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Ration Card and Affidavit Mandatory for Salary of Govt Employees

Sunday, August 13, 2017 / 1 Comment
As part of finding out the government employees and service pensioners who enjoy the benefits which are not entitled to them, the government has instructed to produce a copy of the ration card to receive their salary and pension. Each department heads have been issued order regarding this and asked to collect details of employees before processing the salary for the month of August. 

In order to get their August month salary, a copy of the ration card in which the name of the employee is included must be submitted to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer. Those who don’t have ration card should submit an affidavit mentioning this matter clearly. The officials of the government and public sector undertakings and banks have been issued order regarding this.

The ration cards of the state government pensioners and family pensioners ought to be examined by the treasury and bank officials concerned. The details of those in the priority list should be reported to the Taluk Supply Officer along with their ration card number. Also, the affidavit of those not having ration card must be presented for inquiry.

The order issued by the Food and Public Distribution Department in this regard and a sample affidavit are available from the link below.

To remember
Affidavits of three categories as given below should be submitted to the higher authority before 20th of August.
1) For those included in the priority list( except white card)
2) For those come under General category (white card)
3) For those not having ration card / their name not included in ration card

Click the link below to download Circular and affidavits(sample) in PDF form.
Affidavit for those included in the Priority list card(Pink/Blue/Yellow)
Affidavit for those come under General Category(White Card)
Affidavit for those not having Ration card / their name not included in Ration card
Consolidated List-Excel format
Government Employees/Pensioners must submit Ration card for receiving Salary and Pension.Circular No B3/258/2017 GDD dated 05-08-2017
Pensioners/Family Pensioners must submit Ration card for receiving Pension.Circular No 39/2017 Treasury Directorate Trivandrum dated 09-08-2017

How to Process Professional Tax in SPARK ?

Friday, August 11, 2017 / 2 Comments
Its time again to remit Professional tax. Now there is a change in the earlier mode of payment. It was adding six months income and calculating tax and remitting the amount towards tax in person. When the salary bills processing has become online, SPARK has bid farewell to such obsolete methods and time has passed by after the facility had been set up. Shall we deduct professional tax from this month salary itself? Let’s have a look on the way of doing it in Establishment interface in SPARK.

Salary Matters >> Processing >> Professional tax Calculation

Select DDO, Bill type from the following window.

If previous entry exists, click Remove Existing Professional tax to remove it. Then click Include Professional Tax. As the window opens, First half /Second half can be seen just below the Financial year. Since it is time to pay for the first half (April – Sep), click First half. Needless to say to click second half for paying tax amount of that particular period.
Click confirm to proceed. The details of professional tax deduction of those in Bill Type selected would be available then. To print / save the deduction statement, click Print Professional Tax Deduction.

When it is done, Professional tax deduction entry in Deduction column in Present Salary Details of staff in that Bill Type would be there.

Now, the salary for this month can be processed as usual. Professional tax schedule also can be printed out with other schedules from Bills and Schedule. This amount will be credited to the Special TSB account (STSB) in the name of DDO after the bill has been passed. Now the professional tax can be paid to the Panchayath / Municipality by cheque or payment transfer through cheque. Also, professional tax statement from SPARK can be submitted with this.

Help File Download
How to Process Professional Tax in SPARK ? Help File Prepared by Remla Sharaf
Spark Help Forum

Higher Secondary Terminal Exam Time Table, Question Paper and Answer Key

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 / 12 Comments
Plus Two First Terminal Examination August 2017
The first term examination (Onam Examination) of the Second year higher secondary students will commence from August 21st. The exam time table and notification were published by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education. The first term exam will be conducted for second year students only. The exam will be conducted in forenoon and afternoon sessions. The forenoon session starts from 9.30am and the afternoon session from 1.30pm. Gandhian Studies,Statistics,Geology, Home Science, Psychology, Computer Science, Philosophy, Social Work and Part III Languages will be in the forenoon Section. The time table for the term exam to be held this month for the second year students can be downloaded from the link.
First Term Exam Time Table for Class XII
Time Table for First Term Exam(Onam Exam) for plus Two Class 2017(Revised)

