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Kerala SSLC Result 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016 / No Comments
Update: Kerala SSLC Result 2016 Published. Check your Result Now !
The Kerala SSLC Results March 2016 will be announced by the Additional Chief Secretary(General Education) on April 27 at 11 AM. Links to Kerala SSLC Results 2016 and SSLC Result Analyser 2016 will be made available as soon as they are published. Check for regular updates regarding the publication of Kerala SSLC Results 2016. 

Plus One/Plus Two Computer Application Slides

Saturday, April 23, 2016 / 1 Comment
Presentation Slides of Plus One and Plus Two Computer Applications(Commerce) ,prepared by T.C.A Gafoor, AKM HSS Kottoor, Malappuram. All are power point presentations and can be used in your class to make the teaching effective. You can download and use it for class room transactions. We request you to make use of this presentation slides and give your valuable suggestions and feedback. For more details , please follow the links below.
Plus One (XI) Computer Applications(Commerce) -Presentation Slides
01 Fundamentals of Computer
02 Components of Computer System
03-Principle of Programming
04 Getting Started with C++
05 Datatypes & Operators
06 Introduction to Programming
07 Control Statements
08 Computer Networks
09 Internet
10 IT Application
Plus Two (XII) Computer Applications(Commerce) -Presentation Slides
1-Review Of Programming
4-Web Technology
5-Web Designing Using HTML
6-Client Side Scripting-Javascript
7-Web Hosting
8-Database Management System
9-Structured Query Language
10-Enterprise Resource Planning
11-Trends and Issues in ICT
Plus One(XI)/Plus Two (XII) Computer Applications(Commerce) -Notes
Plus One(XI) Computer Application Study Notes
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application(Commerce) Study Notes

How to Be a Good Presiding Officer

Sunday, April 17, 2016 / 23 Comments
The general election for the fourteenth legislative assembly will be held on May 16, 2016 to elect representatives of the 140 constituencies in Kerala.The votes will be counted on 19 May.
It is observed that in each election the Presiding Officers generally confused with lot of formalities to be done during, before and after the closing of Election. The presiding Officer is the in-charge of the Polling Station and has lot of work to be done in the previous and on the polling day. He is continuously under constant pressure till the submission of election material along with Ballot Boxes or EVM whatever it may be. The Presiding Officer should ensure all the formalities are done in a perfect manner. Now we want to laid some tips & links for the Presiding & Polling Officers which will help them in completing all formalities without any discrepancy.
The first and foremost prerequisite for Presiding Officer is to attend the training sections seriously.Even if you have worked as a Presiding Officer in some earlier elections , you are required to attend the training sections in a very serious and sincere manner. You are required to study carefully the Presiding Officers Hand book provided to you during the training.You should note down your doubts, confusions and never enter the polling stations with the confused mind.

Disclaimer: It may be noted that this tips cannot be treated as exhaustive in all respects or as a substitute reference for various provisions of election law governing the conduct of elections. Whenever you are in doubt as to the clarity of instructions contained here in, reference should be made to the corresponding Acts and Rules

Plus Two (+2) SCERT Text Books

Friday, April 15, 2016 / 36 Comments
The new Plus Two (XII) text books have been prepared by the Kerala State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). Those who have not received the new text books can download the pdf versions available from this page for reference. The Reference for the first & Second chapter available here till the text book distribution is completed. Click the below link and refer the new text book for Higher Secondary Second Year (Plus Two) for better comprehension.

E-TDS Return Using NSDL RPU Software

Thursday, April 14, 2016 / 210 Comments

NSDL has launched latest return preparation utility RPU version 1.5 for e-TDS regular and correction statements from Financial year 2007-08 and onwards. As the due date of filing of quarterly TDS statement for fourth quarter of FY 2015-16 is approaching fast, you are advised to use the new version of RPU to prepare statements and validate the file with new FVU to submit TDS statements, well before due date.

National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)'s Return Preparation Utility(RPU) is a freely downloadable utility used for preparing quarterly e-TDS Statements for Form 24Q,26Q,27Q&27EQ (Regular&Correction) for Financial Year 2007-08 onwards. Guidelines for  the usage of RPU prepared by Sudheer Kumar T. K, HM, KCA LPS Eramangalam published. The users are advised to read guidelines carefully before the utility is used to prepare the returns.

Quarterly E-TDS return using RPU 1.5-Help file by Sudheer Kumar T.K
Quarterly E-TDS return using RPU 1.5-Help file by NSDL(English)
Download RPU 1.5 from NSDL
Java Run Time Environment(JRE) for RPU support
Java Run Time Environmnet(JRE) for RPU from Oracle
AIN and BIN number Finder
BIN Number Finder
TDS Correction Statement Preparation
Procedure for filing NIL TDS Return

Plus Two Physics Class Notes

Saturday, April 9, 2016 / 9 Comments
Higher Secondary Plus Two Physics notes prepared by Saju K. John, Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut published. These study notes are the result of 14 years teaching experience and completely based on the NCERT syllabus. So they are very useful for both Kerala Syllabus and CBSE students. The notes are divided into chapters, which makes them easy for handling. To win A+ or A1 you study these notes completely, work out all the given problems and answer at least 10 previous year’s question papers. The entire syllabus is made into question and answer pattern, which makes you understand how questions will be asked for the examination,but the ideas are presented in the correct sequence as in the NCERT textbook. As you know more and more physics will become simpler and simpler. So start with confidence.
Our Study Materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial -  NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Plus Two (XII) Physics Study Notes by Saju K.John
Chapter 1- Electric Charges and Fields
Chapter 2- Electric Potential and Capacitance
Chapter 3- Current Electricity
Publishing Soon...
Chapter 4- Moving Charges and Magnetism
Chapter 5- Magnetism and Matter
Chapter 6- Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 7- Alternating Current
Chapter 8- Electromagnetic Waves
Notes will be updated on receipt...
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Mikavu Hand Book for XII Students
Physics Presentation Slides
Physics Question Bank-1
Physics Question Bank-2
Physics Formula Hand Book
Physics Quick Revision Pack 1
Physics Quick Revision Pack 2
SCERT Model Question Paper for Class XII
SCERT Physics Teacher Text for Class XII
NCERT Text Books for Class XII
Previous Years Question Paper and Academic Updates
Practical Examination Scheme,Guideline and Model Question Paper

