Plus One Chemistry Quick Revision Notes

Revision Class Notes for Plus One Chemistry

Higher Secondary Plus One Chemistry Quick Revision notes prepared by Sri.Anil Kumar K.L, Govt HSS, Ashtamudi, Kollam, Smt.Sindhya Andrews,HSST Chemistry, St.Thomas HSS Engadiyoor and Sri.John Raphael, HSST Chemistry, St.Thomas College HSS, Thrissur published. This revision notes in English and Malayalam version covers all important concepts of the main topics given in the chapters. Hence, these are very useful to revise the whole syllabus in minutes. The quick revision notes for improvement exam are available for free download in PDF file format.

Plus One Chemistry Chapter List

As per SCERT/NCERT syllabus,the Higher Secondary First year Chemistry text book is divided into 14 chapters. They are:-

1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2. Atomic Structure
3. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
4. Chemical bonding and Molecular Structure
5. States of Matter
6. Thermodynamics
7. Equilibrium
8. Redox Reactions
9. Hydrogen
10. The s-block elements
11. The p-block elements
12. Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles
13. Hydrocarbons
14. Environmental Chemistry

This Higher Secondary Plus one Chemistry Revision Notes will help you get the best possible results in your examination. Sample questions and answers are provided for each topic. Use them to review and practice your exam skills.
Plus One Chemistry Quick Revision Notes by Anil Kumar K.L(English Version)
Plus One Chemistry Quick Revision Notes by Sindhya Andrews and John Raphael(Malayalam Version)
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Higher Secondary First Year(Plus One) short notes for chemistry prepared by our Team can be downloaded free for study purpose by the students. Linking/uploading this file with other sites except and commercial use of this are strictly prohibited. Prior permission has to be sought from for such things.

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