Smart Gadgets for Teachers in Hi-tech Schools

As the classrooms are elevated to meet the requirements of the novel/hi-tech methods of study, study activities and transaction methods have also been made attractive, inspirational and potential through its digital technology of education. The teachers also have made themselves updated with the changes to implement these new transaction methods successfully in classrooms through ICT training programmes imparted by the DHSE. 

The teacher community is now ready to use various software tools like laptop, projector and make the pedagogical process more attractive by judicial mixing of these. How some gadgets can be used effectively for the active learning process by the teachers, is introduced here.

1.Wifi Display Dongle (Chromecast) 

This dongle can be used to display the information or files saved in mobile/tablet on the projector /TV by using wifi technology. This device is handy to use and can be connected with the HDMI slot in the class room. 
Then set wifi on, in mobile. In android mobiles, while select settings->more, activate the options shown – play to/mirror/cast. Now select the wifi dongle from the list. Thus the mobile screen would be displayed by the projector. Rotate the screen to change into full screen mode.
With the help of this wifi display dongle device, Impress/power point slides, video Audio files, internet, you tube, Samagra files etc stored in mobile/tablet can be projected to the full screen and it does not require wired connection to HDMI port, lap top or mouse. Moreover, the same device can be connected with the mobile or TV and the files stored can be seen enlarged on the TV screen.

Where to Get?

This wifi display dongle is available in various online websites in different names as Chromecast, miracast etc. The wifi display dongle available in amazon is given below.

2.Portable Speaker and Mic

The portable mic and speaker suitable for teachers to use in class rooms is introduced here. This chargeable mic and speaker becomes a boon when there are continuous lecture classes. This device mostly seen among the teachers, is given below.

3.Bluetooth Speaker

To listen to the media files that can be played from mobile/lap top/tablet, the blue tooth speaker can be used and its portability is its merit.

4.Wireless presenter with laser pointer

Wireless presenter with laser pointer is a gadget used especially to control presentation done in Impress/power point slides. It is a remote device. With this device, slide show can be controlled up to 15 meters of distance. Besides, the main points can be highlighted with this laser device. To see and buy such devices, click the link below.

5. External hard disk

The teachers have to store files like study materials, study notes, resource files safely. The pen drives have limited storage capacity. There are constraints when such files are stored in lap tops for general use. Hence, to avoid this difficulty, external hard disks can be used.
This post mainly aims at introducing the new gadgets that can be used by teachers for an interesting as well as effective class room transaction in the changing era. So it is the sole responsibility or discretion of the teachers to check its merits,after sale service, warranty etc.

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