Hand Book on service and salary matters for newly joined HSSTs

This post aims at giving primary knowledge on service and salary matters in the initial period for teachers who enter afresh into this field as Higher Secondary School Teacher(HSSTs). There are many teachers who are not able to pay attention to their own service matters amidst their busy teaching schedule. There have been such cases that some newly appointed teachers had to be in charge of principal. Besides, the lack of office staff creates more intricacies in the Higher Secondary Section.

As per the govt order GO (p) No 391-2015 Fin dt 07-09-2015, various salary self – drawing posts were nullified and One office One DDO system came into existence. This is the significant change in the service / salary matters. The prominence of SDO code, SDO specimen card in treasury was done away with this consequently. The major works in the establishment wing was made easier with the generation of joining report, RTC, PSC verification proforma, Relieving Report etc. by the official web site which handles the joining and transfer matters of Higher Secondary school teachers.

Ramesan Kaarkot, HSST History, GHSS, Pallikkara, Kasargode has prepared a hand book on the service related matters to be done by a HSST entering into service, in a clear and detailed manner for this blog. It has two parts. It is published here with the hope that the HSST community in Kerala would recognize and take up the self-less hard work by Sri.Ramesan sir.

Part A presents the things to be done once only from the entry period into service to the declaration of probation. Part B gives the service matters to be done in each period / month of a year after entry into service and various links of related posts published in Hsslive blog.

Note: links to HSS service guide related files in PDF form are given at the end of the blog post.
Higher Service Guide[PDF]
Service Guide for Higher Secondary Teachers Prepared by Ramesan Karkkot[PDF]
Related Files
1 GO(P) No 391-2015-Fin dated 07-09-2015 One DDO
2 Pan Card Instructions
I-1 Office Address
II-1 Personal Memorandum
II-2 & Part II A7 & B4- Statement-Service verification
II-3 Covering Letter to Director
III-1 AG covering letter
IV-1 Spark Admission
IV-2 NPS Arears Help file 2015
IV-3 GO(P)- 77-2017-Dated 16-06-2017 AG NEW SITE
IV-4 Login website
VI-1 - Pran registration Application
VI-2 GO(P) No 622-2013-Fin dated 19-12-2013 NPS
VI-3 NPS Arears Help file2015
VI-4 & Form of Option -Old Pension
VIIa-1 GIS _online_viswas_help
VIIa-2 gis_admission_sanction
VIIa-3 SLI-GIS-GPF premium rates
VIIb-1 SLI application
VIIb-2 sli_appln_instutions
VIIb-3 sli_Change nomination
VIIb-4 SLI-GIS-GPF premium rates
VIIc-1 GPF for NPS
VIIc-2 GPF Admission
VIIc-3 GPF Nomination
VIIc-4 Nomination for dcrg having family
VIIc-5 GPF Loan Money Limit
VIIc-5 Nomination for dcrg having no family
VIIc-GPAIS-2 Nomination
VIIc-gpais 3-Order 2016
VII-1&PartA17- New Pay Slip Requst letter
Forms and Letters for PSC/Gazetted HSST Senior
1.Joining Letter - Director ,DHSE
2.Joining Letter-AG
3.R T C [ pdf & Fillable PDF]
4.Police Verification
5.Personal Memorandum of PSC verification
6.Prescribed statement of service for PSC verification
7.Spark Admission/Pen Registration Form
8.PRAN Application Form
9.SLI Application & Nomination Form,SLI Changing Nomination Form
10.GPF Application Form ,Nomination Form
11.GPAIS Nomination Form
12.Request Letter to Issue Ag slip after one Year
13.Probation Declaration [PDF &Editable PDF]
Forms and Letters for PSC/Non-Gazetted HSST Junior
1.Joining Letter - Director ,DHSE
2.Police verification
3.Personal Memorandum of PSC verification
4.Prescribed statement of service for PSC verification
5.Spark Admission/Pen Registration Form
6.PRAN Application Form
7.SLI Application & Nomination Form,SLI Changing Nomination Form
8.GPF Application Form ,Nomination Form
9.GPAIS Nomination Form
10.Probation Declaration [PDF &Editable PDF]
Forms and Letters for Previous Service Details
1)Request Letter for LPC & S.B to their Previous Office
2)AG covering letter
3)Form to continue Old Pension [Statutary]Scheme

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