Plus One (XI) / Plus Two (XII) Mathematics Study Materials

Last updated on 21.11.2016: Here begins the compilation of study materials for Higher Secondary Plus One and Plus Two Mathematics. We intend to include relevant questions of the Higher Secondary Public Examinations and their answers ,short study materials in sub units, along with the content study.
As a new venture we have started an entrance oriented study with previous questions and test papers included in our blog this academic year by the famous entrance coaching expert Sri Ramesh Chennessery, Director of The 'Centre for Future Studies'. We expect the wholehearted co-operation of the teachers and students of the HSS departments,Kerala and abroad. Sri Ramesh has also published 'Formula Master' a guide with formulas and short cut formulas to enhance students preparing for competitive exams. The HSSLiVE Team wishes all students success in their future endeavours.
Plus Two (XII) Mathematics Study Materials by Remesh Sir
XII Mathematics- An Introduction
XII Chapter 1 : Relations and Functions(Notes)
XII Chapter 1 : Relations and Functions-Assignment Questions
XII Chapter 2 : Inverse Trigonometric Functions(Notes)
XII Chapter 2 : Inverse Trigonometric Functions(Assignment)
XII Chapter 3 : Matrix Algebra(Notes)
XII Chapter 3 : Matrix Algebra-Assignment
XII Chapter 3 : Matrix Algebra-Questions for Unit Test
XII Chapter 3 : Matrix Algebra-Answer Key for Unit Test
XII Chapter 3 : Matrix Algebra-MCQ
XII Mathematics Model Question Paper(Chapter 1,2 and 3)
XII Chapter 4 : Continuity(Notes)
XII Chapter 5 : Differentiability(Notes)
XII Chapter 5 : Differentiability(Assignment)
XII Mathematics First Terminal Exam-Model Question Paper
XII Chapter 6 : Applications of Derivatives
XII Chapter 7 : Indefinite Integral-Part I 
XII Chapter 7 : Indefinite Integral-Part II 
XII Chapter 8 : Definite Integral-Part I 
XII Chapter 9 : Differential Equations(Last updated on 10.02.16) 
XII Objective Type(Multiple Choice) Questions
XII Mathematics Second Terminal (Christmas) Exam-Model Question Paper
XII Chapter 11 : Three Dimensional Geometry
XII Chapter 12 : Linear Programming
XII Chapter 13 : Probability
XII Mathematics Model Question Paper-1
XII Mathematics Model Question Paper by SCERT
Mikavu Hand Book for Plus Two Mathematics Students
Study materials will be updated on receipt...
Plus One (XI) Mathematics Study Materials
XI Chapter 1- Sets(Notes)
XI Chapter 1- Sets(Assignments)
XI Chapter 2- Relations and Functions(Notes)
XI Chapter 2- Relations and Functions(Assignment)
XI Chapter 3- Trigonometry
XI Chapter 4- Principle of Mathematical Induction
XI Chapter 5- Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
XI Chapter 6- Linear Inequalities
XI Chapter 7- Permutations and Combinations
XI Chapter 8- Binomial Theorem
XI Mathematics Model Question Paper(First Term)
XI Mathematics Model Question Paper(First Term)
XI Mathematics Model Question Paper

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62 comments to ''Plus One (XI) / Plus Two (XII) Mathematics Study Materials"

  1. Sir, +1 result eppol publish chryyum

  2. ഇത് വളരെയധികം നന്നായിട്ട് ഉണ്ട്

  3. +1 പരീക്ഷാഫലം എന്നാണ് പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിക്കുന്നത് ??

  4. രമേശ്‌ സാറിൻറെ ആത്മാർത്ഥതയെ മാനിക്കുന്നു . എന്നാൽ INVERSE TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS ൻറെ കാര്യത്തിൽ കുറച്ചു കൂടി ശ്രെദ്ധിക്കുക . INVERSE TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS ന്റെ PROPERTIES പറയുമ്പോൾ DOMAIN കറക്റ്റ് ആയി MENTION ചെയ്തില്ലെങ്കിൽ അബദ്ധം സംഭവിക്കാം

  5. Dear sir,
    Even though I am teaching Mathematics for the last 22 years, still I am a student. So valuable suggestions and advices are welcome. One or two typographical errors are noticed and are corrected. If you find any errors now, then please mention it. With regards, Remesh.

  6. From where to get Formula Master by Remesh Sir

  7. Sir, in Trivandrum, it will be available in H&C Store,Ayurveda College and ACADEMIC BOOK, Pulimoodu. The price of each unit is Rs.300/- there. For bulk orders(more than 20 copies, I will arrange it for Rs.150/- per unit). By Remesh

  8. Sir,This blog will be very useful to the plus two students. It contain all the matter in the text in a short cut manner and make us remember the formulas easily. Thank you sir. And also the formula master is also a very informative book which you have published. I too bought the book and it's so informative and help us to get a very good score. THANK YOU REMESH SIR

  9. sir,will you publish +1 &+2 zoology,physics notes please...............

  10. Pls More chapters(7th chapter note +2mathamatics)

  11. Really good efforts.Kudos to Remeshan Sir

  12. Sir, Will you please publish +1 mathematics?

    By Ayub

  13. sir im failed hsc in mathamatics in march2013...sir can i write failed subject only again....?

