Plus One/Plus Two Physics Quick Revision Notes

If you're a student preparing for your Higher secondary first/second year(Plus One/Plus two) physics exam, you don't need to worry anymore. We've got the perfect solution to help you ace the exam - a comprehensive list of key points. 
physics quick revision notes
This Quick revision Key points are designed to help you refresh and deepen your understanding of essential concepts, equations, and problem-solving methods in physics. With this valuable resource, you can feel confident and prepared to tackle any question that comes your way. So, start studying these key points today and get ready to excel on your Higher Secondary physics exam !

A comprehensive resource of  Key points for Class 11 & 12 Physics has been created by Smt. Seema Elizabeth, HSST Physics from MARM GHSS, Santhipuram. These key points are categorized for easier navigation and have been designed to boost your self-confidence and better prepare you for tackling your board exam.

Most Important Key Points and Answers in Plus One/Plus Two Physics

Board Higher Secondary Education
Class Plus One(Class 11)/Plus Two(Class 12)
Subject Physics
Key points for Quick revision
Prepared By
Smt.Seema Elizabeth, HSST Physics, MARM GHSS, Santhipuram
Category Revision Short Notes
Take advantage of this valuable resource to prepare thoroughly and confidently for your exam and achieve your desired academic success.

Plus One Physics Quick Revision Notes

Please click the link below to access handwritten quick revision notes for Class 11(Plus One) Physics created by Seema Elizabeth for downloading.

Plus One Physics Chapterwsie Weightage 

To gain insights into the significance of each chapter, it's crucial to understand the weightage assigned to them. You can read the chapter-wise weightage of Plus One Physics from the following table. This document will provide you with valuable information about the distribution of marks or scores across different chapters, enabling you to prioritize your study efforts effectively.
Chapter Score
Chapter 1: Units and Measurement 4
Chapter 2: Motion in a Straight line 5
Chapter 3: Motion in a Plane 6
Chapter 4: Laws of Motion 6
Unit 5: Coordination Compounds 5
Chapter 6: Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion 5
Chapter 7: Gravitation 5
Chapter 8: Mechanical Properties of Solids 2
Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of Fluids 7
Chapter 10: Thermal Properties of Matter 3
Chapter 11: Thermo Dynamics 3
Chapter 12: Kinetic Theory 2
Chapter 13: Oscillations 3
Chapter 14: Waves 4
Total 60

Plus Two Physics Quick Revision Notes

Please click the link below to access handwritten quick revision notes for Class 12(Plus Two) physics created by Seema Elizabeth for downloading.

Plus Two Physics Chapterwsie Weightage 

Understanding the significance of each chapter hinges upon comprehending the assigned weightage. Delve into the chapter-wise weightage of Plus Two Physics through the following table. This resource offers invaluable insights into the distribution of marks across different chapters, empowering you to strategize your study efforts effectively.
Chapter Score
Chapter 1: Electric Charges and Fields 6
Chapter 2: Electric Potential and Capacitance 6
Chapter 3: Current Electricity 5
Chapter 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism 5
Unit 5: Magnetism and Matter 3
Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction 4
Chapter 7: Alternating Current 4
Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves 3
Chapter 9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments 8
Chapter 10: Wave Optics 4
Chapter 11: Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation 3
Chapter 12: Atoms 2
Chapter 13: Nuclei 3
Chapter 14: Semiconductor Electronics 4
Total 60

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