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Kerala PSC Exam Manager Software & Guidelines

Friday, October 11, 2019 / 19 Comments
A free Software developed by T.M.S Noufal, Govt HSS, Thirurangadi, Malappuram,Afsal K, Govt HSS,Sivapuram,Kozhikkode and Mujeeb Rahiman C, Govt HSS, Marayamangalam, Palakkad for school offices for conducting Kerala PSC Exams . It generates automatic Seating arrangement reports, Acquittance, Notice Board Preparations, Room label, Desk label, Attendance, Voucher and other forms. We request you to make use of this software products and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of these free products.
PSC Exam Manager by Mujeeb Rahiman
PSC Examination Manager Ver 21.06.01 for Schools by Mujeeb Rahiman (Ms-Access, Last updated on 21.06.2021)
PSC Exam Manager by T.M.S Noufal
PSC Examination Manager for Schools Ver 2.1 by T.M.S Noufal (Ms-Excel,Last updated on 17.04.2021)
PSC Exam Manager by Afsal.K
PSC Desk Label Printer by Afsal.K (Ms-Access)
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Kerala PSC Exam : Utility Charge for Schools. Guidelines. Circular dtd 05-10-2020
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Kerala PSC Exam : Instructions to Chief Superintendent
Kerala PSC Exam : Instructions to Assistant Superintendent
Kerala PSC Exam : Guidelines to HSS Schools G.O No. 2647/2012/ Gen.Edn dtd 08.06.12
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Malayalam Typing Competition of Kerala School IT Mela- Software and Guidelines

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 / 3 Comments
The Malayalam typing competition of School IT fair 2019 will have certain innovative things. Till this day, only the typing speed was tested. But from this year, layouting will also become a part of the competition for the High School And Higher Secondary sections. The modified software prepared for this can be downloaded from the link below. Those who complete 60 percentage of the given paragraph at the least, need only participate in the next phase, layout. The section to be included for the competition will be typed in Malayalam and kept in the typespeed.txt file in Data folder. 

For a new paragaraph, this needs to be changed. Save the file from the link below and extract it. In the folder available, right click the file and give permission and double click and Enter 'Run in Terminal'. Then the window below would be available. Give name, register number and password (give pass as password) and press ok. 

The section to be typed will be available in the box above. Typing be done in the box below. After entering password, do remember to change the language to Malayalam. If typed incorrectly it will not
be possible to go forward. Thus typing be completed within the time specified as it can't be done if the time exceeds and 'Your Time is over' message in the box will be seen. Final CPM (character per minute ), Accuracy, WPM (words per minute), percentage completed extra would be available. If 'OK' is clicked in the window, an Odt file with register number will be saved on the desktop which is used for layout in the next phase. If clicked in the order as File -> Export score, this result will be exported in the Home folder and would be available as a CSV file. The necessary images/pictures can be added for 'lay out' competition. 

The duration for the 1st phase typing is 15 minutes. The students can be selected with the help of the software for the next level. It is also of 15 minutes duration. Once these two levels are completed, the winner can be selected. 

The method adopted for imprinting Halants (chillaksharam) early is not used now. 

The conduct of the competition and participation in it here be done with atomic halants (aanavachillukal ). While doing Malayalam typewriting in new Ubuntu 18.04 how to use aanavachillukal to type chillaksharangal is given below.
Malayalam Typing Software for IT Mela(Kerala School Sasthramela)
Help file - Malayalam Typing Software for IT Mela(Kerala School Sasthramela)
School Sasthramela Manual & Guidelines

Progress Report Creator

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 / 32 Comments
Teachers spend their precious time by preparing the progress report manually, doing all the calculation such as grades, percentages for each and every student which is very tedious and time consuming. The Progress Report Creator Software automatically generates Progress report, CE report ,Class PTA report and gives consolidated reports of score after each term exam , and can be kept as a record (Mark Register). It also simplifies the process of tracking the students' progress. We request you to make use of these software products and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of these free products.
Progress Report Creator
Progress Reporter Prepared by Ramesh Tirur(Excel Software)
Proper More Ver 2.0 Software for HSS by Rajesh K S(Last updated on 09.01.2020) | Help File
Progress Report Generator Software for Higher Secondary by Alrahiman
Score Reporter 7.0 by Sijuraj N
Mark list Generator 8.2 by Ajith Kanthi(Last updated on 02.01.2019)
Progress Card Maker by Bibin C. Jacob
Progress Card Maker(Ubuntu/Linux Version) by Bibin C. Jacob
Progress Report Creator for High School & UP Section
Mark list Generator for HS&UP by Ajith P P
Proper for VHSE by Rajesh K(Last updated on 10.09.2018)
Proper for High School(Last updated on 09.01.2020)

