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game design course after 12th
Gaming is a multi million dollar main stream industry in the global market. Playing computer games prevails everywhere nowadays like home, malls, airport etc:-. With the introduction of modern gadgets like, smartphone there has been much advancement in gaming. Nobody wants old games Along with the changing times, people are in need of new games to satisfy them. 

As a result, opportunities for gaming professionals or increasing very fast. Animation, multimedia can enter this field of gaming and has grown into one of the most important application areas of animation. As the name suggests multimedia text, images, photography tone diversity, video inter activity are all components of this. Science and literature, commerce and industry all can join with this multimedia. The application of it has enriched education and entertainment too. 

Gaming Industry-Job Opportunities 

Game Designer

Game designer must have the ability to visualize drawings, shapes, innovation, 3D design skills, story telling technique and keep up with latest trends in gaming. 

Game Developer 

Game developer must have colour perception, illustration, logic and training skill. 

Game Tester 

Game tester should know animation multimedia techniques, logic techniques and the effects along with the perfection in technologies. 

Other Jobs in the Gaming field 

2D/3D animator, Advertising cartoonist, Entertainment specialist, Visual effects expert, Game journalist, Interface artist, Music composer, Scriptwriter, Texture Artist etc:-

Training Institutes in Gaming Field

Indian school of Gaming, Hyderabad:

Indian School of Gaming is India's finest and the only world class institute of Gaming Studies. India's first 360 degree school of gaming studies. For more details, visit web site

ICAT Design& Media college, Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad

ICAT is a leading Media college with 3 state-of-the-art campuses across South India. Prestigious collaborations with reputed Indian and International universities, curriculum of International standards, finest pedagogy and infrastructure. For more details, visit web site

Asian Institute of Design, Old Airport road, Bangalore 

AID is a higher education college offering multi-disciplinary degrees and diplomas in new age careers with a strong industry engagement and academic standards with emphasis on student-led learning. For more details visit web site.

Toonz Academy, Thiruvananthapuram 

Toonz Academy is one of the top animation school in Kerala dedicated at honing the skills of students with a passion for animation. For more details, visit web site

While the Western countries including the United States are reducing outsourcing, local businesses are increasing relying on India and others for multimedia. when it comes to the profit and loss in the gaming industry, India is largely depended and other countries also for multimedia services. 

The people with sense for colour and adding sketches, even though it is not mandatory, will find path to scale the heights easier and smoother. There is no limits to the heights of glory that can be reached by those who are self sacrificing and determined.

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