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iExamS -Higher Secondary Examination Management System

Thursday, July 8, 2021 / 1 Comment
iExamS-DHSE is an online portal created mainly for the unification of school level activities in connection with Higher Secondary exam. Earlier, such activities were done with the use of offline software HSE Manager. Nominal roll of Higher Secondary students, hall ticket, practical and theory exam duty, Continuous Evaluation(CE) and  Practical Evaluation(PE) mark recording, attendance, duty certificate, every day exam records and updates etc are now being entered in online mode.

It is aimed here to publish various help files that define how to execute different activities through iExamS-DHSE online portal. Also, while performing the tasks through iExamS-DHSE, the doubts that arise now and then can be posted as comments and reply for the same can be expected from the experts.

Practical Score Entry in iExam-Help Files
Practical Score Entry in iExam-Help File Prepared by Hari Kumar A
Exam Activities in iExam-Help Files
CE Score Entry in iExams(Help File)
Uploading NSS Grace Mark(Help file prepared by Team NSS,Kottayam)
Account Settlement in iExams-Help
Exam day activities in iExams-Help file by DHSE(Theory Exam)
Exam day activities in iExams-Help file by DHSE(Practical)
Updating Guest and Un-Aided Teacher Details in iExams
Updating Practical Examination Attendance Details in iExams
iExamS-Examination Management Portal

SPARK Software Discussion Foum

Saturday, May 1, 2021 / 161 Comments
SPARK discussion for employees
We warmly welcome you to our SPARK (Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala ) unofficial discussion forum. Here you can ask , discuss & find solutions to all your SPARK related problems. No matter how big or small. 

If you have any query regarding SPARK and Salary Processing then feel free to ask. Spark Experts are here to solve it out! Your question along with the answers will be displayed below. 

You are also allowed to help the community here if you are sure enough with your solution. Please visit here to get the reply to your question. Be sure to check back and watch their response.
Our Spark Experts : Muhammed A.P & Remlath.S
Assigning DDO Charge in SPARK-Tutorial
Paperless bill for Education Department and Aided Institutions.Help Video by Info Spark
Paperless bill for Education Department and Aided Institutions.GO(P) No.98/2021/fin dtd 14-07-2021
User Guide - eTreasury Application
Grade Fixation Software Tool
Tutorial Regarding Validate/ Accept AG slip module for DDO in SPARK
Handbook for Pensioners Prepared by Dr.Augustine A J
Deferred Salary Distribution. Tutorial by Info SPARK
Processing DA Arrear of Retired employees.Circular No. 36/2021/fin dtd 20.04.2021
SPARK DMU for Aided Higher Secondary Schools-Contact Details
11th Pay Revision updation in SPARK-Instructions from Treasury Directorate
11th Pay Revision updation in SPARK-user guide by info spark
11th Pay Revision updation in SPARK-Instructions dtd 05-03-2021
Processing DA Arrear in SPARK-Help File
New approval system for Aided Institutions-Help file
A complete book on SPARK & BIMS(Malayalam)
Online Leave Management in SPARK-Malayalam Help File
Online Leave Management-Guidelines
Certificate of Transfer of Change in SPARK
GPF Closure application Module in SPARK
Directions to register all Temporary employees under TEN
e-TSB account for employees-guidelines
GPF Module in SPARK-User Manual
Individual login to al employees in SPARK-Instructions dtd 08-03-2019
Spark data locking.Guidelines dtd 14.03.2019
General instructions for preparation of Bill in SPARK for the period prior to 2-1-2011 in the case of employees not having PEN
Guidelines to be followed by users for data correction
Digital Signature-District wise Coordinators
How to process DA Arrear in SPARK
Download SPARK e-News Letter
Pay Revision Arrear-3rd Installment Processing
Manual Bill Preparation in SPARK-Guidelines
Preparation of SPARK bills for the period prior to 2/2011
OCKHI Relief Fund Contribution-Help File 
Updation of Aadhar Details in SPARK database GO 1 | GO 2
SPARK Frequently Asked Questions And Answers
Processing Professional Tax in SPARK
Processing Terminal Surrender in SPARK
Maintenance of Acquittance roll and cash book in offices - Detailed instructions. GO(P) No 138/2016/Fin dtd 23.09.2016
Pay and Allowances for Temporary/Guest Employee(PAT)-SPARK Module Help
Digital Signature and its use
Salary Processing of daily wages(Guest) employees in Spark. Govt Order GO(P) 109/2016 fin dtd 29.07.2016
Transfer update in SPARK-Guidelines
Bills Information Sysytem(BiMS) User Manual
Non Salary Claims-Instructions : DDO | SDO
Tutorial for SPARK Help desk Token System
Pay fixation module in SPARK
Online Leave Management System in SPARK
Updating SPARK Fields(31/3/15)-Guidelines
NPS (National Pension Scheme) arear processing.User Manual 
SPARK Online Password Reset
E-Submission of SPARK Bills
Guidelines to deduct National Pension System Contributions in  Spark
Printing Employee Identity Card From SPARK
Pay Revision Anomaly & DA Arear Processing  
Completing data entry and locking fields in SPARK.Directions.
Leave Surrender in Spark[SDO & Establishment]
Leave Salary Processing[SDO]
Dies Non Entry In Spark
Steps to Process Festival Advance,Allowance and Bonus through SPARK
Help File for Loan/Advance Recovery Exemption(April 2012)
HPL: Leave entry and leave salary processing
DA Arear Processing
Earned Leave Surrender in SPARK
Employee Transfer in SPARK
Increment Sanction in SPARK
Leave Account in SPARK
Spark Software Updates
SPARK DMU's Contact Nos 
SPARK Related articles published in Hsslive

