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How to activate net banking service in eTSB account

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 / 8 Comments
The salary of the govt employees and teachers will be credited to the etsb account from the month of July 2019. All employees can give direction regarding the percentage of amount to be credited to etsb from salary. The balance amount can be transferred to the existing bank account.

An attractive percentage of interest would be given for the amount deposited in the treasury etsb. But the employees are confused of the facilities that would be made available with etsb. All the services offered by other banks are also provided with etsb account with internet banking. Etsb accounts based on KYC has been generated to all SPARK salaried employees.

How to register net banking service in eTSB account-Video Tutorial

The video tutorial portraying how to register and activate internet banking services in treasury eTSB account can be viewed from here.

How to get eTSB account number?

In SPARK software, Select Employee Name in Salary matters –Changes in the month – Present salary and click ‘go’ button to know etsb account number of the employee. Moreover, all employees might have got their etsb number by mobile sms.

How to avail of internet banking service online?

To activate internet banking services in etsb account, aadhar number and tsb account be linked.
Step 1 Visit the site. Click ‘New User Registration’ link.

Enter etsb account number, aadhar number, mobile number, email id and user id for internet banking in the window that opens. Click ‘next’ button.

Step 2 Now enter the OTP received in mobile and press verify button. Soon a message showing ‘application for internet banking service in tsb submitted successfully’ will be displayed.

 Also, a password to visit internet banking portal within 6 hours would be sent to the mobile.

Step 3 Visit the portal and enter the registered user name and the password sent to the mobile to log in.

Step 4: Reset the login password and also create a transaction password for online banking transactions.
Step 5: After resetting passwords, login again

e-grantz Help

Thursday, March 28, 2019 / 69 Comments
The e-grantz portal created for distributing scholarships offered by the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Departments has been renovated. From the academic year 2018–19, e-grantz services would be availed of entirely through the renovated portal.

The functioning of e-grantz portal can be classified into two .
1. To be done by the institution
2. To be done by the students

1. Institution Registration in e-grantz portal

First let us see in detail, the things to be done by the institution. Log into the portal by using the current username and password for the e-grantz portal.

In the case of the Higher Secondary schools, firstly ,the subject combinations (courses) of the schools should be added in the portal. 

Once the courses are added, the present fee details should be updated. Thus, the first and second year fee details of Higher Secondary students can be added. As it has to be approved by the department concerned, the Govt Order in connection with the course fee also must be uploaded. It is available from the link below. Then forward and submit it for approval. It would be displaying ‘status pending’ till the given course fee details are approved. After the confirmation by the department, ‘approved’ , can be seen. 

Click the link below for help file on how to do ‘Institution Registration’. The link will be updated as and when more details are available.

2. One time Registration in e-grantz portal by the students

To apply for the educational scholarships sponsored by the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Backward classes development departments, the students have to complete One–time Registration in e-grantz portal. 

After completing One–time registration, enter user name and password to log in. 

Then the personal details can be given through the ‘profile’ link. There are five stages in this process completion. 

After this, educational qualification can be given through the link, ‘add qualification’. The list of possible schemes that can be applied by each student will be made available by clicking the link ‘Apply For Scholarship – Post Matric’. From here, separate applications can be submitted for each scholarship. After submission of each application, the print out of the same should be taken and kept safely.

Click the link, ‘Track Application’ and enter the Aadhar number and Date of birth of the students to know the present status of their submitted applications.
E-Grantz Help File by Hari Kumar, HSST Commerce, V V HSS, Thamarakkulam
e-grantz New portal-Institution Registration-Help File Part 1
e-grantz scholarship renewal-Help File Part 2
e-grantz scholarship verification and approval of new application-Help File Part 3
e-grantz scholarship-Monthly attendance statement,TC Issue, Verification of Bank account details, preparing monthly claim-Help file Part 4
Higher Secondary Fee Structure. GO(P) No.173/2013/Gen.Edn dtd 20.05.2013(PDF For uploading in egrantz portal)
Previous Downloads
SC Category
ST Category
OEC Category
List of OBC eligible for Educational Concession as is given to OEC
e-grantz Portal
SC/ST/OEC Students lumsum grant revised rates. GO(Ms) No.43/2016 SCSTD dtd 25.06.2016
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Guidelines on School Study Tours

Friday, October 12, 2018 / 51 Comments
It is very common to organize educational tours amidst the course of study considering the educational significance and purpose as it breaks the monotony of learning and refresh the students to indulge in their curricular activities with new vigor to trigger their knowledge. Its impact on learning experiences is so good that it has become a need and a part of the course. The certain things to be remembered while organizing study tours have been given in detail through different circulars by the General Education Department and Directorate of Higher Secondary Education.

Study Tour Planning and Schedule
In higher secondary schools study tours should be conducted in the month of October, November or December. It should be planned in such period that it should not affect the exams, fairs and working days.