Higher Secondary Scheme of Work
To know the portions to be completed each month, refer the scheme of work published by the SCERT. Questions from the units to be covered in this month (August) also can be expected for exam. The scheme of work for Higher Secondary classes prepared by the SCERT can be downloaded from the link.
Scheme of Work
Higher Secondary Scheme of Work Prepared by SCERT

Question Bank for Higher Secondary Term Examinations
The question papers for Higher Secondary first term exam are prepared jointly by DHSE and SCERT. From this time, all government / aided / unaided higher secondary schools in Kerala will have common question paper for term examinations. The question bank, Edumate, prepared by the SCERT for the first and the second year students is available from the link below. In addition to this, a collection of previous year question papers with answer key is given. To get model questions for exam preparation, click the link and download.
Question Bank for Higher Secondary Examinations
Higher Secondary Edumate Question Bank Prepared by SCERT
Plus Two Model Question Paper Prepared by SCERT
Plus One Model Question Paper Prepared by SCERT
Higher Secondary Previous Years Public Examination Question Papers and Answer Key
Higher Secondary Study Notes

Software Tools for Terminal Examination
As part of term exam, seating, desk label, exam duty chart, room label, mark list etc can be prepared with a touch of a few mouse clicks in the HSS Terminal Manager Software. Besides, the software can be used for the preparation of term exam – progress report and other such reports to be used during class PTA. Click the link to download.
Software Tools
HSS Terminal Exam Manager for Seating,Desk Label
Progress Report Creator Software

First Term Examination August 2017-Question Paper And Answer Key 
The question papers and answer key of the Higher Secondary second year First terminal examination being held in August 2017 will be published here as and when it is made available. 

Guidelines for the Formation of School Management Committee(SMC) in Schools

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As per the Act of Central Education Rights, School Management Committee should be formed and reorganized once in 2 years in all government schools except unaided institutions. The SMC representatives should be elected from a General body meeting inclusive of all parents. Unless it should be cancelled to reform another one as per the said norms and guidelines. It should comprise elected representatives from local self government, elected representatives of the parents and teacher representatives etc. In the case of student of selected representative left school due to any reason and issued T.C. or left after completion of the course, the parents or the guardian of the students of similar sect should be selected to fill the vacancy for the rest of the period. Except the ex-officio member, convener or the joint convener, ward member of local self govt, no other members can be the member of the committee more than two times continuously.

Number of members in the Committee
(i) In a school with students below 750, total members can be 16 apart from the convener and joint convener.

(ii) In a school with more than 750 students, total members can be 20 apart from convener and joint convener.

(iii) 75% of the members in the committee should be the parents of the students or guardian in the absence of parents. Also it should include – members of Mother-Parent -Teacher Association, parents of selected students, parents or guardians of - students belonging to the weaker section of the society, students eligible for special consideration. Enough representation be given to the parents representing back ward sections and depressed category.

(iv) The rest of the 25% of the members should be from the sections given below.
(a) Ward or division member of local self govt from the location of the school
(b) A teacher selected from the school by them
(c) An educational expert from the place , selected by the parents
(d) School leader

(v) For the execution of administrative affairs, a chairman or vice chairman should be elected from the parent – representatives. Head Master or teacher in charge would be the ex-officio member convener of the committee. In schools with higher secondary section, Principal would be the ex-officio member convener and HM , the joint convener.

(vi) Convener has the right to invite three experts at a time for seeking expert opinion regarding protection of children, health, nutrition, psychology, and administrative activities being undertaken by the committee.

(vii) The committee should meet two months once at the least.The minutes of the meet be recorded properly and decisions be taken based on the opinion of the majority. Also it should be displayed on the school notice board in such a way that even the public can notice it.

(viii) Assistant Educational Officer should confirm the formation of the committee, trainings imparted to the members and evaluate the activities as well.

Duties of the Committee
(a) Monitor the activities of the institution

(b) Preparation of School Development Plan and recommend for its implementation

(c) Over see the distribution of financial aid available from state government, local self government departments, or other agencies.

