Plus One/Plus Two Malayalam(Optional) Notes by Soya V T

In the Kerala Higher Secondary Course, students are provided with 46 subject combinations, spanning across Science, Humanities, and Commerce disciplines. Among these combinations, some include Malayalam as an optional subject(Part III) alongside the mandatory Malayalam language courses.

Malayalam part 3 optional

However, finding perfect and comprehensive study materials for the Malayalam Optional Subject has been a challenge. To address this gap, Mrs. Soya V T, an experienced HSST Malayalam teacher at Government HSS, Vadanamkurissi, Palakkad has meticulously prepared study notes for both Higher Secondary First and Second Year Malayalam Optional Subjects.

Board DHSE Kerala
Text Book SCERT
Class Plus One(Class 11)/Plus Two(Class 12)
Subject Malayalam(Part III Optional)
Study Notes
Prepared By
Smt. Soya V T, HSST Malayalam, Govt HSS, Vadanamkurissi

Benefits of the Study Notes:

Mrs. Soya's extensive experience in teaching Malayalam at the higher secondary level uniquely positions her to create study materials that cater to the specific needs of students. These study notes offer several advantages:

1. Comprehensive Coverage:

The study notes cover the entire syllabus prescribed for the Higher Secondary Malayalam Optional Subject, ensuring that students have access to all relevant topics and concepts.

2. Clarity and Conciseness:

The notes are presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easier for students to grasp complex ideas and principles in Malayalam literature and language.

3. Structured Approach:

Each topic is organized systematically, facilitating a structured learning experience for students and enabling them to progress through the material in a logical sequence.

4. Exam-Oriented Content:

The study notes are designed with a focus on helping students prepare effectively for their examinations. Key points, summaries, and practice questions are included to aid in revision and assessment.

5. Teacher's Insights:

Mrs. Soya's insights and tips based on her teaching experience are interspersed throughout the notes, providing valuable guidance to students on how to approach different aspects of the subject.

Plus Two Malayalam(Part III Optional) Notes:

To access the Higher Secondary Second Year Malayalam Optional notes prepared by Mrs. Soya V T in PDF format, please click the following link:
XII Malayalam(Optional) Unit I
1. Unit 1 Praveshakam
2. Unit 1 Lesson 1
3. Unit 1 Lesson 2
4. Unit 1 Lesson 3
5. Unit 1 Lesson 4
XII Malayalam(Optional) Unit II
Malayalam Nadaka Prasthanam(Introduction)
1. Unit 2 Lesson 1
2. Unit 2 Lesson 2
3. Unit 2 Lesson 3
4. Unit 2 Lesson 4
XII Malayalam(Optional) Unit III
Unit III Introduction
1. Unit 3 Lesson 1
2. Unit 3 Lesson 2
3. Unit 3 Lesson 3
4. Unit 3 Lesson 4
XII Malayalam(Optional) Unit IV
1. Unit 4 Lesson 1
2. Unit 4 Lesson 2
3. Unit 4 Lesson 3
XII Malayalam(Optional) Unit V
1. Unit 5 Lesson 1
2. Unit 5 Lesson 2
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XII Malayalam(Optional) Text Book PDF

With Mrs. Soya's expertise and dedication, these study notes serve as a valuable resource for students undertaking the Higher Secondary Malayalam Optional Subject. By leveraging these notes, students can enhance their understanding of Malayalam literature and language, ultimately empowering them to excel in their academic pursuits.

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