How to activate net banking service in eTSB account

The salary of the govt employees and teachers will be credited to the etsb account from the month of July 2019. All employees can give direction regarding the percentage of amount to be credited to etsb from salary. The balance amount can be transferred to the existing bank account.

An attractive percentage of interest would be given for the amount deposited in the treasury etsb. But the employees are confused of the facilities that would be made available with etsb. All the services offered by other banks are also provided with etsb account with internet banking. Etsb accounts based on KYC has been generated to all SPARK salaried employees.

How to register net banking service in eTSB account-Video Tutorial

The video tutorial portraying how to register and activate internet banking services in treasury eTSB account can be viewed from here.

How to get eTSB account number?

In SPARK software, Select Employee Name in Salary matters –Changes in the month – Present salary and click ‘go’ button to know etsb account number of the employee. Moreover, all employees might have got their etsb number by mobile sms.

How to avail of internet banking service online?

To activate internet banking services in etsb account, aadhar number and tsb account be linked.
Step 1 Visit the site. Click ‘New User Registration’ link.

Enter etsb account number, aadhar number, mobile number, email id and user id for internet banking in the window that opens. Click ‘next’ button.

Step 2 Now enter the OTP received in mobile and press verify button. Soon a message showing ‘application for internet banking service in tsb submitted successfully’ will be displayed.

 Also, a password to visit internet banking portal within 6 hours would be sent to the mobile.

Step 3 Visit the portal and enter the registered user name and the password sent to the mobile to log in.

Step 4: Reset the login password and also create a transaction password for online banking transactions.
Step 5: After resetting passwords, login again

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  1. sir, how to add beneficiary in tsb netbanking

  2. ഉപകാരപ്രദമായ വിവരണം... വളരെ നന്ദി.

  3. is it possible to add AXIS bank account as one of the beneficiary?

  4. വളരെ ഉപകാരപ്രദമായ വിവരണം നന്ദി.

  5. yes, cooll this post, i am verry interest (désolé, je suis francais, je parle mal anglais. checkbook

  6. What to do when transaction password is forgotten?

  7. I posses 3 a/c nos, as follows

    1. @ Dist. Treasury, pkd (Old) TSB
    a/c no :(No user name )

    2. @ Dt. Treasury pkd, ETSB a/c no:
    with USERNAME

    3. @ Sub Treasury, Sreekrishnapuram
    PTSB a/c no:

    I need all the 3 a/c usable under one user id.

    What is the step / procedure?.

    Mohandas T V: All the 3 are to be linked to one user id already existing.; So that I can log in with one user id. & Can see 3 accounts & do transaction with all the 3 a/c s
    Kindly advise

  8. Sir
    How can i determine the percentage od salary to be transfered to my bank account


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