Digital Education in Kerala: Activity Outline, G-Suit Platform, Training Module

digital education in kerala
The govt has decided to implement a new online classroom transaction method G-Suit platform, completely free, to all schools under the Department of General Education, Kerala. 

A School with free platform !

It is a significant decision on the part of teachers and students. Now a days, the teachers are making use of different online platforms of their choice. It sometimes causes difficulties to the students as each teacher is equipped with various online tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Teach Mint etc. Moreover there are instances of teachers with lack of experience in handling such online classes having some fuss with it as some outsiders also taking entry into classes with the link. 

Free G -Suit service to all schools 

Due to the helpless situations that arise in some schools, the Department of General Education has decided to implement this tool in all its schools unanimously. As per the circular published now, there would be a separate log in facility for teachers and students in all govt, aided and recognized unaided institutions. Besides it would enable to avoid the intruders. Even if it happens, it can be tracked rightly. Thus it ensures the online privacy and security. 

The excellent service at free of cost 

The facility to record live classes is the merit as the video link of the recorded classes can be shared to the students who could not attend the class. Apart from this, the students can prepare quiz questions and the teachers can give assignment to the students. Class tests also can be done through this. This G- Suit service provides use of more such related apps. Premium feature is the significant thing to be mentioned. The Kite Victors that arranges the IT facilities at school level has also a well arranged scheme to give training to all the teachers and students. 

How to use G-suit service ?

The teachers and students have to learn more about using the Google G-Suite service successfully. The necessary guidelines regarding this and the help files will be updated here as and when published.
G-Suit Training for Teachers
G-Suit Training Module for Teachers by Kite(PDF)
G-Suit Training Module for Teachers by Kite(Video Playlist)
G-Suit Training for Teachers-How to Apply(HS Section)
G-Suit Training for Teachers-How to Apply(HSS/VHSS Section)
G-Suit Training for Teachers-Registration Portal(
G-Suit-Updating Student details
G-Suit: Uploading student details in Sampoorna Portal-Help file
Sampoorna Portal for Student details entry(
Kites Google Classroom Tutorial for Students
Circular & Govt Orders
G-Suit for Teachers in Kozhikkodu District-Instructions.Circular dtd 16-09-2023
G-Suit Training for Teachers-Instructions.Circular dtd 01-11-2021
G-Suit Training for Teachers-Additional Guidelines.Circular dtd 30-10-2021
G-Suit Training for Teachers-Circular dtd 29-10-2021
Vidhyakiranam Project-Guidelines-GO(Rt) No. 3609/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 10/08/2021
G-Suit for Online Education-List of schools selected for Piolet Programme
Uploading details of non-ST students-Digital Study-Sampoorna User Guide
Uploading details of non-ST students-Digital Study-Sampoorna User Guide(Video Help by Sinesh K V)
General Education-Digital Learning-School level Campaign GO(Rt) No. 3337/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 09-07-2021
General Education-Digital Education-circular dtd 08-07-2021
G-suit and Google meet for schools- Kite Circular
Uploading details of ST students-Digital Study-Sampoorna User Guide
Neighborhood Learning Centre-Guidelines 2021-22
Kite Laptops for ST Students. GO No. 3134/2021/Gen Edn dtd 25-06-2021
Interest free loan for mobile purchase. Circular dtd 23-06-2021
Digital Class Margarekha 2021-22
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Guidelines for Online education-Prepared by Kozhikodu Rural Cyber Crime Police Station

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