B.Tech-Your Choice Decides Your Career

Now a days B.Tech has become one of the trades of study as other Degree Courses. Smooth admission to such courses is behind this. But many branches of B.Tech may confuse a Plus two student to have a relevant choice.
How can the parents help the students in such situations?
It is necessary to have a clear perception of the main branches of engineering courses now itself. Our selection can be presumed from our aptitude and interest in Science subjects. We should be well informed of the career opportunities of each course. Let us have a look at the main branches of engineering and subjects related to it.

It is said, a civil engineer is one who draws a plan for house or buildings. It would bring to our mind a picture that Civil includes building constructions like simple residential buildings to sky scrapers, and bridges to stadium etc. It is one of the hereditary branches of engineering. A lot of different things are there to be studied in Civil Engineering. Surveying related to preparing the blue print of the buildings is important. Engineering Mathematics is incorporated with this. Calculus is the primary subject. Most of the courses under this involve many formulas. 
Have you studied Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics etc in Plus two? It is the fundamental part of this Civil Engineering Course.

It is one of the essential branches of Engineering Course. Numerous different subjects form its syllabus. Maths is given prominence in this branch of study. Students should have a good knowledge of Calculus, Algebra etc.
The Plus Two subjects like Mechanics, Thermo Dynamics etc. constitute the sub structure of Mechanical Engineering.
Day to day changes are quite obvious in the technicality of machines also. So, courses of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science branches are integral part of it.

Are you interested in software and its developments? Do you prefer office work to field work? Plus two students of Computer Science group may find it easy in the beginning. Students of other groups also can follow this branch of study without any difficulty. Most of the courses are based on Coding.
Study of Computer languages like Java, C++ etc. become an integral part of Computer Science Engineering.
A skilled programmer is born when his imaginations become creative and are transformed into a good software programming.

You might have studied the basic concepts in Physics like Digital Electronics, Communication etc. This is your choice if you are interested in this. As it is highly correlated with Computer, such subjects are in abundance here.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) is a modified form of earlier Electrical Engineering Course and so it consists of more Electrical subjects.
Are you familiar with the chapter on ‘Electricity’ in Plus Two Physics?
This EEE branch moves forward with the study of various kind of circuits, conductivity of electricity, voltage measurement. Like other courses, here also Maths is of paramount importance. It is also a study on pumbs, turbines etc along with several chapters on Electronics. The syllabus comprises electrical equipments related lab works.

As the name suggests, it is about Chemistry. Are you interested in Chemistry? If you are, then, this should be your choice for future career. Mathematics is the component part of Chemical Engineering.

All Engineering students should study about all the branches of Engineering during the first two semesters of their course irrespective of their subject of specialization. Second year onwards, students will study in depth the core subjects of the chosen branch of Engineering course.
Engineering course gives due importance to projects done in the final year of the course. Their project influences their career as it determines their final score as well as the employment opportunities awaiting them for their bright future.
Along with your selection excellence should prolong for success is within you. Take the right course to move towards excellence. It makes all the difference !!

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18 comments to ''B.Tech-Your Choice Decides Your Career"

  1. which branch have more scope in india???

    1. It is not the branch, but what matters how you study and where you study. All branches have its own merits and demerits.Also the branch you select needs to be suitable for aptitude.(For example if you are interested in Robotics then opting Civil may not be a wise decision .

  2. what about mechatronics engineering and production engineering and automobile engineering

    1. Wait for our next blog post...

    2. Mechatronics has enormous scope since it is more related to automation than Mechanical. It is an inter disciplinary branch, which combines Mechanical, Electronics Instrumentation & Control, Electrical etc.

  3. Replies
    1. As long as Computerization exists it is safe branch to select. We know that Computerization is not going to end. It will be there in one way or other

  4. What do you say adout Photonics???

  5. Also try to include more career options in all fields including UG degree courses.. Thnkss..

  6. There are 2 types of computer engineering . One is Computer Science Engineering ( CSE ) and Other is Information Technology (IT) . In CSE we study both Software and Hardware and In IT we study advanced software only. More info -

  7. please tell all about biomedical engineering

  8. Why top notch colleges like iits , nits etc do not offer bachelors in mechatronics....???

  9. You must have heard about remote desktop technology in which technical experts used to establish remote connection with your computer.Techwitty

  10. it becomes even more necessary that people should learn to be tech-savvy. Integrating technology in education everyday helps people keep engaged.

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