Higher Secondary Lab Assistants-Duties and responsibilities

For the smooth and proper running of the Higher secondary schools the lab assistants and supernumerary lab assistants have been assigned with certain duties.

The lab assistants should be present in school during the office hours from 9 a.m to 4:45 p.m. The proper maintenance and arrangement of the equipments and lab apparatus like preparation of chemical solutions, storing it in containers, washing burettes, apparatus and other glass wares, ensuring all gas connections, closing of water outlets, taps etc are his duty.

In the Botany lab, proper cleaning of microscopes, slides, cover slips etc, setting up of physiology experiments, collecting biology specimen of flowers, stems, cutting roots, modified parts of flowers are his works. He should take care of preserving microcosm specimens and proper disposal of unwanted materials.

The maintenance of zoology lab is his responsibility. Specimens from animal house, preparation of specimen like cockroach and distributing to students, arrangement of trays, tables, cleaning after use should be done by the lab attenders.

He should make things like water, kerosene, oil etc available to students in physics lab.
It is the duty of the lab attenders to assist in lab works as directed by the teachers in charge of the practical subjects.

The supernumerary lab assistants can be assigned with clerical, laboratory and other such works except sweeping and menial jobs as required by the principals of the institutions.
Higher Secondary Lab Assistants-Exempted from Test. G.O.(P)No.11/2024/GEDN Dtd 13-03-2024
Higher Secondary Lab Assistants-Exempted from Test. G.O.(P)No.10/2024/GEDN Dtd 12-03-2024
Lab assistants and office assistants should take on the responsibility of night watchmen during exam times.GO(MS) No 5761/2023 Gen.Edn dtd 04-10-2023
Lab Assistants Probation declaration and increment sanction-revised guidelines- GO(p) No 1782/2020 Gen.Edn dtd 01-06-2020
Lab Assistants Appointment from 2013-GO(Ms) No.100/2020/Gen.Edn dtd 18.03.2020
Lab assistants service regularisation-Guidelines, Affidavit, Proforma dtd 08.02.2019
Lab assistants service regularised.  instructions to RDDs. Circular dtd 30.10.2018
Lab assistants service regularised.  GO(MS) No. 146/2018/Gen.Edn dtd 08.10.2018
Compensatory leave for Lab assistants and census duty-circular dtd 23.01.2016
Lab assistants-Test exemption GO(Ms) No.194/2015 gen edn dtd 20.07.2015
Declaration of probation of Lab Assistants in Higher Secondary Schools. Clarification Circular dtd 26.12.2014
Declaration of probation of Lab Assistants in Higher Secondary Schools. GO(Rt) No.5567/14/Gen.Edn dtd 15.12.2014
Lab assistants and menial works-clarification dtd 07.07.2014
Duty of supernumerary lab assistants-Circular No.56072/T1/2005/G.Edn. dtd 22.12.2005
School Ministerial Staff, Infrastructural facilities etc. will be shared by both the Principals and Headmasters. GO(MS) No.134/04/G.EDN. Dated 14.05.2004

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