Whatsapp/Telegram Broadcast Service for Students and Parents

Hsslive is setting up an innovative and informative step to inform of the various Higher Secondary curricular activities, study matters and other news items regularly and instantly to the students and parents while updating it.

What is Whatsapp/Telegram broadcast service?

Today, Whatsapp/Telegram is the most popular social media. Whatsapp/Telegram chats and groups are very active now-a-days. This whatsapp/Telegram broadcast sevice can be used to send live info to many through whatsapp/Telegram.

Hsslive Whatsapp/Telegram broadcast service for whom?

Hsslive Whatsapp/Telegram broadcast service can be subscribed by the students and their parents to avail of Higher Secondary Plus One and Plus Two study items, circulars or information related to Higher Secondary Education, Exam results, Entrance exam etc.

How to subscribe Hsslive Whatsapp broadcast service?

(1) Save the number 9074043146 in your mobile in the name of Hsslive.
(2) Send a whatsapp message ADD <Your Name> to Hsslive from your mobile. (eg: ADD Arun)
(3)You would be getting a confirmation message that you are included in Hsslive Whatsapp broadcast group in 48 hours.

How to subscribe Hsslive Telegram broadcast service?

(1) Join our telegram channel hsslive or use the link 

Terms and Conditions

1. Hsslive Whatsapp/Telegram broadcast group is free of cost.
2. The mobile number 9074043146 is given only to get you Hsslive messages.
3. Don’t make a call to this mobile number.
4. Once the registration is over, don’t send any other messages to this number.
5. Don’t use this mobile number for clarification of doubts. Make use of the blog and comment page in face book for this purpose.
6. If you delete the Hsslive mobile number 9074043146 from your contact list, you will not get any broadcast messages being sent by us.
7. The subscribers who don't conform to the terms and conditions, would be removed from the broadcast list. 

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