TC and Conduct Certificate Builder

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 / 2 Comments
TC&CC Writer software products developed by Rajesh K, HSST, Govt HSS Naduvannoor, Kozhikkodu, Alrahiman,HSST,Govt Girls HSS,B.P Angadi, Tirur, Ajit John are extremely simple to use and help you to print Transfer and Conduct Certificates. This software can be used to generate Transfer Certificate(TC) for the Higher Secondary Students who are completing plus two Course in March 2019. We request you to make use of this software product and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of this free products.
Transfer & Conduct Certificate Builder 2019-Alrahiman
HSE TC Generator-2019 by Alrahiman
Transfer & Conduct Certificate Builder 2019-Rajesh
TC & CC Writer 2019 Ver 1.0 Software By Rajesh.K (Last updated on 09.06.2019)

ICT Training for Higher Secondary Teachers

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 / 1 Comment
As part of General Education Protection Mission, it has been decided to impart various training programmes on ICT enabled teaching – learning process to all the teachers and students in our state. With regard to this, 4 days training programme on ICT based educational process, resource preparation, introducing Samagra online portal etc to all the Higher Secondary teachers in the state has been planned.

ICT Training in Vacation

It is mandatory for all the Higher Secondary teachers to participate in the ICT training in the vacation. This training programme is arranged in such a way that various subjects are conjoined and common modules are prepared. The list of several subject groups with subjects included in each group are given below. Teachers should participate in the training programme in the groups with their subjects only.

ICT Training Schedule

Vacational ICT training will be completed in the month of May. The training hours will be from 9.30 in the morning to 4.30 in the evening. The participating teachers would be eligible to get Rs.125/- per day towards honorarium. Each batch would consist of 30 teachers. Teachers can opt their district, training centres and batch according to their convenience. Priority will be to those who register first. Teachers should participate compulsorily in the batch that they have registered.
ICT Training schedule as directed by KITE (it@school) is given below.

Spell 1 – from 13th May to 16th May
Spell 2 – from 17th May to 21st May
Spell 3 – from 22nd May to 25th May
Spell 4 – from 27th May to 30th May

The given time schedule is tentative.

Subject Group for HSS ICT Training

12 subject groups are available for Higher Secondary ICT Training.

Online Registration for ICT Training

(Watch this video How to register for ICT Training)

To enter the details of the teachers participating in the ICT training programme, log in to ‘Training Management System’ prepared by KITE.

Step 1: Select ‘Training Management’ option from Service menu in KITE portal. Type user name and password to log in. The school details can be seen now.

Step 2: Select the menu ‘ICT Registration’ from the menu.

All teachers of a school would be listed here. ‘Edit’ button is there, against the name of each teacher. While the ‘edit’ button is clicked, the teachers’ details can be seen on the window.

Step 3: To complete the registration process, give bank details, IFSC code etc. As soon as the details are entered, branch name of the bank would be displayed. Then enter the bank account number. Choose HSST for category. 11 subject groups are seen in the subject options. Select your subject group from this.

ICT Training details shall be given now. First, select the district. You can have your choice of any district here. The training centres for subject concerned, in the district chosen will be displayed. After selecting the centre, you can select the batch. Then click ‘update’ and save.

Updates and resources in connection with the Higher Secondary training will be shared here as and when it is made available.
ICT Training for Higher Secondary Teachers 2019
ICT Training 2019-Registration. DHSE circular dtd 04.04.2019
ICT Training 2019-circular dtd 29.03.2019
ICT Training 2019-DPI circular dtd 28.03.2019
ICT Training for Higher Secondary Teachers
KITE Training Management System 2019-Online Portal
KITE Training Management System-User Manual
KITE Training Management System-Video Help
Samagra Portal Registration-User Guide
ICT Training Materials for Higher Secondary Teachers
Ubuntu 18.04.1 64 bit Software Download(ISO Image)
Ubuntu 18.04.1 64 bit Installation Help File
Ubuntu 14.04 Software Download(ISO Image)
Ubuntu 14.04 Installation Help File
Ubuntu Installation Troubleshooting Help-1
Ubuntu Installation Troubleshooting Help-2
Ubuntu Bootable Live USB Creation
Ubuntu Bootable CD Creation
ICT Training - Notes for Teachers
ICT Software Help
Open Shot Video Editor
Libre Office Impress
Scratch & Audacity
Hot Potato
Screen Capturing

