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Smart Gadgets for Teachers in Hi-tech Schools

Saturday, July 21, 2018 / 10 Comments
As the classrooms are elevated to meet the requirements of the novel/hi-tech methods of study, study activities and transaction methods have also been made attractive, inspirational and potential through its digital technology of education. The teachers also have made themselves updated with the changes to implement these new transaction methods successfully in classrooms through ICT training programmes imparted by the DHSE. 

The teacher community is now ready to use various software tools like laptop, projector and make the pedagogical process more attractive by judicial mixing of these. How some gadgets can be used effectively for the active learning process by the teachers, is introduced here.

1.Wifi Display Dongle (Chromecast) 

This dongle can be used to display the information or files saved in mobile/tablet on the projector /TV by using wifi technology. This device is handy to use and can be connected with the HDMI slot in the class room. 
Then set wifi on, in mobile. In android mobiles, while select settings->more, activate the options shown – play to/mirror/cast. Now select the wifi dongle from the list. Thus the mobile screen would be displayed by the projector. Rotate the screen to change into full screen mode.
With the help of this wifi display dongle device, Impress/power point slides, video Audio files, internet, you tube, Samagra files etc stored in mobile/tablet can be projected to the full screen and it does not require wired connection to HDMI port, lap top or mouse. Moreover, the same device can be connected with the mobile or TV and the files stored can be seen enlarged on the TV screen.

Where to Get?

This wifi display dongle is available in various online websites in different names as Chromecast, miracast etc. The wifi display dongle available in amazon is given below.

2.Portable Speaker and Mic

The portable mic and speaker suitable for teachers to use in class rooms is introduced here. This chargeable mic and speaker becomes a boon when there are continuous lecture classes. This device mostly seen among the teachers, is given below.

3.Bluetooth Speaker

To listen to the media files that can be played from mobile/lap top/tablet, the blue tooth speaker can be used and its portability is its merit.

4.Wireless presenter with laser pointer

Wireless presenter with laser pointer is a gadget used especially to control presentation done in Impress/power point slides. It is a remote device. With this device, slide show can be controlled up to 15 meters of distance. Besides, the main points can be highlighted with this laser device. To see and buy such devices, click the link below.

5. External hard disk

The teachers have to store files like study materials, study notes, resource files safely. The pen drives have limited storage capacity. There are constraints when such files are stored in lap tops for general use. Hence, to avoid this difficulty, external hard disks can be used.
This post mainly aims at introducing the new gadgets that can be used by teachers for an interesting as well as effective class room transaction in the changing era. So it is the sole responsibility or discretion of the teachers to check its merits,after sale service, warranty etc.

How to Register in Samagra Portal?

Saturday, April 28, 2018 / 1 Comment
As part of the General Education Protection Mission of the Govt of Kerala, all the educational institutions in the state are becoming Hi-tech schools and the class rooms elevated to smart class rooms. While the class rooms shaped into a hi-tech level become functional, it would be well-equipped along with necessary facilities so that the lessons can be transacted effectively through those technical educational aids. Moreover, the text books in the future, would have units with ICT referred resources or units prepared with the aid of Information and Communication Technology.

The teachers and the students of the upcoming generation will have the optimum use of educational technology for class room transactions irrespective of arts or science subject. Such innovations in the educational process would demand the teachers and the learners of the digital resources for effective teaching and learning process. This demands a common platform for teachers to present in a consistent and constructive manner before the students and to share among the teachers also.

To meet such requirements and to satisfy the needs, IT@School(KITE), under the supervision of SCERT, has prepared an e-resource management portal called Samagra.

How to Register in Samagra Portal?

Step 1: Type on the address bar using any of the web browser.
Step 2: Here you can see this window. As marked in this illustration, click ‘sign-up

Step 3: After entering all the details, click ‘sign-up

NB: Spaces are not allowed in the user name.
Step 4: The message as given below in the illustration would appear, once the registration is done successfully.

If the registration is over, you should contact your District IT coordinator/Principal/School IT coordinator to approve your application. Only after the approval of your application, you will be able to proceed further. It is the duty of the IT coordinator/Principal to approve the teachers who have done ‘sign up’ in Samagra. As soon as the the teachers register in Samagra, they should approve them without any delay.

Step 5: If your application is approved by the higher level authority, enter username and password to log in. 
After successful log in, the window below would appear.

Step 6: Let us get familiar with the menu below.
Here classes from 1-12 are available. The information about necessary classes can be collected from here.

