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Higher Secondary Service Guide for Newly joined HSSTs

Saturday, July 17, 2021 / 3 Comments
higher secondary service guide 2021
This post aims at giving primary knowledge on service and salary matters in the initial period for teachers who enter afresh into this field as Higher Secondary School Teacher(HSSTs). There are many teachers who are not able to pay attention to their own service matters amidst their busy teaching schedule. There have been such cases that some newly appointed teachers had to be in charge of principal. Besides, the lack of office staff creates more intricacies in the Higher Secondary Section.

As per the govt order GO (p) No 391-2015 Fin dt 07-09-2015, various salary self – drawing posts were nullified and One office One DDO system came into existence. This is the significant change in the service / salary matters. The prominence of SDO code, SDO specimen card in treasury was done away with this consequently. The major works in the establishment wing was made easier with the generation of joining report, RTC, PSC verification proforma, Relieving Report etc. by the official web site which handles the joining and transfer matters of Higher Secondary school teachers.

Sri.Ramesan Kaarkot, HSST History, CHMKS GVHSS, Kottappuram, Kasargode has prepared a hand book on the service related matters to be done by a HSST entering into service, in a clear and detailed manner for this blog. It has two parts. It is published here with the hope that the HSST community in Kerala would recognize and take up the self-less hard work by Sri.Ramesan sir.

The E-Book "Higher Secondary Service Guide" presents the things to be done once only from the entry period into service to the declaration of probation, the service matters to be done in each period / month of a year after entry into service and various links of related posts published in Hsslive blog.
Higher Secondary Service Guide 2021(e-Book) for newly joined HSSTs by Rameshan Karkkot
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Higher Secondary Plus Two Certificate Correction. Apply Now !

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 / 2 Comments

The Higher Secondary schools in the state have started issuing the certificate for plus two students who have appeared for the public examination conducted in the month of March 2020. From this year, the certificate would have the different outlook with more details like name of the student, name of parent and date of birth etc. 

The guidelines for making correction in the Name of the student, Parents and Date of birth have been issued. The correction would be done based on the school records. 

How to Apply for Certificate Correction ? 

The application form published by the Higher Secondary Examination department should be filled with correct details under the supervision and the recommendation of the principal of the institution where the student has studied and it should be submitted to the secretary of the Examination wing of the Higher Secondary department. The address is given below. 

Joint Director(Exams)
O/o Director of General Education
Higher Secondary Wing
Housing Board Building 
Santhi Nagar

Application Fee

Fee for issuing new certificate Rs. 40, remitted to Treasury Head of account 0202-01-102-97-03(Other receipts). Those who get their corrected certificate in person, should produce a copy of id card too.

The documents to be attached for correction are - 

a) Original Higher Secondary Certificate
b) Attested copy of SSLC/10th Certificate
c) Original Chalan receipt of Treasury for Rs. 40
d) Self-addressed envelope with postage stamp worth Rs.42(if the certificate is sent by post)

It should be remembered that the corrections would be done based on the school records only. Click the link below to download the application form and guidelines.
Application for Higher Secondary Plus Two Certificate Correction

Registers to be Maintained at the Higher Secondary Exam Centre

Thursday, March 5, 2020 / 5 Comments
Conduct of Higher Secondary Examination, free of complaints is the duty of every exam Chief Superintendents. From the date of appointment to the closure of exams,it is the sole responsibility of each Superintendents,to conduct a fair examination. Along with this the Examination Supdts has to maintain certain registers. 

Till now we had a very vague idea about the registers to be maintained at the exam centres. But the Department of Higher Secondary Education has clearly mentioned the eight registers to be maintained at the examination centres,in the circular No.EX-II/3/24443/HSE/2017 dtd 30-01-2020 and Higher Secondary Exam Notification 2021. 