Smart Gadgets for Teachers in Hi-tech Schools

Saturday, July 21, 2018 / 10 Comments
As the classrooms are elevated to meet the requirements of the novel/hi-tech methods of study, study activities and transaction methods have also been made attractive, inspirational and potential through its digital technology of education. The teachers also have made themselves updated with the changes to implement these new transaction methods successfully in classrooms through ICT training programmes imparted by the DHSE. 

The teacher community is now ready to use various software tools like laptop, projector and make the pedagogical process more attractive by judicial mixing of these. How some gadgets can be used effectively for the active learning process by the teachers, is introduced here.

1.Wifi Display Dongle (Chromecast) 

This dongle can be used to display the information or files saved in mobile/tablet on the projector /TV by using wifi technology. This device is handy to use and can be connected with the HDMI slot in the class room. 
Then set wifi on, in mobile. In android mobiles, while select settings->more, activate the options shown – play to/mirror/cast. Now select the wifi dongle from the list. Thus the mobile screen would be displayed by the projector. Rotate the screen to change into full screen mode.
With the help of this wifi display dongle device, Impress/power point slides, video Audio files, internet, you tube, Samagra files etc stored in mobile/tablet can be projected to the full screen and it does not require wired connection to HDMI port, lap top or mouse. Moreover, the same device can be connected with the mobile or TV and the files stored can be seen enlarged on the TV screen.

Where to Get?

This wifi display dongle is available in various online websites in different names as Chromecast, miracast etc. The wifi display dongle available in amazon is given below.

2.Portable Speaker and Mic

The portable mic and speaker suitable for teachers to use in class rooms is introduced here. This chargeable mic and speaker becomes a boon when there are continuous lecture classes. This device mostly seen among the teachers, is given below.

3.Bluetooth Speaker

To listen to the media files that can be played from mobile/lap top/tablet, the blue tooth speaker can be used and its portability is its merit.

4.Wireless presenter with laser pointer

Wireless presenter with laser pointer is a gadget used especially to control presentation done in Impress/power point slides. It is a remote device. With this device, slide show can be controlled up to 15 meters of distance. Besides, the main points can be highlighted with this laser device. To see and buy such devices, click the link below.

5. External hard disk

The teachers have to store files like study materials, study notes, resource files safely. The pen drives have limited storage capacity. There are constraints when such files are stored in lap tops for general use. Hence, to avoid this difficulty, external hard disks can be used.
This post mainly aims at introducing the new gadgets that can be used by teachers for an interesting as well as effective class room transaction in the changing era. So it is the sole responsibility or discretion of the teachers to check its merits,after sale service, warranty etc.

How to Register in Samagra Portal?

Saturday, April 28, 2018 / 1 Comment
As part of the General Education Protection Mission of the Govt of Kerala, all the educational institutions in the state are becoming Hi-tech schools and the class rooms elevated to smart class rooms. While the class rooms shaped into a hi-tech level become functional, it would be well-equipped along with necessary facilities so that the lessons can be transacted effectively through those technical educational aids. Moreover, the text books in the future, would have units with ICT referred resources or units prepared with the aid of Information and Communication Technology.

The teachers and the students of the upcoming generation will have the optimum use of educational technology for class room transactions irrespective of arts or science subject. Such innovations in the educational process would demand the teachers and the learners of the digital resources for effective teaching and learning process. This demands a common platform for teachers to present in a consistent and constructive manner before the students and to share among the teachers also.

To meet such requirements and to satisfy the needs, IT@School(KITE), under the supervision of SCERT, has prepared an e-resource management portal called Samagra.

How to Register in Samagra Portal?

Step 1: Type on the address bar using any of the web browser.
Step 2: Here you can see this window. As marked in this illustration, click ‘sign-up

Step 3: After entering all the details, click ‘sign-up

NB: Spaces are not allowed in the user name.
Step 4: The message as given below in the illustration would appear, once the registration is done successfully.

