Follow the English Model Answer Sheet, Glow and Score High in Exam

The real success of an exam depends more on how we perform than on how we prepare. Hence, along with preparation, certain things should be kept in mind especially in languages. Value points depend upon the nature of question and its expected aspects from the learner. Usually, format, content, organization of ideas, presentation, use of appropriate language elements are of primary focus.

Students may lose their score while they answer in a random way, just skipping off what is required. So, they must know that they have to ‘answer to the question instead answer the question’. Idea should be conveyed briefly but clearly by using correct choice of words.

A model answer sheet of Higher Secondary Second Year, Second term English examination is given here. If the students go through it, they may get a crystal clear view on what is expected from the students for getting the optimum score. 

This typical answer sheet was prepared by Smt. Reena Mathai, HSST English, Govt HSS, Pirappancodu, Thiruvananthapuram aiming to provide the students a model to follow as one’s answer sheet presents one’s capabilities and subject knowledge. Click the link below for the model answer sheet of Higher secondary second year English examination.
Model Answer Paper
Plus Two English Question Paper(Term II, December 2018)
Plus Two English Model Answer Sheet for Term II Question Paper(December 2018) Prepared by Reena Mathai
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