A sample of these registers in the PDF format is given here for downloading. On the basis of examination notification we prepared this sample format and any change in this format can be commented.
Higher Secondary Examination Registers in PDF Format(Prepared by Alrahiman)
1.Opening/Closing of safe containing Question Paper
2.Invigilation duty Register
3.Question Paper Account
4.Despatch of answer scripts and stamp account
5.Daily Report Book
6.Watchman duty Register
7.Answer book, additional sheets & Barcoded script account
8.Absentees entry register
Higher Secondary Examination Registers-circular
Higher Secondary Public Exam-Format of Registers kept in the school. Circular No.EX.II/01/14452/HSE/2019 dtd 30-01-2020
Higher Secondary Examination Notification & Time Table March 2021
Higher Secondary Exam-Software Tools
Temporary Student Identification-Temporary Hall Ticket(Software by Alrahiman)
Invigilation Planner-Assign Exam Duties within Minutes(Software by Alrahiman)

Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students

Thursday, November 14, 2019 / No Comments
The expenses towards study tour organized by the institutions will be incurred by the government for the schedule category students studying in Higher Secondary/Degree/Professional Degree courses. It comes under one of the welfare schemes implemented by the Schedule Caste Development Department. The students participated in the study tour should submit an application after the tour for the amount of expenses to be sanctioned. Only the students availing of e-grant benefits are eligible to apply for this.

What should be done by the students to avail of this benefit?
To become the beneficiaries of this scheme, the study tour participants of SC category should fill up the application form as given below and submit it to the head of the institution. After the completion of the trip only, the students will be able to apply to get this benefit. There won’t be any payment in advance. The scheme method is that the amount would be credited to the bank account of the students who submit application. For this, the applicants should give his/her e-grant account number in the application form. To download the application form, click the link below.

What should the Institution do?
While the institutions organize study tours as part of the course of study, the students belonging to the schedule caste category should be informed of the study tour benefits they are entitled to and it can be availed of only after the trip on submission of application form. After the trip, filled up application forms (given below) should be received from the SC category participants who are e-grant beneficiaries as well.

The places visited, amount spent etc should be separately attested by the head of the institution. The itinerary of the tour conducted must be attached here. All such applications received from the students should be submitted to the District Schedule Caste Development Office. Amount will be credited to the bank account of the students after scrutiny. The maximum amount for a SC category student participating in the study tour organized by his / her institution is Rs.4000/- which will be credited to the account. Application form and details are given below.
Application Form Download
Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students-Guidelines & Application form dtd 23.09.2019
Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students-Application form
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How to Cancel Higher Secondary Course and Exam Registration

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 / 14 Comments
Some of the Higher Secondary students have to cancel their exam or even the course itself due to various reasons or circumstances. If the first and second year students are willing, they can cancel their exam. Also, the first year students can cancel their course registration and can continue studying a new combination of subjects.
How to Cancel Higher Secondary Course Registration?
The students who would like to cancel the Higher Secondary course registered can submit an application for cancellation to the Higher Secondary Directorate, only through the principal of their present school of study. ( sample application is given below)
Application Form for Higher Secondary Course Cancellation
They should remit a chalan for Rs.150/- under the head of account of 0202-01-102-97 (3) other receipts, obtained from the treasury and the original chalan be attached with the application. It is mandatory to mention the subject combination to be cancelled in the application. The students registered for first year exam should enter their register number in the application. If the candidate has appeared for first year exam and obtained mark list, they should return their mark list and submit their exam cancellation certificate also.
How to Cancel Higher Secondary First/Second year Examination Registration?
Generally, the students do not have any right to cancel their First Year HSE exam. At the same time, students who are to cancel their Higher Secondary course itself, can cancel their First year exam registration. For this, they should submit an application along with their original first year score sheet and recommendation letter by the principal. If the student wants to cancel his second year exam, recommendation letter from the principal should accompany their application. It should be submitted before 31st of March of the same year.Sample application form is given below.
Application Form for Higher Secondary First/Second Year Examination Cancellation
Such students’ practical and theory exam marks will also be cancelled consequently. While they apply again for second year exam, they must appear for Practical Exam(PE) and Theory Exam(TE) also. But their CE score will be retained.
How to Cancel Higher Secondary Course and Exam Registration-Guidelines

