Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Psychology Study Notes

Psychology is one of the elective subjects of study for the Kerala Higher Secondary Course. Various chapters on 'Psychology and Life', 'Psychology and Society' and 'Skills' have been included in the syllabus for the first and second year Higher Secondary students and they are classified accordingly into 9 units.

Apart from the theory paper for 60 marks, the students should appear for practical which would fetch them maximum of 40 marks and the CE score will remain the same as 20 as that of other subjects.

To make the students develop a deep understanding on the core areas and focus the significant topics of study, like, 'Psychological Disorders, Therapeutic Approaches, Variations in Psychological Attitudes for the plus two classes' and 'Base of Human Behaviour, Human Development, Memory, Motivation and Emotion for plus one classes, Dr. Mohandas M, HSST Psychology, GVHSS, Kalpakanchery, Malappuram has prepared notes for the Higher secondary Psychology students. It would be the best supporting material for the students in Psychology for improving their score by having focused study on selected chapters. Click the link below for the notes and study materials.

Plus One(XI) Psychology All in One Notes
Plus One(XI) Psychology All in One notes by NSS Thelima Project
Plus One(XI) Psychology Study Notes
Chapter 1: What is Psychology
Chapter 2: Methods of Enquiry in Psychology
Chapter 3: The Human Behaviour
Chapter 5: Sensory, Attentional and Perceptual Process
Term-I Question & Answers
Term-II Dec 2019 Question & Answers
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Plus Two(XII) Psychology Focus based Study Notes 2022
Plus Two(XII) Psychology Focus area based notes by NSS Thelima Project
Plus Two(XII) Psychology Study Notes
Chapter 1: Variation in Psychological Attributes
Chapter 2: Self & Personality
Chapter 3: Meeting Life Challenges
Chapter 4: Psychological Disorders
Chapter 5: Therapeutic Approaches
Chapter 6: Attitude & Social Cognition
Chapter 7: Social Influences & Group Processes
Chapter 8: Psychology and life
Chapter 9: Developing Psychological Skill
Term-II Dec 2019 Question & Answers
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