Salary through eTSB account-Guidelines, Application Forms

It has been decided by the Kerala Finance department that the salary from the month of July 2019 would be deposited in the treasury account itself. With this purpose, Employee Treasury Savings Bank(e-TSB) account has been generated automatically for all the employees. 

Those who need it to be dispersed through Bank should submit a written statement, Standing Instruction regarding this to the salary Drawing and Disbursing officers (DDO) on or before 15th of July 2019. The form in PDF is available here. The software for generating e-TSB KYC is available in the link given below.

The step is being taken as part of disbursing the salary of nearly five and half lakh government servants in the state. The government plans to complete all the steps in connection with this in the month of July itself and the salary would be disbursed from August to the eTSB account opened by the Kerala Government employees and Teachers.

To change salary to other Bank accounts the DDOs should enter the same in Bill Information and Management System (BIMS) before 25th July 2019. After this only, the salary bill for the month of July should be processed by the DDOs. According to the requirements of the employees, a particular amount from the salary too can be sent to the the bank account.

To avail of the internet banking passbook, cheque book, in eTSB account, the employees must submit Know your customer (KYC) to the DDOs along with a copy of aadhar, PAN card or voter ID card.  Software for generating KYC is given below.

Click the below link for eTSB KYC form to avail of the internet banking facility. Aadhaar linked mobile number be given in the treasury and the same should be entered in the KYC too. The employees can have changes in the ways as they wish in receiving salary. Click the link below for Standing instruction, KYC, Govt order, Guidelines etc:-.

eTSB account-Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
eTSB account for govt employees. GO(P) No.67/2019/Fin Dated 13-06-2019
eTSB account for govt employees. Notice to Employees
eTSB account-SPARK & BIMS updation and frequently asked questions
eTSB account-interest rate. G.O.(P)No.78/2019/fin. Dated 06-07-2019
eTSB account KYC(Know Your Customer) form in PDF
eTSB account KYC(Know Your Customer) form in PDF
Internet Banking in eTSB account-Help
eTSB Application, KYC and Standing Instruction Builder by Sobhan(Last updated on 11.07.2019)

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