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GNU KHATA and LibreOffice in Accountancy for Higher Secondary Students

Sunday, June 25, 2017 / No Comments
Curriculum committee has taken a decision to use free software at Higher Secondary level. From the academic year 2017 -2018, only the free software should be used for curricular activities.
Accountancy Study and Free Software use
In the course book of Higher Secondary Commerce group students (as part of Computerised Accounting study) are given the proprietary softwares MS Excel, MS Access, Tally etc. But , as per the decision taken by the curriculum committee, these softwares can't be used for study purpose from this academic year.
What are the Changes?
1. LibreOffice Calc in lieu of MS Excel
Excel is a spread sheet software developed by the global software colossus, Microsoft. Instead of this, Commerce group students are recommended to use a free and open source spread sheet software called LibreOffice Calc. All works accomplished by using MS Excel is possible by this LibreOffice Calc also. This new software to be used for the study of Accountancy subject is available in edu - Ubuntu installed computers. Digital hand book, study notes etc for Libre Office Calc can be downloaded from the below link.
Libre Office Calc
LibreOffice Calc-Hand Book for Teachers and Students by IT@School
More Study Materials will be updated on receipt
2. LibreOffice Base in the place of MS Access
The Higher Secondary students are introduced a free data base software named LibreOffice Base instead of the data base software MS Access developed by Microsoft. LibreOffice Base is pre- installed in Edu Ubuntu operating systems customized by IT@school. Digital hand book and other study requirements for LibreOffice Base study will be posted when it is made available.
Libre Office Base
Libre Office Base-Hand Book and User Manual
More Study Materials will be updated on receipt
3.GNU KHATA in lieu of Tally
The significant change to be noted in Accountancy subject (Computerized Accounting) for Higher Secondary students is the avoidance of the accounting package, Tally which they study presently. This year onwards the students are advised to use the accounting package called GNU KHATA rather than using Tally. Tally software has occupied a foremost place in the area of accounting. The practice imparted to the Commerce group students in the Higher Secondary level in Tally package has enabled them much in their higher studies as well as in the realm of employment. But, for using Tally, Windows platform is needed and it does not come under free and open source software are the demerits of this.
GNU KHATA, the new software occupying the place of Tally is a novel pursuit in the accounting field. GNU KHATA can be used by installing it in the IT@School customized Edu Ubuntu systems. Since the business world has not seen using GNU KHATA for accounting, familiarizing this profoundly to the teachers and the students becomes a tremendous need. Also to make the business world aware of the possibilities of all kinds of accounting activities with GNU KHATA and to universalize the use of GNU KHATA at the pragmatic level, much publicity has to be done. GNU KHATA was developed by a Bombay based Digital Freedom Foundation. Digital hand book, student notes etc are available from the links below.
GNU KHATA User Manual Prepared by CA Arun Kelkar for Digital Freedom Foundation
GNU KHATA Hand Book for Teachers and Students(Will be posted after field level Training)
GNU KHATA Exercises
Exp No.1 : Create an Organisation in GNU KHATA(Will be posted after field level Training)
Exp No.2 : Group and Sub-Group in GNU KHATA(Will be posted after field level Training)
Exp No.3 : Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement in GNU KHATA(Will be posted after field level Training)
Exp No.4 : Entering Opening and Closing Stock in GNU KHATA(Will be posted after field level Training)
Exp No.5 : Preparation of Trial Balance, Profit-Loss account and Balance sheet in GNU KHATA(Will be posted after field level Training)
GNU KHATA Software Download
GNU KHATA Software Download for Offline Use(This installer does not require internet)
GNU KHATA Software for Online Use(Internet connection and Mozilla firefox browser needed)
GNU KHATA Demo Version for Online Use(Internet and Mozilla firefox browser needed)
Curriculum Revision and Evaluation
How these changes in Accountancy subject of Commerce group students are considered in exam and valuation are also clearly mentioned. 2017-18 academic year Second year (Plus Two) students should be given a chance to study the free software - LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Base, GNU KHATA etc. At the same time, even if the students answer in MS Excel, MS Access, Tally software which they study at present, should also be considered in valuation. However, for the 2017-18 academic year students studying Accountancy in Plus one, the classes will be by using free software thoroughly.
Only Free software at schools
Further in Govt/Aided schools, unlicensed softwares can't be installed in computers and laptops supplied by the government. The complete use of software in Higher Secondary School level will be that of free software. Circulars from the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education can be downloaded from the link. As soon as the study materials of the revised portion of Accountancy for Higher Secondary Commerce students are available, it will be updated here.
Curriculum Revision
Free Software implementation in Higher Secondary Schools.Circular dtd 23-06-2017
More Study Materials will be updated on receipt

Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window Admission

Saturday, June 24, 2017 / 6 Comments
Update: Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window Second Allotment Results published. Admissions on 27th and 28th June 2017. Check Now !
Update: Sports Quota Special Allotment Results Published. Admission dates 23rd to 27th June 2017. Check Now !
Admission to Plus one classes in Govt and aided Higher Secondary Schools is done through Centralised Allotment Process called Single Window Admission(Ekajalakam). This allotment Process starts immediately after the publication of SSLC/10th standard results. Admission through this system is to procure the merit seats in Govt and aided Higher secondary schools. This is an endeavour to clear the doubts regarding plus one admission that are likely to arise among the students and parents.
How to submit application for Single Window Admission to Plus One?
It is an online procedure. Applications can be submitted through HSCAP, the admission portal of DHSE. After online submission of application, print out documents along with Rs.25/- must be handed over in person in any Govt or Aided HSS in the district concerned. On receipt of application, an acknowledgement slip will be issued and it should be kept safely for further use/reference. Help file on submission of online application can be downloaded from the link.
Plus One Single Window(Ekajalakam) Online Application Portal
Help file on submission of application for Plus One single window admission
What is the eligibility criteria for plus one admission through Single Window System?
Students who have passed S.S.L.C or Equivalency Exam conducted by other Boards can apply for Single Window Admission. Students studied under CBSE syllabus must have gone through the CBSE Board exam. Those who appeared for exam conducted by the school they study are not eligible to apply in the first phase.
Format of Undertaking to be submitted by Parent of CBSE applicant in Stamped Paper
CBSE Bond Printer Software-Excel Utility
Is one application sufficient for all districts in Kerala?
It is not enough. Students seeking admission to Plus One in more than one district have to apply separately for each district. Such applicants can either send their application by post to the principal of the school selected by them or hand over in person. List of district centres is given below. Application fee can be remitted by DD or in person.
List of prescribed Schools to which Printout of Applications & Demand Draft to be send by online Applicant's Out of State/ District
Should a student submit more than one application in one district?
Students are advised not to submit more than one application at any cost for admission to merit seats in one district.
What are the documents to be attached along with the print out of application?
If a student claims any other considerations not mentioned in the mark sheet, self attested copies of such certificates should be submitted along with the application.
Can corrections be done in online submitted applications?
Yes. Corrections are possible. If the details given in the application are found to be unjust, the application will stand cancelled. Hence, the applicants had better confirm the details in the application in HSCAP admission portal. Click the link to know how to check application details. If corrections are to be done, necessary changes in written form must be submitted to the principal of school where the print out of application has already been given.
Form for application correction
How many combinations are there for Higher Secondary Course?
Three groups with 45 subject combinations are there for Higher Secondary Course. Before applying for Higher Secondary Course, students should make a note of subject combination of their choice and available school in an order of their precedence. There is no limit for number of options to be given for students. Click the link for subject combinations and district wise school/combination list.
Higher Secondary Course and Subject Combinations
District wise School list
School/Combination Draft Worksheet
What is the criteria for admission?
Eligibility of each student for admission is determined by WGPA(Weightage Grade Point Average). Weightage will be given to certain subjects of the qualifying examination according to the subject combination selected by the student.
To know how WGPA is calculated click the link.
Online WGPA Calculator
Offline WGPA Calculator
How the bonus points, if any, are granted in rank list preparation for admission?
Bonus points are granted as per the list given below.
Why is there a Trial allotment?
In trial allotment, rank wise school and combination options of the students applied for Single Window Admission will be published. It is for enabling the student applicants to make final scrutiny and corrections as well. Even at this stage, the applicants can make corrections in school and combination options selected by them. There will not be any more chances hereafter. After making the necessary amendments, applications should be handed over in the same school (where they gave it early).
Main Allotment Process
Main Allotment Process consists of two allotments. If the student gets allotment of his first option, he ought to confirm his admission by remitting the fee. Else he should get temporary admission and need not pay fee at this stage. When the main allotment process closes, students who have sought temporary admission should confirm it by remitting the fee. Even after getting allotment, if he does not confirm his admission in the stipulated time, he will not be considered in the further allotment process. It may lead to losing the opportunity itself. For more information, read the prospectus.
Allotment Result
Check Your Second Allotment Result
Supplementary allotment Process
Closure of the main allotment process is followed by supplementary allotment and school combination transfer allotment. Students are advised to check the admission portal regularly to alert themselves of the notifications, and latest info related to admission etc.
Plus One Single Window Admission Schedule
Higher Secondary Single Window Admission Schedule for the present year is as given below. Schedules are subject to change any time. For all latest directions regarding Plus one Higher Secondary Admissions please visit the official portal.

