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Government have issued orders revising pay and allowances of State Government employees wherein it was ordered that the arrears on account of pay revision for the period from 01.07.2014 to 31.01.2016 will be paid in cash in four equal installments each at 25% of the total amount on 01.04.2017,01.10.2017, 01.04.2018 and 01.10.2018 respectively along with interest at the rate applicable to General Provident Fund.
The "Pay Revision Arrears Calculator" by Sobhan S, O/o the Commissioner of Land Revenue, Thiruvananthapuram and Alrahiman,HSST,B.P Angadi,Tirur,Malappuram can be used for calculation and accounting of Pay revision arrears for the period from 01.07.2014 to 31.01.2016. All Drawing and Disbursing Officers should calculate month wise arrears of pay revision including surrender of earned leave of all employees for the period from 01.07.2014 to 31.01.2016 with interest from 01.02.2016 at the rate applicable to General Provident Fund in the proforma attached with the circular No:46/2016/Fin Dated: 19.05.2016 before 30.06.2016. Every employee will be served a copy of the statement of arrears due to him. The DDO should furnish a consolidated statement of pay revision arrears specifying the amount due on each installment and the head of account from which salary is drawn before 31.07.2016 under his control to the head of the department.We request you to make use of this software and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of this free product.
Payment of fourth installment of Pay revision arrears-GO(P) No.146/2018/fin dtd 16.09.2018
Payment of third installment of Pay revision arrears-GO(P) No.50/2018/fin dtd 26.03.2018
Pay Revision 2014-Second Installment -Directions. Circular No 77/17-Fin dtd 19-10-17
Module for taking Terminal Surrender arrear (Pay revision 2014) for retired employees-Help file
Pay Revision 2014-Payment of first installment of Arrears in cash to certain group of employees. G.O(P)No.50-2017-Fin dtd 22.04.2017
NPS - Employee contribution from Pay revision arrear. GO(P)No 43/2017/Fin dtd 03/04/2017
Interest on pay revision arrears GO(P) No.40/2017/fin dtd 22-03-2017
Pay Revision Arrears Calculator and Proforma Maker 1.3 Software by Sobhan.S (Last updated on 27.07.2016)
Pay Revision Arrears Consolidator by Sobhan.S
Pay Revision Arrears Calculator and Proforma Maker Software by Alrahiman
Pay Revision Arrears Calculator-Help File(Alrahiman)
Consolidated Proforma for Pay Revision Arrear 2014(Excel Work Sheet)
Consolidated Proforma for Pay Revision Arrear 2014(Excel Work Sheet-Add arrears of all employees monthly and fill this proforma)
Pay Revision 2014 - Payment of Arrears-Instructions .Circular No 46/2016/Fin Dated 19.05.2016
Pay Revision 2014 - Payment of Arrears-Instructions . Circular No. Fin. C1/22366/2016/HSE Dated 30.05.2016
Pay Fixation and Arrear Processing in SPARK-User Manual
Pay Fixation Software-Tenth Pay Revision Report

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  1. appreciate ur effort. But, for an end user like me, it could've been more convenient if 'Fill Salary Details' process is automated.


  3. @Ashokan KG and രജിതൻ കണ്ടാണശ്ശേരി : Thanks for your feedback.We have escalated the issue to developer and will get back to you asap.

  4. Need monthly salary split option and ELS entry option

  5. Pay revision arrears software updated. Pls check now

  6. pls clarify whether we have to submit the arrear details of existing employees or including retired staff and also what about transfered employees

  7. Sir,
    Pay Revision Arrear Calculator Software'il HPL edutha jeevanakkarante PAY enter cheyyumpol full DA ykku pakaram varunnath PAYude anupathika DA mathramaanu. Engane pariharikkum.

  8. oru officile ella employeesinteyum ulla consolidated statement ano forward cheyyandath last date june 30 ano july 31 ano

    1. Kindly give guide lines on the above question. How to consolidate the arrears ? Or shall we send individual arrear proforma scanned? is there any software to consolidate the arrears of an institution? reply please...

  9. Thanks a lot for Arrear calculator softwares. It will be better if the consolidation of arrear is also in the same software for arrear proforma. Thanking you and expect more.....

  10. Oru Masam 2 rate basic pay due to promotion (eg 29900 w.e.f 1/11/2015 and 31500 w.e.f 13/11/2015) varumbol l0/11/2015 to 16/11/2015 HPL eduthal due drawn correct akunilla

  11. Can you explain the procedures to apply online leave of a High School Teacher

  12. Please update the software for the use of Labour Wage revision also
    useful for agricultural,animal husbandry departments and agricultural,vety & fisheries universities

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.


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