Step 7: Three types of plans are available in ‘Planning’ menu. You can select according to your need.

Step 8: Your Samagra account related things can be set in ‘Accounts’ menu. There is a facility for changing password, signing out from account etc.
Step 9: If you forget password, you can restore your pass word by using the ‘Forgot Password’ menu as in the picture.
Step 10: The window as shown in the picture below can be seen while you click ‘forgot password’ menu. Click ‘get by SMS’ after entering the already registered mail id. You will get a SMS to your mobile. To log in, use the user id and pass word sent by SMS. But, user id can’t be changed.

Samagra Registration-Video Tutorial

Watch the video further down this page to see "How to Register in Samagra Portal?"
PDF Help files and circulars can be downloaded from the link below.
How to Register in Samagra Portal?[PDF Tutorial]
Samagra User Guide[PDF]
Samagra Teacher plan editing and submission-user guide

How to Prepare an Academic Master Plan?

Saturday, January 20, 2018 / 3 Comments
An Academic Master Plan is a record that explains the academic duties or activities to be undertaken after a proper plan on how an educational institution would be. It is a delineation of the plans and projects orchestrated for the upliftment of the institution according to the changing, novel educational perspectives to suit the future. It comprises three stages – views on educational institution, goals developed according to the views and changing needs of the future and action plans for the developed goals.

•The master plan would reflect the concepts related to the views of the institution.
•It would be an illustration of the techniques and steps to be followed for the accomplishment of the duties and responsibilities of the educational institution.
•It would indicate the path to academic development.
•It is a guideline based on which a decision can be taken on the different academic activities, significance of the technical education in the present scenario, academic orchestration, various splendid opportunities available for the students etc.
•It would state clearly the priorities an educational institution should have.
•It should act as a shovel for an integrated and wholesome development of an educational institution.

Thus, an Academic Master Plan should be inclusive of the prospects of an educational institution, academic aims, priorities, utilization of resources, action plans etc.

All educational institutions should prepare an individual academic master plan before 30th of January. Besides, time - bound action plan be readied to realize the aims and plans of the institution. For this, short term, intermediate and long term activities be classified and it should be included in the master plan along with the time period required for successful accomplishment of each activity as said below.

1. Short term action plan should be completed in 2 – 7 months.
Eg: activities like confirming that all students can read, communicate in Malayalam, English and Hindi as per the age growth of the child and developing science and mathematical aptitude etc.
2. Intermediate action plan should be completed in one year.
Eg: suitable projects like bio-diversity Park, pollution free campus, drug free campus, talent lab etc.
3. Long term activities require more than one year. Hence it should be completed between 2 and 3 years.
More details are given in the academic guidelines attached here.

Academic Master Plan prepared in such manner should be submitted for social discussion among all the institutions in Kerala on February 1st 2018. It should be presented before the group of people like – Parent Teacher Association, School Development Committee, representatives of Local Self Government, alumni association of students and teachers, educational experts of that region, social / cultural activists and the people of that locality. After the discussion, the copy of the modified Master Plan should be handed over to the Educational Officer of the section concerned.

What should be included in the Academic master plan?

1. Cover page
Name of educational institution, educational sub district, educational district, year etc should be included. Each educational institution should give a separate name for their Academic Master Plan.
2. Content page
3. Introduction
A plenary as well as brief general outline on the school should be given in the introduction. Total number of students, total number of staff including teachers, total number of class rooms / classes should be enlisted here. Moreover, the exam results and other achievements of the institution must be stated here. The major crisis faced by the institution, limitations etc. ought to be mentioned in this part.
4. Perspectives – it hints at how the institution would be in the future.
5. General aims / visions
The common things that are visualized or to be realized through General Education Protection Mission can be presented as general aims.
Different regions / areas to be intervened for the achievement of goals set can be delineated.
6. Academic activities
All types of academic activities should be documented here.
7. Description of action plan
All details of the activities to be implemented can be written here.
8. Summary

Government orders, circulars, related notifications for the preparation of the action plan can be downloaded from the link below.
Academic Master Plan- GO.No. 100/2018/Gen.Edn dtd 06.01.2018: Govt Order | Annexure
Academic Master Plan(Model-1)
Academic Master Plan(Model-2)
Related Downloads
Academic Master Plan Presentation File
Vision 100  Presentation File
Academic Master Plan -Article by Kaladharan Mash
Vision 100 -Article by Shuhaiba Thekkil
Academic Master Plan -Malayalam
Academic Master Plan -Hindi-English-SS
Academic Master Plan Computer Application/Science(Model-1)
Academic Master Plan Computer Application/Science(Model-2)

Hi-Tech School Project and Samagra Web Portal

Saturday, July 8, 2017 / No Comments
Hi-tech School Project is aimed at improving the academic activities and administrative works in the General Education sector in Kerala state. It@School has been assigned the task of achieving this. School IT coordinators has the responsibility of providing necessary technical guidance to the teachers.

