Step Up English-Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two English Quick Notes

In the present academic scenario in the educational institutions in our state, most the students strive hard to reach the notch of success whereas there is still a notable section of students who struggle a lot even to get through the examination. 

It is much transparent in the score sheet if we glance at the score of part one English(Higher Secondary). Since it has become a common scene, it is high time, the right pedagogical methods and transactional materials were shared among such group of learners. 

As the board exam is around the corner for the higher secondary students, focused and simple study materials in Higher Secondary first and second year English would guide the students to overcome their barriers and thus to get a fruitful result. 

The STEP UP ENGLISH(Vijayabheri Project) prepared by an expert team of Higher Secondary English teachers of Malappuram District Panchayath would lead such students to the path of success.

The handbook ‘STEP UP English’ has been prepared as a part of ‘Vijayabheri Project’ exclusively for those students who are struggling hard to score even 24 in English in the Higher Secondary public examinations

The Step Up English consists of 5 parts:

I. Text Book Analysis

A) Synopsis of the Lesson
B) Review of the Poems
C) Important Characters

II. Important Discourses

H)Panel Discussion/Group Discussion
I)Blog Entry
N)Letter of Enquiry
O)Letter to the Editor
P)Job Application/Resume

III. Question Paper Analysis

A) Frequently Appearing Words in the Question Papers
B) Higher Secondary March 2019 Question Paper

IV. Practice Section

A) Frequently Used Sentences/expressions in the Answer Scripts
B) Four Sets of Unit Tests
C) Question Paper: Worksheet

V. ‘Step Up’ Extra

A) More Characters
B) More Discourses
Click the link below for study materials
Step Up English- Higher Secondary First Year(Plus One) English Quick Notes
Step Up English- Higher Secondary Second Year(Plus Two) English Quick Notes
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  2. This is what I was searching for..

  3. Ma'am plz reply... Editing cheyyumbol correct word wrong aakki ezhuthiyal mark kurakkumo?

    1. Enikum same sambavichu 4 edit chydu 3 correct and one wrong..when I asked my eng tchr she said no problem

  4. Replies
    1. When compared to model it was very tough and there were many one word questions which were highly confusing....

  5. Please add quick notes of business and economics too


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