Commencement of online submission of Applications: 08-05-2017
Closing of Online Submission of Application: 06-05-2017
Publication of Trial Allotment:12-06-2017
Publication of First Allotment:19-06-2017

Publication of Second Allotment:27-06-2017
Commencement of Classes: 29-06-2017
Sports Allotment Process
Sports allotment details are given below. 
Step 1: Fill and submit the Sports Registration form at the web portal of Sports Council.
Step 2: Print the Registration Slip from Sports Council web Portal.
Step 3: Visit District Sports Council Office Along with Slip and Originals of all Documents to Prove the Achievements.
Step 4: Submit Application for Sports Quota at HSCAP Admission Portal.

Plus One Sports Quota Admission
Sports Quota Special Allotment Result
How to Register Sports Achievements in Sports Council Portal-Help File
Higher Secondary Plus One Single Sports Quota Admission-Sports Council Portal for Sports Achievement Registration
Higher Secondary Plus One Single Sports Quota Admission-HSCAP portal
Admission procedure in detail is given in the prospectus. Students seeking admission to Higher Secondary Course through Single Window System must go through it. The requisite information regarding Higher Secondary Single Window Admission for schools and students can be downloaded from the link below. Single Window Admission procedure doubts can be forwarded as comments.
Related Downloads
Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window (Ekajalakam) Admission-Frequently Asked Questions(PDF)
Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window (Ekajalakam) Admission Prospectus 2017-18
How to fill Single Window Online Application-Help file
Instructions for Students
Instructions for Help Desk
Higher Secondary Single Window Admission Fee Structure
Higher Secondary Course Cancellation Procedure
Single Window Software Tools
Focus Point(Ms-Access) Software tool for Admission Assistance
HSS School Code & Courses Finder (For students, Parents & Help desk in Schools)- Ms-Excel Software tool for Admission Assistance
Offline WGPA Calculator | Online WGPA Calculator
CBSE Bond Printer Software-Excel Utility
Admission Log Book Tool | Help
TC Software for Single Window School Transfer
Single Window Admission Portal
Higher Secondary Single Window Admission Portal -HSCAP
Higher Secondary Single Window Admission Schedule 2017-18

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-NEET

Friday, June 23, 2017 / 9 Comments
Update: The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test NEET UG 2017 Result Published. Check Now !
Online applications have been invited for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) 2017.The NEET examination will be conducted on Sunday, the 7 th May, 2017.Candidates can apply online on the website of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations from 31st January 2017 to 1st March 2017.
The admissions to Medical, Ayush, agriculture, veterinary, fisheries and forestry courses would be made from the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test(NEET) rank list from the academic year 2017-18 onwards. 
The students who wish to get admission for these courses in Kerala shall have to participate in NEET and obtain minimum eligibility marks as prescribed, for getting admissions to MBBS/BDS courses. The students who are included in the rank list of NEET for the state of Kerala will only be considered for the allotment of seats in Medical, Ayush, agriculture, veterinary, fisheries and forestry courses. Success in NEET depends on the scoring rate in biology questions. Of the 180 questions, there will be 90 questions from biology and 45 questions each from physics and chemistry and the total marks will be 720.  