(d) Apart from these, the duties given below have to be done by the committee

(i)Simple creative discussions on rights of children under Right to Education Act, duties of the state govt, local self govt departments, parents etc should be conducted with the people in the area where school is situated.

(ii)The punctuality maintained by the teachers in being present in school, meetings between parents or guardians and teachers to make them aware of the attendance, curricular and co-curricular abilities of the students, improvement in studies and other such details of the students should be confirmed.

(iii)Also ensure teachers are not assigned other duties except – census, disaster relief activities, local self government or state government or parliament election,

(iv)Teachers are not handling private tuition or educations activities- should be ensured

(v)Monitor whether the expected improvement in learning as said by the Centre for Academic Activities is achieved. The absence of teachers and students be noted. Action be taken to fill leave vacancies for a period of less than a year from the empanelled list of teachers prepared by local self government departments on daily wage basis.

(vi)School admission and continuous attendance of the children of that area should be ensured to avoid the complete ‘drop-out’ of children. Students who is absent for 15 days continuously should be included in the drop out register and steps be taken to rectify the factors leading to the drop out of the child and bring him/her back to school.

(vii)Monitoring be done in the above said matters and laws and standard specified in Kerala Education Act and Rules for the conduct of activities in all sections of the school.

(viii)Any deviation in rights of children especially mental or physical harassment, denying admission, any aids available free of cost being not given on time etc be taken to the notice of the Local Self Government Departments.

(ix)Need based Action Plan be prepared

(x)Arrange additional coaching classes for children who need special care, and compensatory classes for children who gets late admission or who lag behind in studies. Also make it sure whether class PTA and Mother PTA etc are conducted.

(xi)Physically disabled children’s admission, the facilities needed for them, their role in primary education and whether they complete their course of study – should be supervised.

(xii)Monitor the noon – meal programme

(xiii)Coordinate the particulars and the cooperation from the authorized centres, the public, and other agencies for the best means and resources to be provided to enable the curricular and co-curricular activities.

(xiv)Prepare an annual account statement of income and expenditure of the fund of the committee for school.

(xv)To execute the duties assigned as per this Act, any amount received by the committee should be with the joint account of the committee chairman and convener and it should be audited every year by a chartered accountant fixed by the committee. In the annual meet, the audit report along with the account should be produced. It should be counter signed by the committee chairman or the head chairman and the convener to be produced before the Assistant Educational officer within a month.

(xvi)Within two months after meeting such expenses or in two months in the financial year- which comes first, Utilization certificate of funds received by the School Management Committee must be submitted to the allotted centre of fund authority.

Preparation of School Development Plan
(1) In 2 months after the formation of School Management Committee, a School Development Plan should be prepared,

(2) It should be a 3 year plan comprising 3 separate annual sub plans.

(3) It should have the details given below –

(a) Estimate of class wise admission for each year.

(b) Basic amenities including building, laboratory, library, toilets, drinking water, wooden furniture, instruments, play ground etc.

(c) The preparation of master plan should include the future needs of the school, student friendly, eco friendly construction –concepts etc. An expert’s opinion or service can be availed of.

(d) As per the guidelines referred above in this list &the Kerala Education Act rules more physical needs of the basic resources and instruments, mainly laboratory, information and communication technology, library, sports and games be prepared.

(e) Expenses for special coaching facilities for the late admission students, separate evaluation of needs of each section on age basis, free text books, uniform, travel concessions, free accommodation etc and any more needs to be satisfied under this Act including above said part (d) related financial needs.

(f) As per the calculations done according to the law stated in this list, total number of teachers needed for classes 1-5 and 6-8, each subject teachers, part time teachers, head master etc.
School Development Plan should be counter signed by the School Management Committee chair person or vice chair person and convener. Within one month after the approval of the committee, it should be submitted to the Assistant Eductional Officer and Centre for Local Authorities.
Guidelines for the Formation of School Management Committee(SMC) in Schools[PDF]. Circular dtd 20.06.2012
School management committee amendment Circular No H1.38613-2012 DPI dtd 27-09-2012
School Management Development Committee. GO(MS) No. 1/2014/G.Edn dtd 01-01-2014

Plus One Improvement Exam July 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key

