Duties and Grade Promotion of a Lab Assistant

The duties and responsibilities of Lab Assistants include the following.

  1. Duty time of Lab attenders is 9.15 am to 4.30 pm with an interval of 45minutes for lunch.They should keep the lab open during these hours and should be present in the Laboratory concerned.
  2. Lab attenders are responsible for the maintenance and proper arrangements of all equipments and apparatus in the lab and store room.They should bring the models or chairs to the room and take them back to the lab/store at the end of the class.
  3. They have to prepare chemical solutions and store in suitable container or bottles with labels, as directed by the teacher in charge of practicals.Burettes,apparatus and other glassware should be washed thoroughly before and after use.They should ensure that all gas connections and water outlets/taps in the laboratory are closed before leaving the lab.
  4. In Botany/Zoology labs,the microscopes,slides,cover slips etc: should be cleaned properly after every practical.they should be cleaned properly after every practical.They should also set up physiology experiments as instructed by the teacher in charge.They should collect biology specimen available in the locally like flowering plants,flowers,stem cutting ,root cuttings,modified parts of plants etc- prescribed in the syllabus and distribute them to students as directed by the teacher.They are also responsible for the proper arrangement and preservation or museum specimens and proper disposal of unwanted materials.
  5. In zoology lab,the attenders should bring specimen from animal house and prepare the specimen like cockroach etc: for practical by giving anesthesia and distribute them to students as directed by the teacher.they should also arrange the trays ,tables etc: and dispose the left overs properly after the practicals and clean the tables.
  6. In Physics lab they should clean the apparatus and equipments properly and periodically and make available water ,kerosine,oil and other materials for practical work.They should also place the apparatus and equipments properly so that the students can do their work scientifically without the wastage of time.It is the duty of the attender to take back the apparatus,once the practical is over and arrange and store them properly without any damage.In case/events/circumstances which are not mentioned above,the attenders should take instructions directly from the teacher in charge of practicals and obey their instructions as and when they are delivered.

Duty of supernumerary Lab Assistants

In the Government Order G.O.(MS)No.299/2004/G.Edn. dated:24.9.2004,creating supernumerary posts of Lab Assistants for regularization of the appointments made in the Aided Higher Secondary Schools till 28.3.2003, it was ordered that the Lab Assistants so regularized shall be engaged for clerical and 'other works' as and when required.
The word 'other works' means that the Lab Assistants are expected to help in the running of the Higher Secondary School doing clerical, library and such other official work as decided by the Principal of the school except sweeping/menial like jobs.
Ref :
1.Circular No 01/10711/HSE/94/G.Edn dtd 27.09.1995.

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