Plus One/Plus Two Physics Study Notes by HSPTA Kannur

plus one-plus two physics ncert notes
Preparation and planning go together for the better performance. The students studying in the Higher Secondary Course should do the best in their 1st and 2nd year Higher secondary board examination to maximize their score. Focusing the main part of the syllabus is very much important in the case of Science subject. As they have to cover more areas, a proper way of learning has a major role in subjects like Physics.

Board DHSE Kerala
Text Book NCERT/SCERT Physics Text Book
Class Plus One(Class 11)/Plus Two(Class 12)
Subject Physics
Class Notes
Chapter wise Compiled
Category Kerala Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Physics
Apart from practicals, theory score would enable them to top up their grade in their subjects. With this view, teachers of Higher Secondary Physics Teachers' Association(HSPTA) Kannur has prepared physics study materials for the first and second year of Higher Secondary students. 

These notes comprises expected questions and answers from each chapter. The main points of each unit would definitely elevate the performance of each student in physics easily. The value points and key notes in each chapter may enhance the quality of the answers in the exam. 

The study material provided here would serve this purpose. Click the link below for downloading the notes of plus one and plus two class. The notes of each unit will be updated here as and when it is made available.

Plus One(Class 11) Physics NCERT/SCERT Class Notes
XI Chapter 1: Physical World
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Plus Two(Class 12) Physics NCERT/SCERT Class Notes
XII Chapter 1: Electric Charges & Fields
XII Chapter 2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
XII Chapter 3: Current Electricity
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