Botany 45180
Zoology 45180
Physics 45180
Chemistry 45180
Total 180720
Click the below link for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test(NEET) previous questions, answer key and syllabus.
NEET 2016 Phase 1
National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test(NEET) 2017 Result
NEET 2016 Phase 1
National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test(NEET) 2016 Phase 1 : Question Paper | Answer Key
NEET 2016 Phase 2
National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test(NEET) 2016 Phase 2 : Question Paper | Answer Key
NEET 2013
National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test(NEET) 2013 Question Paper and Answer Key
NEET 2017 Syllabus
National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test(NEET)2017 Syllabus
NEET 2017 Online Portal
National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test(NEET)2017 Online Application

Plus Two SAY/Improvement Question Paper and Answer Key June 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 / 7 Comments
The Question papers of Higher secondary Second year SAY/Improvement examinations July 2017 are published here. The answer key of each question paper will be made available along with this after the official publication. Answer Keys will help students to estimate how many marks they might score. 

The Higher Secondary Second year SAY/Improvement answer papers are evaluated based on the answer key prepared by the Higher Secondary Department. So it is very essential for the Higher secondary students to verify their answers. The Centralised Valuation Camps for Second Year Higher Secondary SAY/Improvement Examinations will commence on 22.06.2017. Results are expected to be published on third week of July 2017.

Click the link given below to download the available question papers and answer key. Discussion and views of the question papers also can be forwarded as comments here.
Higher Secondary Second Year(XII) SAY/IMP July 2017 Question Paper & Answer Key
Political Science Question Paper | Answer Key
Mathematics(Science) Question Paper | Answer Key
Mathematics(Commerce) Question Paper | Answer Key
Economics Question Paper | Answer Key
Chemistry Question Paper | Answer Key
Accountancy-CA Question Paper | Answer Key
Accountancy-AFS Question Paper | Answer Key
History Question Paper | Answer Key
Physics Question Paper | Answer Key
Computer Application(Commerce) Question Paper | Answer Key
Computer Application(Humanities) Question Paper | Answer Key
Computer Science Question Paper | Answer Key
Biology Question Paper | Answer Key(Botany) | Answer Key(Zoology)
Sociology Question Paper | Answer Key
Business Studies Question Paper | Answer Key
English Question Paper | Answer Key
Malayalam Question Paper | Answer Key
Hindi Question Paper | Answer Key
Geography Question Paper | Answer Key
Arabic Question Paper | Answer Key

Kerala Engineering KEAM 2017 Rank List

Monday, June 19, 2017 / No Comments
Update: Engineering and Pharmacy Rank List have been published. Check Now !
KEAM (Kerala Engineering Agricultural Medical) also known as CEE(Combined Entrance Exam), is conducted in Kerala State for students seeking admission to various professional courses like Engineering, Agriculture, Pharmacy degree.

The rank list of KEAM 2017 will be announced on 20th of June 2017 at 10.30 in the morning by the Hon. minister for Education. The top most rank holders in each stream will be facilitated at the function to be held at the Secretariat, immediately after the declaration of results.

Scores obtained in KEAM exam of 2017 and the marks scored in Plus Two will be equally considered for the preparation of the KEAM Rank list 2017. The students who are not able to produce Plus Two mark list will not be included in the rank list of KEAM 2017.

The option registration will be open to the candidates soon after the publication of the rank list. The first allotment for the same is expected to be published on or before 30th June 2017.

After the official announcement of the Kerala Engineering KEAM 2017 Rank List, links will be made available here. To download KEAM Rank, register number should be entered.
Kerala Engineering KEAM 2017 Rank List[Individual]
Kerala Engineering KEAM 2017 Rank List[PDF]

Post Matric Scholarships for Higher Secondary Students

Saturday, June 17, 2017 / No Comments
1. Post Matric Fresh/Renewal Scholarship (PMS) for students belonging to Minority communities
Online applications are invited for the Post-Matric Fresh/Renewal Scholarship (PMS) for the academic year 2017-18 from students belonging to minority communities (Muslim/ Christian/ Buddhists/ Sikh and Parsee) to be awarded by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India.
The Post Matric Scholarship Scheme is an online Scheme. Applications are to be submitted online in the Portal of the Ministry of Minority Affairs. There are two types of Registration, Fresh Application and Renewal Application. Student Applying for the first time in the portal should compulsory register as fresh Students. Those Students who got scholarship last year through National Scholarship Portal and the same course is continuing for another year will be considered as renewal.
Post Matric Scholarship will be awarded to the students who have secured not less than 50% marks or equivalent grade in the previous final examination and the annual income of whose parents does not exceed Rs.2 lakh. Students from BPL families, having the lowest income shall be given preference in the ascending order. The documents needed to be uploaded on Portal while applying for scholarship are
Documents Needed to be uploaded on Portal
Student Photo(Mandatory)
Institution Verification Form. (Mandatory)Download
Self declaration of Income Certificate by the student. (Mandatory)Download
Self declaration of community by the student. (Mandatory)Download
Self Attested Certificate of ‘Previous Academic Mark
sheet(Fresh Applicant),Self-Attested Certificate of Previous Year Mark sheet(Renewal)