How to fill up SSLC Answer Paper ?

Thursday, March 25, 2021 / 1 Comment
how to fill sslc answer sheet

How to fill up SSLC Answer Paper? What are the things to look for when writing an exam? 

You can use either a blue or black ballpoint pen or ink pen (use only one colour ink only in the answer paper.) Red or green ink should not be used. The main sheet below can be filled in English or Malayalam .
Name of Examination: SSLC exam March 2021
Total Additional Sheets used: After completing exam, here, write down the number of additional sheets you have availed of.
Subject: Write the subject of exam which can be found in the question paper too.
Paper: Here write 1 for Malayalam Kerala Padavali and 2 for Adisthana Padavali
Date:  Date of writing the exam 
Score: Nothing should be written here as this is where the teachers record the score during the paper evaluation 
Register Number of Candidate: This is the box to enter your register number. First row for writing in figures and below it should be written in words ( two, four,.. like this) 
Code number of question paper: Here is the code of the question paper to be written. It will be in the question paper. If any doubt it can be cleared with the teacher before writing. 

Once the main sheet is fully written, you can get an additional sheet, on top of which you should not write anything including the register number or name. The teacher will sign this too. you can also get any number of additional sheets as there are no restrictions and write the number 1, 2, 3. in the Additional Sheet Number box serially. 
Write the additional sheet number in the box. There is a place for the invigilator to put his or her signature with date. 

Other instructions If any doubt arises while filling the SSLC Answer sheet, contact the teacher. It is not allowed to correct with pen or whitener. The students should check whether there is monogram (special seal) in the main sheet and additional sheet and dated signature of the teacher. Margins are already drawn in the answer sheet and so there is no need to draw it again. 

Question number be written in the left side of the margin and the sub question number can be written inside the margin itself. Apart from writing register number in the place allotted in the main sheet, no other entries that disclose one’s identity or his institution should be found as it may lead to invalidity of the answer script.

After completing the exam, draw lines across if any space left blank after answering in the sheet of paper. Don’t forget to enter the total number of additional sheets used in the box provided. In the case of no additional sheets used, write ‘Nil’ there.