How to Organize School Study Tours
The place selected for study tour, stay, travelling days and programme etc should be decided after a discussion with the PTA executive committee. Also the minutes of the PTA executive committee meeting regarding the study tour should be kept safely. Study tours can not be allowed without the consent of the PTA.

To get Permission for Study Tour
Even though, the PTA executive committee gives consent to organize the same, the relevant documents should be submitted to the Regional Deputy Director(RDD) seeking permission for the tour in the higher secondary level. Given below are the documents to be produced with regard to this

1.Copy of the PTA minutes / report
2.Itinerary of the journey specifying the time of arrival, stay and departure of all days
3.Undertaking of the Principal stating that tour is being conducted meeting all the requirements specified in the circulars.
4.The list of students.
5.Name and contact number of escorting teachers.

It should be done before the schedule of the tour to obtain permission from the RDD.

Teacher Representatives
The presence of a teacher is must in the ratio of 1:15, and it should be a male teacher for boys and female teacher for girls. There should be a change in the accompanying teachers. The inclusion of family members of principal or teachers for the trip, must be avoided. Whereas the the PTA representatives can take part if they are willing. The principal or the tour convener ought to submit the report of the tour conducted, to the RDD within a week after the trip. The feed back / opinion of the teachers and students be included in it. It should be ensured that there has been decent behavior from teachers and students as well.

Instructions to Students
The consent letter from the parents of students who are willing to participate in the study tour must be collected. The itinerary, accompanying teachers’ mobile number etc be given to the parents. Likewise, the parents are also required to give their contact number to the tour convenor. Students must not be allowed to use mobiles during such trips. They should be enforced to refrain from vulgar/ indecent way of dressing, talking and unnecessary photo clicks. If the students don’t conduce to make a good and comfortable journey, the school authorities can take action against them like issuing T.C etc.

Instruction to Schools
The teachers accompanying the students in the trip should keep a copy of the list of study tour participants. For the safe and smooth journey, food and stay facilities, sight seeing spots etc should be planned and booked early. First aid and other necessary medicines be ready with them. The health condition of students have to be confirmed whether he / she is fit for the journey. Only healthy food and drinks are preferred. Travel between 9p.m to 6 a.m should be avoided. The tours be affordable to even the economically backward students. The details of travel expenses should be made known to the tour participants and the teachers and their consent is also needed. After the trip, safe reaching of the students to their home should be confirmed.

Number of Tours Allowed in an Academic Year
In the case of higher secondary schools with more batches or students, the tours can be arranged either batch wise or class wise. It is the responsibility of the principal of the institution and the PTA to plan and arrange it accordingly. Consent of the RDD is a must.

For field trips related to CE activities, the principal can grant permission. An undertaking from the teacher concerned has to be given. Such field trips arranged as part of curricular activities would be a short trip, setting out in the morning and getting back in the evening of the day itself. It would be a mere field trip.

Orders, circulars in connection with school study tours published at different times by the General Education Department and the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, can be downloaded from the link.
Orders and Circulars in Connection with School Study Tours
School Study Tour : Govt authorised tour operators. circular dtd 02.03.2020
School Study Tour : No of working days-clarification circular from DHSE dtd 23.11.2019
School Study Tour : Instructions from DHSE dtd 12.10.2018
School Study Tour : Guidelines from RDD TVM dtd 15.10.2015
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DHSE dtd 15.11.2012
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DHSE dtd 28.04.2012
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DPI dtd 27.12.2013
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DPI dtd 02.03.2007
Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students-guidelines
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Utilizing KTDC Buses for School Tours. Circular dtd 19.07.2018

How to Process Professional Tax in SPARK ?

Monday, August 6, 2018 / 10 Comments
Its time again to remit Professional tax. Now there is a change in the earlier mode of payment. It was adding six months income and calculating tax and remitting the amount towards tax in person. When the salary bills processing has become online, SPARK has bid farewell to such obsolete methods and time has passed by after the facility had been set up. Shall we deduct professional tax from this month salary itself? Let’s have a look on the way of doing it in Establishment interface in SPARK.

Salary Matters >> Processing >> Professional tax Calculation

Select DDO, Bill type from the following window.

If previous entry exists, click Remove Existing Professional tax to remove it. Then click Include Professional Tax. As the window opens, First half /Second half can be seen just below the Financial year. Since it is time to pay for the first half (April – Sep), click First half. Needless to say to click second half for paying tax amount of that particular period.
Click confirm to proceed. The details of professional tax deduction of those in Bill Type selected would be available then. To print/save the deduction statement, click Print Professional Tax Deduction.

When it is done, Professional tax deduction entry in Deduction column in Present Salary Details of staff in that Bill Type would be there.

Now, the salary for this month can be processed as usual. Professional tax schedule also can be printed out with other schedules from Bills and Schedule. This amount will be credited to the Special TSB account (STSB) in the name of DDO after the bill has been passed. Now the professional tax can be paid to the Panchayath / Municipality by cheque or payment transfer through cheque. Also, professional tax statement from SPARK can be submitted with this.