Fee Receipt of current course year. (Mandatory).
Proof of Bank Account in the name of student. (Mandatory).
Aadhaar Card (optional).
Residential Certificate. (Mandatory).
Related Downloads
Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities- GuidelinesDownload
Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities- Frequently Asked Questions Download
Scholarship Portal
Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities-Online Application PortalLink
Instructions for filling up the online application can be accessed through the link provided in this blog. Last date for Online Submission of the application by students is 31.08.2017.
2.Post-Matric Fresh/Renewal Scholarship (PMS) for students with disabilities
Scholarship under this scheme will be available for students with disabilities studying in class XI and XII .The students having less than 40% disability are not eligible and the annual income of whose parents does not exceed Rs.2.5 lakh. The scholarship amount will be directly credited in to the account of the beneficiaries. No Documents are required to be uploaded on the portal. Students have to submit their documents to their respective school. Last date for Online Submission of the Application by students is 31.10.2017.The list of documents to be submitted to the school:-
Documents Submitted to the School
Aadhaar id or if not available Aadhaar enrollment no
Disability certificate issued by the competent authority designated by the
District Medical officer/civil surgeon of a govt. Hospital.

Parental income certificate issued by the designated authority signed by revenue authority eg. Tehsildar)
Copy of previous year mark sheet.
Tuition fee receipt.
Related Downloads
Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Students with disabilities- GuidelinesDownload
Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Students with disabilities- Frequently Asked QuestionsDownload
Scholarship Portal
Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for disabilities- Online Application PortalLink
National Scholarships Portal Registration (Video Help)View

Higher Secondary Special Rules and Amendments

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Higher Secondary Education was started in Kerala in 1990 abolishing Pre-Degree courses in the colleges during the academic year 1990-91. The process of delinking Pre-Degree courses from colleges and spreading Plus Two courses throughout the State was implemented in a phased manner . At that time, appointment to various categories of posts in the government and Aided Higher Secondary Schools were made on deputation and provisional basis.
Government had framed Special Rules for the appointment of Higher Secondary School Teachers and Non-Teaching staff in Government Sector on 16-04-2001 and in Aided Sector on 09-11-2001. Special rules for Government sector comprises of two different services:-Kerala Higher Secondary Education State Service and Kerala Higher Secondary Education Subordinate Service. Special rules for Aided sector is formulated as chapter XXXII of Kerala Education Rules 1959 by name Kerala Education(Amendment) Rules 2001. Details of these Rules and amendment are as shown below.
Kerala Higher Secondary Education State Service(Govt HSS)
1 GO(P) No. 144/2001/Gen.Edn dtd 16.04.2001
2 GO(P) No. 37/2005/Gen.Edn dtd 04.02.2005
3 GO(P) No. 92/2009/Gen.Edn dtd 27.03.2009
Kerala Higher Secondary Education Subordinate Service(Govt HSS)
1 GO(P) No. 144/2001/Gen.Edn dtd 16.04.2001
2 GO(P) No. 36/2005/Gen.Edn dtd 04.02.2005
Kerala Education(Amendment) Rules(Aided HSS)
1 GO(P) No. 331/2001/Gen.Edn dtd 09.11.2001
2 GO(P) No. 38/2005/Gen.Edn dtd 04.02.2005
3 GO(Ms) No. 196/05/Gen.Edn dtd 25.06.2005
4 GO(P) No.240/2005/Gen.Edn dtd 23.07.2005
5 GO(P) No. 93/2009/Gen.Edn dtd 27.03.2009
Higher Secondary Special Rule Amendments
1 GO(Ms) No. 398/2002/Gen.Edn dtd 29.11.2002
1 GO(Ms) No. 296/2015/Gen.Edn dtd 01.12.2015 (Govt HSS)
2 GO(Ms) No. 47/2017/Gen.Edn dtd 08.06.2017