Malayalam Typing Competition of Kerala School IT Mela- Software and Guidelines

The Malayalam typing competition of School IT fair 2019 will have certain innovative things. Till this day, only the typing speed was tested. But from this year, layouting will also become a part of the competition for the High School And Higher Secondary sections. The modified software prepared for this can be downloaded from the link below. Those who complete 60 percentage of the given paragraph at the least, need only participate in the next phase, layout. The section to be included for the competition will be typed in Malayalam and kept in the typespeed.txt file in Data folder. 
For a new paragaraph, this needs to be changed. Save the file from the link below and extract it. In the folder available, right click the file and give permission and double click and Enter 'Run in Terminal'. Then the window below would be available. Give name, register number and password (give pass as password) and press ok. 

The section to be typed will be available in the box above. Typing be done in the box below. After entering password, do remember to change the language to Malayalam. If typed incorrectly it will not
be possible to go forward. Thus typing be completed within the time specified as it can't be done if the time exceeds and 'Your Time is over' message in the box will be seen. Final CPM (character per minute ), Accuracy, WPM (words per minute), percentage completed extra would be available. If 'OK' is clicked in the window, an Odt file with register number will be saved on the desktop which is used for layout in the next phase. If clicked in the order as File -> Export score, this result will be exported in the Home folder and would be available as a CSV file. The necessary images/pictures can be added for 'lay out' competition. 

The duration for the 1st phase typing is 15 minutes. The students can be selected with the help of the software for the next level. It is also of 15 minutes duration. Once these two levels are completed, the winner can be selected. 

The method adopted for imprinting Halants (chillaksharam) early is not used now. 

The conduct of the competition and participation in it here be done with atomic halants (aanavachillukal ). While doing Malayalam typewriting in new Ubuntu 18.04 how to use aanavachillukal to type chillaksharangal is given below.
Malayalam Typing Software for IT Mela(New Software)
Previous Downloads
Malayalam Typing Software for IT Mela(Kerala School Sasthramela)
Malayalam Typing-Revised Instructions dtd 28.09.2022
Help file - Malayalam Typing Software for IT Mela(Kerala School Sasthramela)
School Sasthramela Manual & Guidelines

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  1. Will you provide us the new software of pytypespeed using imprinting Halants (chillaksharam)

  2. How can we type malayalam vowels ൠ ഌ ൡ in ubuntu

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  4. How many words are there in malayalam typing

  5. How many words are there in malayalam typing


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