Monday, August 7, 2017 / 203 Comments
Higher Secondary First year improvement examination has started on 27th of July 2017. The valuation of answer scripts of Plus One improvement exam will be held in all districts in the state in 2 phases so that the regular classes in schools will not be affected. The first phase of valuation camps will begin from 8th of August 2017. The subjects that come under the first spell are – English, Physics, Chemistry, Political Science, Accountancy etc. It has been planned to start the second spell of the Valuation camps of Plus One Improvement Exam in the third week of August. The other subjects – Mathematics, History, Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science / Computer Application, Botany and Zoology will be in this phase. Most probably, it may be from 16 th of August.

With a motto of strengthening knowledge and curriculum development to ensure quality education, the improvement exam is being conducted in the first term of the academic year. It may also enable the students to get rid of their fear and anxiety over exam. Moreover they can concentrate more on their second year portions further.

The results of the Plus one improvement exam being held in July 2017 are expected to be published in the first week of September 2017.

The students don’t have a clear idea on which one of the two marks obtained in public exam conducted in March or in improvement exam will be considered to be their score in the particular subject provided they score lesser marks in improvement exam than that of the March exam. They needn’t be tensed over this because the better of the two (the higher score of the two) only will be considered to be valid. If the score obtained in improvement exam is lesser, then the score obtained in March exam will be the marks, the student got in the particular subject.

The questions and answer key of the Higher Secondary Plus one exam being held in July 2017 will be published here as and when it is made available. These PDF documents can be downloaded from the link.
First year (Plus One) Improvement Exam Question Paper & Answer Key July 2017
Biology Question Paper | Botany Answer Key | Zoology Answer Key
Economics Question Paper & Answer Key
Computer Application(Commerce) Question Paper & Answer Key
Computer Application(Humanities) Question Paper & Answer Key
Business Studies Question Paper & Answer Key
English Question Paper | Answer Key
Physics Question Paper | Answer Key
Chemistry Question Paper | Answer Key
Mathematics(Science) Question Paper | Answer Key
Mathematics(Commerce) Question Paper & Answer Key
Computer Science Question Paper | Answer Key
Accountancy(Computerised Accounting) Question Paper | Answer Key(CA) | AFS Qn & Answer Key
Political Science Question Paper | Answer Key
Sociology Question Paper and Answer Key
History Question Paper | Answer Key
Malayalam Question Paper | Answer Key
Hindi Question Paper | Answer Key
Geography Question Paper & Answer Key

Prof.Joseph Mundasserry Scholarship for Full A+ Holders

Thursday, August 3, 2017 / No Comments
Applications are invited for Prof.Joseph Mundasserry Scholarship Award from the students belonging to BPL group, studied in Kerala govt or aided institutions and who have scored A+ grade in all subjects in the SSLC/ Higher Secondary / VHSE exam of the academic year 2016-2017. Only the natives of Kerala, belonging to any of the minority religions like Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddah, Parsis, Jain etc are eligible to apply. In the absence of the sufficient BPL applicants, the students whose annual family income does not exceed Rs.6 lakh, will also be considered. It is granted in the ratio of 80:20 for Muslims and other minority groups respectively. 

Each eligible student would get Rs.10000/- as scholarship amount. Merit cum income limit would be the selection criteria. The applicants must be account holders of any branch of SBI. 

How to apply ?
1.Visit the site and click the link scholarships – Prof. Joseph Mundasserry (PJMS)
2.Click Apply online
3.Candidates already registered for other scholarships can have ‘Candidate login’ with those details.
4.After applying online, click view/print Application to take the print out of it.
5.The print out of the registration form should be submitted to the head of the institution of the student along with the documents given in the next section.

What documents do I need to submit with application ?
1. Applicant’s registration print out with photo pasted on it.
2. Copy of mark list of SSLC / PlusTwo/ VHSE.
3. Copy of the 1st page of pass book in the name of applicant ( should have Name, Account No, IFSC Code, Address etc)
4. Copy of Aadhar card or NPR card.
5. Copy of Ration card towards proof of BPL category.
6. Copy of Nativity certificate.
7. Copy of Community certificate or Minority certificate.
8. Income certificate (original) from village office.

