Plus One/Plus Two Mathematics Previous Questions(2006-2015)

Previous Question papers are a great way to revise and prepare for Higher secondary exams. This way you can find out what you already know and what you don't know. They also help you manage your time better and be familiar with the method and pattern used in the public exam. Chapter wise previous questions of Higher Secondary Plus One and Plus Two Mathematics(2006 to 2015), prepared by Ramesh published. Sri Ramesh has also published 'Formula Master' a guide with formulas and short cut formulas to enhance students preparing for competitive exams. Click on the below link to start downloading.
Downloads /XII Maths
XII Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 1) 
XII Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 2) 
XII Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 3) 
XII Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 5) 
XII Mathematics -Applications of Derivatives (Chapter 6) 
XII Mathematics -Definite and Definite Integrals(Chapter 7) 
XII Mathematics -Application of Integrals(Chapter 8) 
XII Mathematics -Vector Algebra(Chapter 10) 
XII Mathematics -Probability(Chapter 13) 
XII Mathematics Question Bank will be updated on receipt..
Downloads /XI Maths
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 1)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 2)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 3)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 4)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 5)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 6 INEQUALITIES)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 7 PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 8 Binomial Theorem)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 9 Sequence and Series)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 10 Straight Lines-Updated)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 11 Conic Sections)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 12 Three Dimensional Geometry Lines-Updated)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 13 Limits and Derivatives)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 14 Mathematical Reasoning)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 15 Statistics)
XI Mathematics Question Bank (Chapter 16 Probability)
XI Mathematics Study Materials
XI Mathematics Revision Questions(Objective)
XI Mathematics Model Exam Chapter 1 to 8
XI Mathematics Model Question Paper-Sample 1
XI Mathematics SCERT Model Question Paper
XII Mathematics SCERT Model Question Paper
XII Mathematics Revision Qusetion by Anoop Kumar
XI Mathematics Question Bank will be updated on receipt..

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25 comments to ''Plus One/Plus Two Mathematics Previous Questions(2006-2015)"

  1. i am very happy to get the question bank of maths...but when will the remaining parts publishing.....exam is approaching...

  2. Yes. I am expecting to complete it within 2 weeks. Question bank is a model. You should prepare the NCERT Text Book also to score maximum mark.

  3. Sir please publish the remaining parts as fast you can.The published items are very useful.(expecting answer key also)

  4. Sir ,could u please tell me what preparations should I take for ma maths exam..and what all texts should I refer. .

  5. Sir, could you please tell me what preparations should I take for ma maths exam. ..and what books should I refer. ..

  6. Pls publish the remaining ones so fast

  7. Kerala plus2 exam time table pulish cheyyunnathennanu.March ennu kandirunnu any change in date ?pls publish the date Sir

  8. To know more about Higher Secondary Examination 2016 and Time Table, copy the following link, paste it in the address bar and click the link:

  9. Please publish the remaining part.exam is approching

  10. SIR, please upload the 9th,11th &12th lesson questions.

  11. Dear student, you should try to find the answers. If you find any difficulty, please ask your teacher. You know, to learn Mathematics is to do mathematics. Otherwise our skill will not developed.

  12. Sir..pls give me the chapter wise mark disribution for maths (science)

  13. Plz post all question bank of chapters

  14. Will questions come from micelenius

  15. Some times. But you should study miscellaneous examples.

    1. The questions of first and second chapters are not opening. Please fix it...

  16. Sir, I want all answes of maths previous question papers.Iam requesting you to publish the answers of previous question papers answers of X1

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. sir,iam\tensed\as\maths\getting\tough\please\provide\first\year\questionbank

  18. 1. Consider the statement
     
    n n P n  7  3
    is divisible by 4.
    a) Show that
    is true.
    b) Verify, by the method of Mathematical induction that
    is true for all
    n N

  19. how to find volume of triangle with circular edges


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