Plus Two Computerised Accounting Lab Work(Solved) by Bindhu C

Computerized accounting is one of the major subjects in the Commerce group of the Higher Secondary course. In the present day, as the accounting transaction process takes place through software as well as hardware to produce account records and reports, ledgers, profit and loss account and balance sheet the learners of the subject may find opportunities in plenty. 
Plus Two Computerised Accounting Lab Work(Solved) by Bindhu C
It is simple as well as integrated enhancing fast and accurate data entry of the transactions. As the subject’s significance increases, due consideration be given to score more too in exam. 

With this view, Smt.Bindhu.C, HSST Commerce, Govt.Rajah’s HSS Kottakkal, Malappuram has prepared a lab manual for the study of Computerized accounting subject for Higher Secondary students along with focus on its practical. 

Apart from practical questions, procedures and output be prepared as part of lab work are also given in pdf format. It would definitely enable the study of practical for the Commerce batch students.

Computerised Accounting Practical Work 2023-24 Prepared By Bindhu.C
Computerised Accounting Lab Work-Presentation PDF
Lab work 1: Range, Sum, sumif, lookup
Lab work 2: Count/CountA/Countblank/Countif
Lab work 3: Nested If
Lab work 4: Max, Min, Concatenate, Average
Lab work 6: ACCRINT Function
Lab work 7: Rate Function
Lab work 8: PMT Function
Lab work 9: NPV
Lab work 10: Column Chart/PIE chart
Lab work 11: PIE Chart
Lab work 12: Column Chart
Lab work 13: BAR Chart
Lab work 14: SLN Function
Lab work 15: DB function
Lab work 16: Payroll Statement
Lab work 17: GNU Khatha Cash Balance
Lab work 18: Profit & Loss Account/Balance Sheet
Lab work 19: Table Creation
Lab work 20: Table Creation & Query
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