Higher Secondary Answer Key March 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016 / 49 Comments
Last updated on 05.04.2016: The official DHSE Answer Key of Higher Secondary Examination March 2016 are published.Check Now !
The candidates who appeared in Higher Secondary Examinations March 2016 must be looking for the answer keys to evaluate their performance in exam.The official answer keys for the HSE March 2016 will be available after scheme finalization camp. Before that for students curiosity we provide the unofficial answer keys prepared by our subject experts. Here you can get official and unofficial answer keys for HSE March 2016.
Please note that the answer keys provided on this site is for informational and reference purposes only.You can estimate your scores as per these keys, but keep in mind that calculation of scores for Higher Secondary March 2016 will be done according to official DHSE answer key.
First Year(XI) Answer Key by DHSE(Official)
XI Journalism
XI Geology
XI Social Work
XI Statistics
XI Philosaphy
XI Business Studies
XI Politics
XI Economics
XI Geography
XI Home Science
XI Psychology
XI Communicative English
XI Sociology
XI Computer Application(Commerce)
XI Computer Application(Humanities)
XI Mathematics(Science)
XI Mathematics(Commerce)
XI Chemistry
XI Physics
XI Electronics Service Technology
XI Kannada
XI French
XI Syriac
XI Latin
XI German
XI Russian
XI Anthropology
XI Islamic History
XI Malayalam(Optional)
XI Hindi(Optional)
XI Arabic
XI Tamil(Optional)
XI Kannada(Optional)
XI Urdu(Optional)
XI English Literature(Part III)
XI Sanskrit Sahithya
XI Sanskrit Sasthra
XI Music
XI Computer Information Technology
XI Tamil
XI Arabic
XI Electronics
XI Zoology
XI English
XI Hindi
XI Sanskrit
XI Accountancy AFS
XI Malayalam
XI Urdu
XI Gandhian Studies
XI Accountancy -Computersied Accounting
XI History
XI Computer Science
XI Botany
Second Year(XII) Answer Key by DHSE(Official)
XII Journalism
XII Social Work
XII Statistics
XII Politics
XII Psychology
XII Communicative English
XII Computer Applications(commerce)
XII Computer Applications(Humanities)
XII Mathematics(Science)
XII Mathematics(Commerce)
XII Chemistry
XII Physics
XII Sociology
XII Home Science
XII Geography
XII Economics
XII Business Studies
XII Philosaphy
XII Electronics Service Technology
XII Geology
XII Kannada
XII French
XII Syriac
XII Latin
XII German
XII Russian
XII Anthropology
XII Islamic History
XII Malayalam(Optional)
XII Hindi(Optional)
XII Arabic
XII Tamil(Optional)
XII Kannada(Optional)
XII Urdu(Optional)
XII English Literature(Part III)
XII Sanskrit Sahithya
XII Sanskrit Sasthra
XII Music
XII Computer Information Technology
XII Tamil
XII Arabic
XII Electronics
XII Zoology
XII English
XII Hindi
XII Sanskrit
XII Accountancy AFS
XII Malayalam
XII Urdu
XII Gandhian Studies
XII Accountancy -Computersied Accounting
XII History
XII Computer Science
XII Botany
HSE March 2016-XI Answer Key(Unofficial)
XI Chemistry by Anil Kumar K.L,Govt HSS,Thumpamon North,PathanamthittaL
XI Physics by Saju K. John,PhD Research Scholar at NIT Calicut
XI History by Sujith, Govt HSS,Kayyur, Kasaragod
XI Accountancy(Computerised Accounting) by Sanil Kumar,Govt HSS,Anchal East,Anchal
XI Malayalam by Dileep Krishnan,Govt HSS, Kayamkulam
XI Computer Application by Anil Kumar,Govt HSS,Kuzhumathikkad
XI Mathematics by Remesh,Director,The Centre for Future Studies
XI Subject wise unofficial Answer Keys will be updated on receipt...
HSE March 2016-XII Answer Key(Unofficial)
XII Chemistry by Anil Kumar K.L,Govt HSS,Thumpamon North,Pathanamthitta
XII Physics by Saju K John,PhD Reserch Scholar,NIT Calicut
XII Mathematics by Remesh,Director,The Centre for Future Studies
XII Sociology by Yaseer,WOHSS,Muttil,Wayanad
XII Business Studies by Jonson Koshy,Govt HSS, Thengamam, Pathanamthitta
XII History by Sujith,Govt HSS,Kayyur,Kasargod
XII Malayalam by Dileep Krishnan, Govt HSS,Kayamkulam
XII Computer Application by Anil Kumar,Govt HSS,Kuzhumathikkad
XII Botany by Bhargavan P.K,Govt HSS Azhiyur,Kozhikkodu
XII English by Ananthi.M , Govt HSS Perumpalam, Alappuzha
XII Subject wise unofficial Answer Keys will be updated on receipt...
HSE March 2016 Question Papers
HSE March 2016 Question Papers