Higher Secondary Plus One(+1) Arabic Revision Exam Series by HSATO

plus one arabic pre model exam
The public exams for this year's first-year Higher Secondary students will soon be taking place. It is important to study a lot and be well prepared. Practicing is an effective way becoming familiar with exam questions. Here are some resources to help you: 

Plus One(+1) Arabic Revision Exam Series

Unit-wise question papers are designed to give a preview of the kind of questions you can expect on the exam. It would enhance their unit-wise preparation. The answer key provided should help them identify their problem areas, and then they can fix them.  

This set of revision questions has been designed to help you improve your understanding of the Arabic language. It would definitely be useful for exam preparation.

Here you can see some revision questions Higher Secondary Teachers have prepared for Arab students on Plus one. Click the link below to download the model question papers & Keys prepared by Higher Secondary Arabic Teachers’ Organization - HSATO.

Plus One(+1) Arabic Pre-Model Exam - I

Question Paper-1(link)
Answer Key(buy)
Topic: Unit 1 & 2

Plus One(+1) Arabic Pre-Model Exam - II

Question Paper-2(link)
Answer Key(buy)
Topic: Unit 2 , 3 & 5

Plus One(+1) Arabic PDF Notes

Plus One Arabic PDF Notes(demo)

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