To the attention of Heads of Institution
1. The submitted documents of the applicant be verified online by the head of the Institution / Teacher in charge of it.
2. A+ grade in all subjects be confirmed.
3. Approval of applications by the head of the institution after scrutiny
4. Income certificate should be attached with the application
5. All documents should be verified.
6. More attention should be paid in verifying the bank account details
7. Head of the institution should have verified all applications and accepted it before the due date

How to submit online accepted applications ?
Online accepted applications should be sent by post or handed over in person to the Directorate of Minority welfare before 20.09.2017 by the head of the institution. The postal address is given below
The Director, 
Directorate of Minority Welfare office,
4th floor, Vikas Bhavan, Trivandrum- 695033
(For more details contact – 0471 2302090, 2300524)

Dates to Remember
1. Last date to apply online: 31-08-2017
2. Submission of registration printout and other documents: 31-08-2017
3. Scrutiny of application and online approval: 15-09-2017
4. Submission of documents to Directorate of minority welfare: 20-09-2017.
To apply online, visit the following link
Prof.Joseph Mundassery Scholarship- Last date extended up to 31.08.2017-Circular
Prof.Joseph Mundassery Scholarship- Online Application Portal
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District Merit Scholarship for Full A+ Holders

Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window Admission

Monday, July 31, 2017 / 17 Comments
Update: School/Combination Transfer Allotment Results & Vacancy for Third Supplementary Allotment are Published.Admission dates 16th to 18th August 2017. Check your Transfer Result

Admission to Plus one classes in Govt and aided Higher Secondary Schools is done through Centralised Allotment Process called Single Window Admission(Ekajalakam). This allotment Process starts immediately after the publication of SSLC/10th standard results. Admission through this system is to procure the merit seats in Govt and aided Higher secondary schools. This is an endeavour to clear the doubts regarding plus one admission that are likely to arise among the students and parents.
How to submit application for Single Window Admission to Plus One?
It is an online procedure. Applications can be submitted through HSCAP, the admission portal of DHSE. After online submission of application, print out documents along with Rs.25/- must be handed over in person in any Govt or Aided HSS in the district concerned. On receipt of application, an acknowledgement slip will be issued and it should be kept safely for further use/reference. Help file on submission of online application can be downloaded from the link.
Plus One Single Window(Ekajalakam) Online Application Portal
Help file on submission of application for Plus One single window admission
What is the eligibility criteria for plus one admission through Single Window System?
Students who have passed S.S.L.C or Equivalency Exam conducted by other Boards can apply for Single Window Admission. Students studied under CBSE syllabus must have gone through the CBSE Board exam. Those who appeared for exam conducted by the school they study are not eligible to apply in the first phase.
Format of Undertaking to be submitted by Parent of CBSE applicant in Stamped Paper
CBSE Bond Printer Software-Excel Utility
Is one application sufficient for all districts in Kerala?
It is not enough. Students seeking admission to Plus One in more than one district have to apply separately for each district. Such applicants can either send their application by post to the principal of the school selected by them or hand over in person. List of district centres is given below. Application fee can be remitted by DD or in person.
List of prescribed Schools to which Printout of Applications & Demand Draft to be send by online Applicant's Out of State/ District
Should a student submit more than one application in one district?
Students are advised not to submit more than one application at any cost for admission to merit seats in one district.
What are the documents to be attached along with the print out of application?
If a student claims any other considerations not mentioned in the mark sheet, self attested copies of such certificates should be submitted along with the application.
Can corrections be done in online submitted applications?
Yes. Corrections are possible. If the details given in the application are found to be unjust, the application will stand cancelled. Hence, the applicants had better confirm the details in the application in HSCAP admission portal. Click the link to know how to check application details. If corrections are to be done, necessary changes in written form must be submitted to the principal of school where the print out of application has already been given.
Form for application correction
How many combinations are there for Higher Secondary Course?
Three groups with 45 subject combinations are there for Higher Secondary Course. Before applying for Higher Secondary Course, students should make a note of subject combination of their choice and available school in an order of their precedence. There is no limit for number of options to be given for students. Click the link for subject combinations and district wise school/combination list.
Higher Secondary Course and Subject Combinations
District wise School list
School/Combination Draft Worksheet
What is the criteria for admission?
Eligibility of each student for admission is determined by WGPA(Weightage Grade Point Average). Weightage will be given to certain subjects of the qualifying examination according to the subject combination selected by the student.
To know how WGPA is calculated click the link.
Online WGPA Calculator
Offline WGPA Calculator
How the bonus points, if any, are granted in rank list preparation for admission?
Bonus points are granted as per the list given below.
Why is there a Trial allotment?
In trial allotment, rank wise school and combination options of the students applied for Single Window Admission will be published. It is for enabling the student applicants to make final scrutiny and corrections as well. Even at this stage, the applicants can make corrections in school and combination options selected by them. There will not be any more chances hereafter. After making the necessary amendments, applications should be handed over in the same school (where they gave it early).
Main Allotment Process
Main Allotment Process consists of two allotments. If the student gets allotment of his first option, he ought to confirm his admission by remitting the fee. Else he should get temporary admission and need not pay fee at this stage. When the main allotment process closes, students who have sought temporary admission should confirm it by remitting the fee. Even after getting allotment, if he does not confirm his admission in the stipulated time, he will not be considered in the further allotment process. It may lead to losing the opportunity itself. For more information, read the prospectus.
Allotment Result
Check Your Second Allotment Result
Supplementary allotment Process
Closure of the main allotment process is followed by supplementary allotment and school combination transfer allotment. Students are advised to check the admission portal regularly to alert themselves of the notifications, and latest info related to admission etc.
Supplementary Allotment Admission-Check Your Allotment Result
Plus One Single Window Admission Schedule
Higher Secondary Single Window Admission Schedule for the present year is as given below. Schedules are subject to change any time. For all latest directions regarding Plus one Higher Secondary Admissions please visit the official portal.

