Share study notes for flood victim - students

We all know that our state Kerala is facing the most crucial disaster in the world history. As a teacher,it is our duty and responsibility to take steps to manage with the hazards due to the grave flood. 

The study materials of the students like text books, records, note books etc are lost in flood. Even though they can get their text book, it is not practically possible to rewrite the notes (lecture notes) they have already prepared to face the examination. 
Under these circumstances, what a teacher can do, is being shared here. Each one of us might have prepared notes or study materials and given those items to our students. If such notes are orderly arranged and mailed in PDF form to , it would be a great blessing to the students. It is possible for us to make the students avail of the notes of all subjects through Higher Secondary group . It would be good if most of the teachers become a part of this noble deed.

What should you do to help us?

1.Type/prepare study notes or materials with you.
2. Save them as a PDF file.
3. Send us through email

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