If the registration is over, you should contact your District IT coordinator/Principal/School IT coordinator to approve your application. Only after the approval of your application, you will be able to proceed further. It is the duty of the IT coordinator/Principal to approve the teachers who have done ‘sign up’ in Samagra. As soon as the the teachers register in Samagra, they should approve them without any delay.

Step 5: If your application is approved by the higher level authority, enter username and password to log in. 
After successful log in, the window below would appear.

Step 6: Let us get familiar with the menu below.
Here classes from 1-12 are available. The information about necessary classes can be collected from here.

Step 7: Three types of plans are available in ‘Planning’ menu. You can select according to your need.

Step 8: Your Samagra account related things can be set in ‘Accounts’ menu. There is a facility for changing password, signing out from account etc.
Step 9: If you forget password, you can restore your pass word by using the ‘Forgot Password’ menu as in the picture.
Step 10: The window as shown in the picture below can be seen while you click ‘forgot password’ menu. Click ‘get by SMS’ after entering the already registered mail id. You will get a SMS to your mobile. To log in, use the user id and pass word sent by SMS. But, user id can’t be changed.

Samagra Registration-Video Tutorial

Watch the video further down this page to see "How to Register in Samagra Portal?"
PDF Help files and circulars can be downloaded from the link below.
How to Register in Samagra Portal?[PDF Tutorial]
Samagra User Guide[PDF]
Samagra Teacher plan editing and submission-user guide

Terminal Exam Management Software for Higher Secondary Schools

Monday, November 6, 2017 / 14 Comments
To simplify the office work in Higher secondary schools, several free software tools have been published through the Hsslive blog . It gives immense pleasure to hear that such tools are much useful to accomplish the office work successfully. For the smooth conduct of examination in Higher Secondary Schools, the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE) publishes HSEManager software ahead of each exam. Clerical works related to the exams such as Seating layout and Invigilation duty can be done easily by using the HSEManager software. But at the same time, HSEManager help is not available for the conduct of Terminal examinations.

Exam Manager by Sajan Mathew, St.Marys HSS, Kaliyar, Sri. Mujeeb Rahiman , HSST Commerce, Govt HSS, Kadungapuram, Malappuram, Sri. Rajesh K, Govt HSS,Naduvannoor, Sri Bibin C Jacob, Brothers HSS, Mavandiyur and Ramesh Tirur are introduced here.  This software tools enables to complete all works related to Terminal exam in Higher secondary schools with a touch of a few mouse clicks. 

The prominent feature of this software prepared for the terminal exam is that it requires limited data entry only. If the school code is selected, the details of the teachers of that institution will be available. Many reports can be made available by selecting the present batch in school. The necessary things like Invigilation duty for each room, seating Lay out and Desk label are available.

This software is simple to use and helps to prepare and print
1. Seating Layout
2. Seating Label
3. Room Label
4. Notice Board
5. Question Paper Count
6. Invigilation Duty
7. Teacher Attendance
8. Teacher Duty Slip
9. Student Attendance with Name
10. Absentees List
11. Exam Time Table
12. Staff List
13. Second Language Count
14. Mark List with Student Name
15. Question Paper Indent
16. Student Progress Report
17. Class wise Consolidated Mark sheet
18. Class PTA Attendance etc……

The softwares , hss clerk and PSC manager etc. created by Sri.Mujeeb Rahman, have been published previously. The HSS Terminal Exam Manager can be downloaded from the link given below. To run this software, MS Access 2007, which runs on the windows operating system is necessary.
Terminal Exam Software by Sajan Mathew
HSS Terminal Exam Manager for Higher Secondary Schools by Sajan Mathew
Terminal Exam Software by Mujeeb Rahman
HSS Terminal Exam Manager for Higher Secondary Schools Ver 21.1.2 by Mujeeb Rahman(Last updated on 01.03.2021)
HSS Terminal Exam Manager Software for Higher Secondary Schools-Help File
Terminal Exam Software by Rajesh K
HSS Terminal Exam Manager for Higher Secondary Schools By Rajesh K(Last updated on 23.01.2019)
HSS Terminal Exam Manager for Higher Secondary Schools By Rajesh-Help File
Terminal Exam Software by Bibin C Jacob
HSS Terminal Exam Mark list creator by Bibin C Jacob
Terminal Exam Software by Ramesh Tirur
HSS Exam Planner by Ramesh Tirur(Last updated on 11-02-2021)