Commencement of online submission of Applications: 08-05-2017
Closing of Online Submission of Application: 06-05-2017
Publication of Trial Allotment:12-06-2017
Publication of First Allotment:19-06-2017

Publication of Second Allotment:27-06-2017
Commencement of Classes: 29-06-2017
Sports Allotment Process
Sports allotment details are given below. 
Step 1: Fill and submit the Sports Registration form at the web portal of Sports Council.
Step 2: Print the Registration Slip from Sports Council web Portal.
Step 3: Visit District Sports Council Office Along with Slip and Originals of all Documents to Prove the Achievements.
Step 4: Submit Application for Sports Quota at HSCAP Admission Portal.

Plus One Sports Quota Admission
Sports Quota Special Allotment Result
How to Register Sports Achievements in Sports Council Portal-Help File
Higher Secondary Plus One Single Sports Quota Admission-Sports Council Portal for Sports Achievement Registration
Higher Secondary Plus One Single Sports Quota Admission-HSCAP portal
Admission procedure in detail is given in the prospectus. Students seeking admission to Higher Secondary Course through Single Window System must go through it. The requisite information regarding Higher Secondary Single Window Admission for schools and students can be downloaded from the link below. Single Window Admission procedure doubts can be forwarded as comments.
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Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window (Ekajalakam) Admission-Frequently Asked Questions(PDF)
Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window (Ekajalakam) Admission Prospectus 2017-18
How to fill Single Window Online Application-Help file
Instructions for Students
Instructions for Help Desk
Higher Secondary Single Window Admission Fee Structure
Higher Secondary Course Cancellation Procedure
Single Window Software Tools
Focus Point(Ms-Access) Software tool for Admission Assistance
HSS School Code & Courses Finder (For students, Parents & Help desk in Schools)- Ms-Excel Software tool for Admission Assistance
Offline WGPA Calculator | Online WGPA Calculator
CBSE Bond Printer Software-Excel Utility
Admission Log Book Tool | Help
TC Software for Single Window School Transfer
Single Window Admission Portal
Higher Secondary Single Window Admission Portal -HSCAP
Higher Secondary Single Window Admission Schedule 2017-18