5(lV) of LTC Rules/guidlines GO(P)No.5/2013 Fin dtd 02/01/2013 ( not allowed during Onam or X’mas holidays).

The employees should submit all related documents and original tickets to the controlling officer within three months after the journey. 90% of the amount can be claimed in advance even before the trip. The copy of the tickets should be submitted along with the application for this. Advance is allowed as per the allotment. If the advance is claimed, all proofs for journey under taken should be submitted to the controlling officer within one month after the journey. If not, advance amount along with interest would be deducted from the next month salary. A declaration regarding the place chosen for the trip should be given to the controlling officer before the journey.

The exact train/bus/air fare ( from and to ) will be issued. Other allowances like incidental expenses, DA for halt etc. as given in KSR Tour TA are not allowed.

In the case of both the husband and wife are govt employees, LTC can be claimed by one of them only. And 'LTC not claimed' certificate by the other should be submitted. Controlling officer is the LTC Sanctioning Authority. While LTC is found to be misused or misappropriated, the sanctioned amount has to be repaid with 18 % of interest and disciplinary action would be taken against such employees.

LTC govt order, application form, TA charges etc. can be downloaded from the link.

Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual, Software and Results

Thursday, October 5, 2017 / 3 Comments
The Arts Fest of students of LP, UP, HS, HSS, VHSS students of govt/aided and recognized Un-Aided schools under General Education Department in our state is known as Kerala School Kalotsavam.

Revised School Kalolsavam Manual
The present manual for school kalolsavam has been modified. In this revised manual there are some significant changes from the existing one. Grades would be fixed for youth festival as it has been given for academic level activities. Hence, those who score 80% or more would be given A grade, 70 - 79% would be given B grade and C grade for 60 - 69%. More over all A grade winners at state level would be blessed with Cultural scholarship, the amount of which will be decided by the government.

At the High school(HS) level, four more items have been added. Further, total number of items would be 89 and categories would be 15. English, Kannada and Tamil versification(Kavitha Rachana) and English skit are also added now. Apart from this, group song would replace the present Ganamela.

At the Higher secondary(HSS/VHSS) level, there are 98 competition items of 14 categories. (previously it was 12 categories and 104 items at HSS level) This time onwards, all students qualifying at the school level writing competitions would get a chance to participate at the sub district level. Besides Kathakali, Ottanthullal, Folk dance and Mimicry would be competition items common to all. Earlier it had been conducted separately for boys and girls.

Revised manual for school youth festival is available from the link below.
Revised Manual for Kerala School Kalolsavam
Kerala School Kalolsavam-Value Points for Judges
Kerala School Kalolsavam-Stage Manager Diary
Various Contests Categories
The competitions are conducted in 4 categories.
Category 1 - from std 1 to 4
Category 2 – from std 5 to 7
Category 3 – from std 8 to 10
Category 4 – std 11 and 12
Category 1 would culminate at sub district level itself. Category 2 and 3 & 4 would culminate at the revenue district and state level respectively.

The competition items with 60% or more score are classified into 3 grades – Grade A, B and C.
80% or more – A Grade
from 70% to 79% - B Grade
from 60% to 69% - C Grade
Those who get top score with A grade only are eligible to participate in the next level.

Grace marks for Kalotsavam Winners
The system of awarding grace marks to A,B,C grade winners at state level continues. For A grade winners, the grace marks would be 30 marks, for B grade, 24 marks and for C grade, 18 marks.

The contest participants can go for appeal if they have any complaint. The appeal fee is Rs.500/- at school level, Rs.1000/- at sub district level, Rs.2000/- at district level and Rs.2500/- at state level. Appeal amount would be given to participants only when they score more than that of their contestant at the district level, against whom they have filed an appeal.
Kerala School Kalolsavam Appeal Form(New)
Special fee distribution for the conduct of Kalotsavam
Rs.50/- is collected under special fee category for Kalotsavam from the Higher Secondary students. It is distributed as – Rs.8/- for school level, Rs.10/- for sub district level, Rs.10/- for district level and Rs.22/- for state level.
Kerala School Kalolsavam Fund Distribution. Circular dtd 31.10.2016(Previous Circular)
School level Kalotsavam Software

Software tools to enable the conduct of Kalotsavam at school level are available. With the help of these, various necessary reports for Kalotsavam can be prepared. This School-Level Kalolsavam software developed by Alrahiman and Rajesh K is designed to automate the back-end process of the School level LP,UP,HS,HSS,VHSS Kalolsavam. The entire process of the school level Kalolsavam, from the entry of a contest participant to the printing of results will be done at the click of a mouse. The tabulation and score sheets for the judges are also system generated. We request you to make use of this software products and give your valuable suggestions and feedback. Click the link to download.
School Level Kalolsavam Software- Kalamela Ver 3.0 by Rajesh K(Last updated on 06.10.2017) : Software | Help File
School Level Kalolsavam Software- Ulsav by Alrahiman : Software | Help File
Tips for School Level Kalolsavam Prepared by Suresh Kattilangadi

School Kalotsavam Data Entry Portal
Details of Kalotsavam participants who score top grade should be entered in the General Education Department’s kalotsavam portal on time. Then only it would be possible for them to compete at the sub district level. Portal link is given below.
School Kalolsavam Datat Entry Portal(Link will be active soon)
School Kalotsavam Results
As and when the Kalotsavam results are available from the sub district level, its link will be made available.
Kerala School Kalolsavam Result Links(Link will be active soon)
School Kalotsav manual, related circulars, appeal form, software tools are available from the link given below.

Snehapoorvam Scholarship Scheme to Orphan Students

Monday, October 2, 2017 / 1 Comment
Snehapoorvam scholarship is for the students whose father or mother or both have passed away.
The scholarship amount is from Rs.3000/- to Rs.10,000/- every year. Snehapoorvam scholarship is sponsored by the Social Security Mission of the State Govt as fincancial assistance for education to the students whose father or mother or both have expired. It is Rs.3000/- every year for children below 5 years and for students studying from 1st to 5th standard. From 6th to 10th standard students would get Rs.5000/- a year and it is Rs.7000/- for students studying in plus two or equivalency courses. Rs.10000/- is given as scholarship for students of degree or professional degree courses.

This privilege is available for the students of govt or aided institutions only. Students studying in orphanages are not eligible to apply for this scholarship. Among the applicants, the BPL category would be given priority. ( certificate and copy of ration card should be produced ) In the case of APL category, the annual income should not exceed Rs.20,000/- and for those dwelling in cities, it can be up to Rs.22,000/. The income certificate from the revenue officer should be produced as a proof of this. A join account of students in their name and their parents’ in any of the nationalized banks is must. The copy of pass book where the photos of both of them (join account holders) are pasted should be attached with the application. The copy of Aadhar card of the students also be submitted along with the application.

Applications should be submitted online through the head of the institution. The application can be downloaded from the website of the Social Security Mission and the same can be submitted with necessary documents in the institution of study. The head of the institution should verify this before uploading for online submission of the application. Children below 5 years can submit their applications recommended by the District Child Welfare Committee in person. The last date for submission of applications is October 31st 2017.

Click the below link for Notification,Sample Application form for data collection, Portal Link etc:-
Snehapoorvam Scholarship Scheme. Instructions
Snehapoorvam Scholarship Scheme. GO(MS) No. 83/2014/SJD dtd 10.10.2014
Application Form for information collection
Snehapoorvam Portal: User Manual for Institutions New Registration | Renewal |Transfer | Award/Reject Scholarship
Online Institution Login & Application Data entry portal
Related Downloads
Scholarship for School and College Students