Passport to Government Employees-Guidelines Revised

Saturday, May 13, 2017 / 12 Comments
The Government has reviewed the procedure, for issuing passport to government employees. It has been done with a view to avoid the difficulties and complications that may follow. The introduction of ‘Prior Intimation’ letter has made this process very simple. The Government employees applying for passport can give ‘Prior Intimation’ letter to the Controlling/ Administrative Authority under which he or she is working. It should be submitted in the format of ‘Annexure H (Earlier Annexure N)’. A copy of the same counter signed by the employer showing his approval should also be sent to the Passport Office along with their application. If any objections are there in issuing passport to the employee, the Controlling/ Administrative Authority may intimate it to the Passport Office. But the Passport Issuing Authority has the right to take the final decision. It should also be noted that, as per this procedure, passport will be issued only on pre-police verification basis.
Annexure H(Earlier Annexure N) for Prior Intimation
Apart from this revised procedure, the earlier method of issuance of Passport also exists. According to previous norms, the employer should get either NOC (No Objection Certificate) or Identity Certificate from the Controlling /Administrative Authority. NOC is issued in the format of ‘Annexure G(Earlier Annexure M)’ .While it is submitted to Passport Office by the employer, passport will be issued on post-police verification basis. 
Annexure G(Earlier Annexure M) for NOC
In the case of employers submitting Identity Certificate in the format of ‘Annexure A(Earlier Annexure B)’ accompanied by ‘Annexure-I’, there is no police verification for issue of passport.
Annexure A(Earlier Annexure B)
Annexure I
Above said revision in the procedure is for issuance of passport only. Obtaining prior permission for travelling abroad as per Conduct Rules remains unchanged.
Prior Intimation Letter - Gazatte Notification
Issuance of Ordinary Passport to Govt Servants-Circular dtd 26.05.2015
How to Apply for Passport-Guidelines
Online Portal for Passport Application-Passport Seva
Employees leaving the country for private purpose-Guidelines . Govt Order GO(P) No.233/08/Fin dtd 03.06.2008

Condonation of shortage of attendance for Higher Secondary Students

Saturday, February 11, 2017 / No Comments
A minimum of 75% attendance is compulsory for regular higher secondary students for appearing for First and Second year examinations. Those who fail to get minimum attendance shall apply for Condonation of attendance in the prescribed form. Government have issued guidelines regarding the condonation of shortage of attendance for the students in Higher Secondary Schools. Regional Deputy Director of Higher Secondary Education has power to condone shortage of attendance up to 50% and thereafter by Government. Click the below link for downloading Circular No. 578142/U3/2016/Gen.Edn  dtd 23.01.2017.
Condonation of shortage of attendance for Higher Secondary Students. Circular dtd 02.02.2018
Condonation of shortage of attendance for Higher Secondary Students. GO(P) No.578142/U3/2016/Gen.Edn dtd 30.11.2017
Condonation of shortage of attendance for Higher Secondary Students.Circular No. 578142/U3/2016/Gen.Edn  dtd 23.01.2017
Rules for Applying Condonation of shortage of attendance for Higher Secondary Students.
Application form for Condonation of shortage of attendance for Higher Secondary Students

Treasury Savings Bank(TSB) Account Application Builder

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 / 10 Comments
Update: The disbursal of salary trough TSB accounts on optional basis-sanctioned. Govt order G.O(P)No.53-2017-Fin dtd 22.04.2017 published. Download Now
It has been recommended to open an savings bank account in treasury to disburse salary of government employees entirely through treasury. Government servants should submit an application along with two photographs and ID proof (KYC) to open an SB account in treasury. As all the treasuries in our state are endowed with core banking facility,the salary credited to Treasury Savings Bank(TSB) account can be transferred to your bank account. The promoting software tool for the preparation of application to open Treasury Savings Bank account(TSB) developed by Sobhan.S, Commissionerate of Land Revenue, Trivandrum can be downloaded from the link below.
Treasury Savings Bank (TSB) Account Application & KYC Builder Ver 2019 by Sobhan.S
Treasury Savings Bank(TSB) Account Application(Blank Form)
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