Keep the main sheet and additional sheet in the sequential order and tie well with the thread provided for it. After handing over the answer script to the invigilator only, the students can go out of the exam hall.

This complete guidelines for "How to fill up SSLC Answer Paper and What are the things to look for when writing an exam" prepared by Sri. V C Muneer, RV HS, Kozhikode would be of much support for the SSLC students. Click the link below to download PDF.
How to fill up SSLC Answer Paper ?[PDF]

A Complete book on E-TDS: TDS Filing, TDS Correction

Friday, March 12, 2021 / 220 Comments
ETDS using RPU
Update: Last date for uploading Q4 is 15th July 2021
Income tax shall be deducted from salary of each employee in salary bills in our office. Whereas the district treasuries report only the gross amount deducted towards income tax from this office.The individual tax deductions are not delineated here. TDS return are submitted to Income Tax department every three months to render then the distinct tax amount of each one of us. It is done by four quarters.
Last Date for Submission
Quarter 1 April, May, JuneJuly 31st
Quarter 2 July, August, SeptemberOctober 31st
Quarter 3 October, November, DecemberJanuary 31st
Quarter 4 January, February, MarchMay 31st
Penalty of Rs 200/- is drawn for each day of delay from the defaulters. National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)'s Return Preparation Utility(RPU) is a freely downloadable utility used for preparing quarterly e-TDS Statements. All these defalcations are due to the complications in filling e-TDS returns using RPU Software. 

This write up by Dr. Manesh Kumar E elucidates the method of doing TDS returns filling in the best and easiest way. To Know How to do TDS returns filling in each phase in detail,sufficient illustrations and explanations are given,Click the link to download the tutorial in PDF format.
E-TDS Tutorial
Quarterly E-TDS return - A complete eBook on E-TDS Prepared by Dr. Manesh Kumar E(Last updated on 02.07.2021)

SSLC Exam Manager for High Schools

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 / 56 Comments
sslc exam manager software 2021
Free Software for High schools for conducting Kerala SSLC Exams. This software is meant for preparing the Seating, Packing, Contingent Bill of SSLC Theory Examinations. 

It generates automatic Seating arrangement reports, Acquittance, Notice Board Preparations, Room label, Desk label, Packing slip, Attendance, Voucher and other forms. 

We request you to make use of this software and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of this free product.

Data Copy/Import Steps: 

To copy student details from excel sheet, follow these steps. 
1.Open SSLC Exam Manager 2021 
2.Go to Basic Settings->Basic Settings (Very Important->Copy Data
3.Copy RegNos and Names from Excel Sheet without Heading (only data), click 'CopyData', 
4.Select RegNo and Name then Paste. 
5. Click 'ImportData' 
6. If you want to make any changes like Language, Candidate Type, Medium etc, Do it at 'Basic Settings'->'Student List Edit'.
SSLC Manager 2021 for conducting Kerala SSLC Examination(Last updated on 17.03.2021)
SSLC Manager 2021-Help File
Steps for Importing data from Ms-Excel Sheet to SSLC Manager 2021

How to Process DA Arrear in SPARK

Sunday, March 7, 2021 / 2 Comments
The Finance Department has decided to sanction revised DA to all govt employees, teachers and pensioners.  How to process DA arrear sanctioned to us as per GO(P)No.25/2021/Fin Dt 08-02-2021 and GO(P)No.27/2021/Fin dt .10/02/2021 is given here in detail.

Since the DA arrear is credited to PF, it should be included in the salary for the month of March. After that Salary should be processed.
Step 1: 
Select Salary Matters - Processing - Arrear- DA- D.A Arrear

Step 2:
Salary matters -> Processing -> Arrear -> DA -> Select DA Arrear, DDO code, Bill Type, Order number (GO(PNo.27/2021/Fin 10/02/2021) etc. To process DA arrear bill click ‘Select employee’ and mark tick in the check box against the employees and submit it.