  14. You can write only the failed subject. But the thing is:
    You have to write Plus 1 improvement exam in Mathematics in 2016 September. After that you can write your Plus2 Mathematics in 2017 March. For this, please approach the school that you have studied.

  15. I am sorry to say that this year it is not possible to publish all notes of Plus1. If you mention some difficult topics, I will definitely publish it.

  16. Sir, may i get +2 math important areas or sure questions(repeated in many years)?
    I need to get 50% marks in maths.

  17. Dear student, questions are generally not repeated. For getting 50% marks, you may choose and study the chapters that you are easy.
    Some simple chapters: Matrix - 6 marks; determinants - 6 marks; inverse t functions - 4 marks; Limits and Derivatives around 9 marks; vectors 6 marks; 3D 5 marks. Then your CE will also help you to get 50% marks, if you avoid other chapters. But for further study, differentiation and integration are very essential.

  18. thank u sir for your valuble information.

  19. thank you so much sir for these valuable notes...

  20. Sir please publish +2 3-D notes

  21. siRRRRR
    questions of 2016 march exam please..................

  22. Respected sir , chapter 4 determinents notes is not included above , please update it soon and 5th chapter comprises contuinity and differentiablity and not 4th also please try to include solved examples as many as possible in chapters like integrals , it could help many students anyway thank you sir for making perfect notes which made my studies easier and understandable ,thank you :)

  23. Probability,vectors,3 D geometry notes undenkil pls publish .......

  24. Respected there is only nearly 1 week left for public examination and yet 4,10,13 lessons havnt been uploaded , plz do it soon its note the day before exam students prepare

  25. sir
    kindly give information about suppliment portion included in plus two maths last year onwards

  26. Supplemenatary portions:

    II year

    1. Indefinte integrals - Some more types
    2. Vectors - Scalar Triple Product - coplanar vectors, volume of parallelopiped,etc.

    I year

    1. Trigonometry - sine,cosine and tangent rule, properties of triangle, heights and distances.
    2. Complex Nos: Square root of a complex no.
    3. Sequences and Series: Sum to infinity of a G.P.
    4. Straight lines: Family of lines passing through the point of intersection to two lines.. Translation of axes.
    5. Limits and Derivatives: Limit of exponential and logarithmic functions - graphs, some questions.

  27. Please tell the weightage score for each chapter in Maths Plus two

  28. Weightage of Marks:

    1. Relations and Functions 5
    2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions 4
    3. Matrices 6
    4. Determinants 3
    Matrices and Determinants 3
    5. Continuity and Differentiability 10
    6. Applications of Derivatives 6
    7. Integrals 10
    8. Applications of Definite Integrals 4
    9. Differential Equations 4
    10.Vector Algebra 6
    11.Three Dimensional Geometry 5
    12.Linear Programming Problems 6
    13.Probability 8
    Total 80

    1. Is this weightage for maths science?

    2. sir plz post weightage of plus one maths

    3. plz post weightage of plus one maths

  29. Sir,
    Please suggest me the final revision preparations for mathematics being held day-after-tomorrow!

  30. Ramesh sir i have a doubt, derivative of(-ax2) is 2x or -2ax??

    1. derivative of (-ax^2)=-a x derivative of x^2=-a(2x)=-2ax

  31. Ramesh Sir Namaskaar.... I Came across your notes for Class-XII, presumably based on NCERT syllabus. following is my request. (1) Kindly upload Introduction part in English also. (2) Notes of Chapter-4 Determinants is not found. (3) In Chapter-7 Definite Integral part-2 is not found uploaded. (4) Notes on Chapter-8 Application of Integrals, Chapter-10 Vector Algebra and Chapter-13 Probability not found. These are based on NCERT text books. Kindly do the needful. Warm Regards....

    1. sir, introduction will be given in English also. The missing chapters will be uploaded soon. don't worry.

  32. Thanks for the kind consideration. Me and my kid will be waiting eagerly for the remaining portions of NCERT syllabus. Regards....

  33. Sir When will be the improvement exam .

  34. Dear Ramesh Sir,
    My son scored 83% for math in plus one and did not improve as he has two other subjects to do. Can you suggest a study pattern which will help him to score A+ this year? He has bit learning difficulty in math and hence makes careless mistakes.. would that be the reason for scoring less mark than expected(he was expecting 90 above)? looking forward to your valuable feedback.

  35. please add more questions for +1 botany

  36. sir/madam
    please enter the balance chapter note of mathematics for class XI

  37. sir a kindly request to add question in vector algebra also(+2)

    1. Dear student, previous years of questions of Vector Algebra is available in the study materials- Mathematics. Check it. But it will be updated soon.

  38. Sir entrancinn povumbol +1and+2 markano kutua atho cbse pola +2 mathro.jee entrancinn etha edkua?

    1. Dear Abhinand, this year onwards, JEE (Main & Advanced) is purely based on Entrance Examination. But in KEAM (Kerala Entrance), the marks of II year only (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) are taken for preparing the final rank list.


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