Help File Download
How to Process Professional Tax in SPARK ? Help File Prepared by Remla Sharaf
Submitting Professional Tax Receipt with Salary Bill-Govt Order GO(P) No.195/09/Fin. dtd 20.05.2009
Professional Tax -Amendment-Kerala Municipality Bill 2008
Spark Help Forum

Higher Secondary Exam Fund Settlement in BIMS

Friday, March 23, 2018 / 3 Comments
The govt has published a circular regarding exam fund distribution that it should be done through either bank or treasury account only. The remuneration to teachers and other staff for invigilation duty, practical duty etc has to be given from the allotment, sanctioned in BIMS. But the entry of account details of the staff (beneficiary) in BIMS portal is a time consuming job. Besides, the job should be meticulously carried out.

Now the facility to export the account details in CSV file mode is available in the IExam software. It is possible for us to upload the account details entered thus, to BIMS portal. It makes the job easier as the arduous task of making the direct entry of beneficiary details can be avoided further. 

The help file prepared by Sri.Bibin C Jacob ,HSST Physics ,Brothers HSS Mavandiyur  can be downloaded from the link given below.

HSE Manager Help

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 / 28 Comments
Exam Date Change-Updation in HSE Manager. Video | Help File
If you have any query regarding installation, data entry and report creation of HSE Manager Software then feel free to ask. HSE Manager Software Developer Sri.Sajan Mathew (HSST Computer Science, St.Joseph HSS, Karimannoor, Idukki) is  here to solve it out! Your question along with the answers will be displayed below. Please visit this blog  to get the reply to your question. Be sure to check back and watch response.
Problem 1: Security Error
(Click the Image to Enlarge)
Solution:Select 'Open' Option

Problem 2: HSE Manager shows an error '#errror' under the HSEMANAGER Title

Solution:The Folder is not unzipped/extracted.It is in the readonly mode.

Unzip the folder to D drive. 

Problem 3: How we can install HSE Manager Patch File Installation?
Solution:  Help file attached

Problem 4: How we can reset the time table in HSE Manger?
Watch this video for resetting time table in HSE Manger Software.

Exam Date Change-Updation in HSE Manager. Help Video
Exam Date Change-Updation in HSE Manager. Help File by Harikumar
Patch File Installation-Help File
Patch File Installation-Video Help

GAIN PF Help and Support

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 / 95 Comments

Update: Help files for adding new employee in GAIPF, PF number updation/editing etc:- available now.  
All matters relating to Provident Fund accounts of Aided employees such as enrollment, maintenance of accounts, issuing of credit cards, submission and processing of loan and closure applications etc are to be done only through GAINPF system with effect from 01.04.2016.

We warmly welcome you to our GAIN PF (Government Aided Institutions Provident Fund) help and support forum. Here you can ask & find solutions to all your GAIN PF problems. No matter how big or small. You are also allowed to help the community here if you are sure enough with your proposed solution.
GAINPF New Admission Procedure for New HSS Schools-Help file Prepared by Bibin C.Jacob
Help file for adding new employee in GAIN PF Prepared by Bibin C.Jacob
Help file for editing/updating PF number Prepared by Bibin C.Jacob
Help file for Gainpf OB entry Prepared by Bibin C.Jacob
New Menu added in GAIN PF Portal-Help file Prepared by Bibin C.Jacob
GAIN PF-Online Loan(TA ,NRA,TA to NRA) Application Submission -Help file Prepared by Bibin C.Jacob
GAIN PF-Data Entry Help File Prepared by Bibin C.Jacob
GAIN PF-Loan Details Sheet (Sample Sheet)
GAIN PF-Bill Master Entry (Sample Sheet)
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GPF-Revision of Upper monetary limit for various categories of sanctioning officers. Circular No. Fin c3/146079/2019/GPF/HSE dtd 26.04.2019
Closure of PF Applications - Guidelines. Circular dtd 28.06.2018
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Data Process Confirmation after Financial Year data entry.Circular dtd 24.09.14
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GAIN PF User Manual by DHSE
Application for office Initialization in GAIN PF
GAIN PF Portal
GAIN PF Help File Prepared by Kannur Team [Thanks to Deviprasad.A, IJMHSS Kottiyoor and Jayakrishna C,Mambaram HSS]
GAIN PF : Institution Transfer Form & Guidelines

School Location Mapping

Thursday, July 7, 2016 / No Comments
Web Based School GIS application is an initiative of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Kerala for seamless visualization of school locations across the state. Geographic location of schools have been collated and mapped on GIS Platform established by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Kerala MIS. Further, these school locations have been interlinked with the school report cards based on U-DISE database. Click the below link for DHSE Circular, Distance Verification Guidelines and UDISE Code for HSS.

School Location Mapping Circular by RDD Trivandrum
School Location Mapping-Help file by HSSLiVE
UDISE Code for HSS