Step 3:
After processing, DA Arrear bill can be generated thus- Salary Matters -> Bills and Schedules -> Arrear -> DA Arrear -> DA Arrear Bill. Check it and confirm it before printing inner bill. 
Step 4:
Then give Salary Matters -> Arrear -> Merge arrear with salary. For this DDO code, processed month in Arrear , Processed year be given. Give the month of salary with which arrear is to be merged in ‘Arrear to be merged with the salary for the year’. Then select the button - Credit to GPF through salary Bill. Click tick mark in the right side of the box while selecting ‘Processed Year’ and click ‘Proceed’ after this.

Step 5:
Once the merging process is over, you will get a message regarding this. Then click Salary matters -> change in the month -> Present Salary. Confirm whether the amount is added. 
Step 6:
Then the usual procedure for salary processing can be done by selecting Salary Matters ->Salary -> Monthly Salary Processing
DA Arrear Processing - Help file by Info Spark
DA Arrear-GO(P) No.25/2021/Fin Dated 08/02/2021
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision Order-GO(P) No. 27/2021/Fin dtd 10-02-2021

How to apply for SSLC Exam Centre change ?

Saturday, January 30, 2021 / No Comments
How to apply for sslc exam centre change
Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Department of General Education has decided to smoothen the conduct of the SSLC exam of those class 10 students who are deprived of hostel facilities and those got stranded in the Gulf countries, Lakshadweep and other districts. 

They can choose the exam centre of their convenience for appearing in the SSLC exam. The class 10 students who are in need of change in the exam centre should submit an online application. But for those in the district concerned itself will not be allowed to change their centre. 

Visit the website and click the link ‘Application for Centre Change’ to submit your application.

How to Apply for Exam Centre Change? 

2. Click the link Application for centre change 
3. The applicants are required to give necessary details like exam stream, Reg No, Date of birth and captcha
sslc exam centre change

4. Candidates Basic details will be displayed
SSLC Exam centre change
5. The applicants are required to give details like Mobile number, reason for exam centre change, proposed centre details, ednl district and Centre of choice etc. 
Applications can be submitted till 4 pm of 12 March 2021. The list of students eligible for change of exam centre will be published on 15th March 2021. The link for circular regarding this and Application portal link is given here. 

Help Line Numbers: 0471-2546832, 2546833
SSLC Exam Centre Change
SSLC Exam March 2021-Apply for Exam Centre Change
SSLC Exam March 2021-Apply for Exam Centre Change-Circular

Spark-How to upload Undertaking for Excess Payment Recovery

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 / 4 Comments
As per G.O No. G.O.(P) No.169/2019/fin dated 13/12/2019 of the Finance department, a directive has been issued for obtaining an undertaking statement from all govt employees. It should be pasted in the service book and the details also be entered accordingly so that if excess pay if any paid, can be recovered. 

It has also been directed to upload the same in Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala (SPARK) or the salary of the employees will be blocked at anytime after September 2020. 

As per G.O.(P) No. 70/2020/fin dated 02/06/2020, the date to complete the furnishing of the undertaking statement has been extended up to 30th of September 2020. It should be remembered that, the furnishing of 'Statement of Undertaking' is mandatory for processing increment, grade, pay revision, fixation on promotion. 

How to upload undertaking for excess payment recovery in SPARK?

1. Login SPARK
2. Click on Service Matters and then on Undertaking for excess payment recovery

3. Here you can select DDO code, Bill Type and Employee Name. Then enter date of undertaking. A scanned copy(PDF) of the undertaking also needs to be uploaded. 

Click the link below for downloading Statement of Undertaking, Govt order and help video.
Undertaking for Excess Payment Recovery(Form in PDF Format)
Undertaking agreeing to refund excess pay and allowances mistakenly paid to the employees.GO(P) No.169/2019/fin Dated 13-12-2019
Undertaking agreeing to refund excess pay and allowances mistakenly paid to the employees.Date extended. G.O.(P) No. 70/2020/fin dated 02/06/2020
How to upload Undertaking for Excess Payment Recovery-Training video by