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Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students

Thursday, November 14, 2019 / No Comments
The expenses towards study tour organized by the institutions will be incurred by the government for the schedule category students studying in Higher Secondary/Degree/Professional Degree courses. It comes under one of the welfare schemes implemented by the Schedule Caste Development Department. The students participated in the study tour should submit an application after the tour for the amount of expenses to be sanctioned. Only the students availing of e-grant benefits are eligible to apply for this.

What should be done by the students to avail of this benefit?
To become the beneficiaries of this scheme, the study tour participants of SC category should fill up the application form as given below and submit it to the head of the institution. After the completion of the trip only, the students will be able to apply to get this benefit. There won’t be any payment in advance. The scheme method is that the amount would be credited to the bank account of the students who submit application. For this, the applicants should give his/her e-grant account number in the application form. To download the application form, click the link below.

What should the Institution do?
While the institutions organize study tours as part of the course of study, the students belonging to the schedule caste category should be informed of the study tour benefits they are entitled to and it can be availed of only after the trip on submission of application form. After the trip, filled up application forms (given below) should be received from the SC category participants who are e-grant beneficiaries as well.

The places visited, amount spent etc should be separately attested by the head of the institution. The itinerary of the tour conducted must be attached here. All such applications received from the students should be submitted to the District Schedule Caste Development Office. Amount will be credited to the bank account of the students after scrutiny. The maximum amount for a SC category student participating in the study tour organized by his / her institution is Rs.4000/- which will be credited to the account. Application form and details are given below.
Application Form Download
Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students-Guidelines & Application form dtd 23.09.2019
Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students-Application form
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e-grantz Help

Thursday, March 28, 2019 / 69 Comments
The e-grantz portal created for distributing scholarships offered by the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Departments has been renovated. From the academic year 2018–19, e-grantz services would be availed of entirely through the renovated portal.

The functioning of e-grantz portal can be classified into two .
1. To be done by the institution
2. To be done by the students

1. Institution Registration in e-grantz portal

First let us see in detail, the things to be done by the institution. Log into the portal by using the current username and password for the e-grantz portal.

In the case of the Higher Secondary schools, firstly ,the subject combinations (courses) of the schools should be added in the portal. 

Once the courses are added, the present fee details should be updated. Thus, the first and second year fee details of Higher Secondary students can be added. As it has to be approved by the department concerned, the Govt Order in connection with the course fee also must be uploaded. It is available from the link below. Then forward and submit it for approval. It would be displaying ‘status pending’ till the given course fee details are approved. After the confirmation by the department, ‘approved’ , can be seen. 

Click the link below for help file on how to do ‘Institution Registration’. The link will be updated as and when more details are available.

2. One time Registration in e-grantz portal by the students

To apply for the educational scholarships sponsored by the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Backward classes development departments, the students have to complete One–time Registration in e-grantz portal. 

After completing One–time registration, enter user name and password to log in. 

Then the personal details can be given through the ‘profile’ link. There are five stages in this process completion. 

After this, educational qualification can be given through the link, ‘add qualification’. The list of possible schemes that can be applied by each student will be made available by clicking the link ‘Apply For Scholarship – Post Matric’. From here, separate applications can be submitted for each scholarship. After submission of each application, the print out of the same should be taken and kept safely.

Click the link, ‘Track Application’ and enter the Aadhar number and Date of birth of the students to know the present status of their submitted applications.
E-Grantz Help File by Hari Kumar, HSST Commerce, V V HSS, Thamarakkulam
e-grantz New portal-Institution Registration-Help File Part 1
e-grantz scholarship renewal-Help File Part 2
e-grantz scholarship verification and approval of new application-Help File Part 3
e-grantz scholarship-Monthly attendance statement,TC Issue, Verification of Bank account details, preparing monthly claim-Help file Part 4
Higher Secondary Fee Structure. GO(P) No.173/2013/Gen.Edn dtd 20.05.2013(PDF For uploading in egrantz portal)
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