Screen Setting and LCD Projector Mounting

The Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education(KITE) published a tutorial video for helping the school teachers for mounting the LCD Projector on the ceiling and the setting of screen.
Projector Settings
Projector Settings for Classroom

Hi-tech School Data Collection (Survey)

To implement this scheme in schools, details of facilities available have to be collected. Classrooms, lab facilities, hardware appliances etc come under this survey. For more information on how to fill data in online survey form, read the help file given below. July 15th is the last date for completing this process.
Hi-Tech School Data Collection
Hi-Tech School Data Collection and Survey Phase 3. Circular dtd 12.04.2018
Hi-Tech School Data Collection and Survey Circular and Guidelines
Hi-Tech School Data Collection and Survey Guidelines
Hi-Tech School Data Collection Web Portal Link

Several activities related to this are going on at school level for the successful implementation of Hi-Tech School project.

E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools

The government has published an order on a common criteria to be followed for the disposal of e-wastes in schools in our state. E-waste Management and Disposal is an online facility for this. Now, it is possible for schools to visit portal to upload their details. A detailed helpline and link to online portal is given below.
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools-General Instructions
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools- Govt Order GO(P) No. 1963/17/ Gen.Edn dtd 20.06.2017
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools-User Guide
E–Waste Management and Disposal in Schools-Web Portal

Samagra – E-Resource Content Management System

With the implementation of Hi-Tech School Project, the digital resources become a requisite for the teachers and the students for the empowerment of teaching – learning process. Samagra , the Resource Management Portal enables distributing and sharing this among the students in the class room. Going through the help file given below would assist to log into the Samagra portal and upload study materials.
Samagra – E-Resource Content Management System
Samagra – Approach Paper
Samagra – E-Resource Content Management System-Guidelines
Samagra – my plan-guidelines
Samagra – E-Resource Content Management System-Web Portal

Hi Tech School Project- Govt Orders & Circulars

Orders and circulars in connection with Hi-Tech School Project published by the Department of Education and It@School can be downloaded from the link.
Hi-Tech School Project-Agreement Paper
Hi-Tech School Project-Agreement Paper G.O(Rt)No.165/2018 G.Edn dated 10-01-2018
Hi-Tech School Project-Agreement Paper Circular from CEO,KITE
Hi-Tech School Project-Agreement Paper Format Model 1
Hi-Tech School Project-Agreement Paper Format Model 2
Hi-Tech School Project-Agreement Paper Format Model 3
Hi-Tech School Project-Govt Orders
Usage and maintenance of ICT equipment on vacation. Circular dtd 22.03.2019 | Video
Insurance coverage for Hi-tech school equipment. Circular dtd 27-02-2019
Hi-Tech school- HITC Training Module
KITE-Guidelines for Complaint Registration in Hi-Tech school Project Management System
Setting up of Hi-tech classrooms in heritage building.Circular No. KITE/2018/1515(27) dtd 18.04.2018
Hi-tech Class Room Networking guidelines.Circular No. KITE/2018/1571(2) dtd 28.03.2018
Hi-Tech School Project - Hi-tech Class Room Installation Guidelines-Video
Hi-Tech School Project - Hi-tech Class Room -Guidelines to Schools(Presentation File)
Hi-Tech School Project - Hi-tech Class Room Installation Guidelines
Hi-Tech School Project and ICT Hardware Equipment Specification Guidelines G.O(Rt)No.97/2018 G.Edn dated 06-01-2018
Hi-Tech School Project-Implementation Agency. GO(P) No.3390/16 Gen.Edn dtd 14.10.2016
Hi-Tech School Project-School Survey by It@School. GO(P) No.3732/16 Gen.Edn dtd 07.11.2016
Hi-Tech School Project-Participation of Individual Investments for Making Smart-Class Rooms. GO(Rt) No.69/2017 Gen.Edn dtd 13.01.2017
Hi-Tech School Project-Approach Paper(Draft)
Hi-Tech School Project-Implementation Guidelines
ICT Implementation Guidelines and Register formats
User Manual
Hi-Tech school- IT Equipment-Complaint registration user manual