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Service Matters Help for Govt employees and Teachers

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Kerala Govt Employees and Teachers Service Help
There are a lot of formalities to be done for the Government employees & Teachers while they enter into the service and at the time of retirement too. A collection of help files that may be useful at different stages for the Government employees and teachers are given here. 
Service matters from entry into service to retirement from service and the service benefits are discussed here. It is very important to do certain things at the time of retirement whereas a few things after the retirement date. All closures and pension registration in PRISM should be done online. Most of them have to be done or forwarded by the DDO. 
To avoid confusion and difficulties, the service matters and benefits that should be done are presented in the chronological order itself in the book on ‘retirement'. The unique website, PRISM for data submission of the employees to retire is, user-friendly for data entry and updation and it should be submitted to the Head of office for approval. 
As the PRISM and the SPARK are linked, the employees should ensure the entry of their details. Hence the knowledge of these portals is necessary for a smooth procedure to get the retirement benefits. 
Apart from this, various help files like things to remember at the time of entry into the service, tax and TDS, Certificate and certification,filling in property statements extra are readily available at one click. 
The service of the Government employees and teachers, salary tax, various insurances and service benefits are given in detail. 
Also, the several forms required during the service period are available here. This would enable the govt employees during their service tenure and pension procedure without any complications and delay.
Joining the Service
Higher Secondary Service Guide for Newly Joined Higher Secondary Teachers(Ramesan Kaarkot)
HSST Junior to Senior Promotion-Service Guide 2021(Ramesan Kaarkot)
Service Guide for Newly Joined Medical Officers(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
A Complete book on Retirement(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
A Hand book on PRISM(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Hand Book for Pensioners-Prism Registration, SPARK updations, Guidelines(Dr.Augustine A.J)
Prism Portal Registration, Related Circulars and Govt orders
Terminal Surrender in SPARK(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
How to Update Retirement in SPARK(Jimmy Augustine)
How to edit Service History of Retired Employees in SPARK(Jimmy Augustine)
How to process Pay Revision Arrear Bill of Retired Employees in SPARK
SPARK Software Discussion Forum-Help files, Frequently Asked Questions, Ask your doubt etc:-
Grade & Promotion
Grade Calculating Software-Proceedure, Forms etc:-
How to update Grade/Promotion in SPARK(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Leave Surrender
Leave Surrender Processing in SPARK(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Leave Surrender Calculation Softwares, Related Circular, GOs
Medical Reimbursement
Medical Reimbursement for Govt Employees: Guidelines, Application, Orders & Circulars(Robin Samuel)
Medical Reimbursement in SPARK(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
A Handbook on BIMS(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Special TSB(STSB) Online Proceedings-(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Bank Account Correction in BIMS(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
GIS Closure(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
SLI,GIS and Viswas portal
GPAIS Scheme
Pay Revision & Pay Fixation
11th Pay Revision Calculator, report, Circular, proceedures, Salary Scales etc:-
11th Pay Revision -Pension Ready Reckoner
Income Tax & TDS
E-Filing of Income Tax Return-Help Files, Video Tutorial etc:-
E-Filing of Income Tax Return 2020-21(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Income Tax Calculation 2021-22(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
A Complete book on E-TDS: TDS Filing, TDS Correction(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
How to Prepare Anticipatory Income Statement ?
Income Tax Calculator Software Tools
TDS Correction(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
How to Download Form 16(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
How to file NIL Statement(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
Online Payment of Income Tax and TDS(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
Username, Password Recovery and Profile Editing in Traces(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
Higher Secondary Appointment & Approval
Higher Secondary Special Rules & Amendments
Creation of Post in Govt & Aided HSS-Post Creation Govt Orders, Manual, Guidelines
Gain PF
Gain PF Help & Support
Leave & Leave Rules: Circular, Govt Order, Guidelines
Leave Travel Concession(LTC) for Govt Employees and Teachers-How to Apply?
Guest Teachers Appointment & Wages
Service & Academic Forms
Govt Orders & Circulars
Govt Orders Archive
Software Tools
Software Tools

Higher Secondary First year(Plus one) English exam 2021: Things to know to Score more

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plus one english exam tips 2021
Hard work always yields. It is high time, the students prepared well for their Higher Secondary public exam. Constant as well as concentrated reading is essential for the students. The students who aim at scoring high marks and those who feel difficulty for getting through the exam easily, must practice many previous year question papers. 
Due to ongoing pandemic scenario, the digital classroom was the only source of study for the students. So the question paper pattern has been made in such a way with more choices in each section to enable the students’ performance in their exam. 
The model exam for the plus one students was done strictly following the new structure. Working out the model exam questions would surely give an idea on how to write the answers for various questions in different sections. 
Language paper is an open type to some extent. Still some answers from certain areas are of application level. For this it is essential that the students should be aware of the proper way of answering each questions. 

Higher Secondary First year Part 1-English Model Exam Question Paper(Solved)

To provide a clear picture of English exam and possibility of score, the complete answer of each question in the model exam is given here. It is prepared by a group of English teachers from the state, with necessary points and format for each question. 
The students can understand from it the right structure of types of question. As it is not the simple key but with important value points expected from the students for such questions to award the optimum score, it is sure that, it would guide them to write English exam in their best. Click the link to download English model exam 2021 completely solved paper. 

The Team !

Mrs.Smita K,HSST English, PMSAMAHSS Chemmankadavu, Malappuram 
Mr.Manoj Kumar K , HSST English,Mambram HSS,Thalassery 
Mr.Abdul Majeed M T, VHSST in English,Rahmaniya VHSS,Calicut 
Mrs.Rejina N A,HSST English,Ghss Anchery,Thrissur 
Mr.Retheesh R Nair, HSST English, GHSS Peringolam
Mrs.Sobha C S, HSST Eng,GHSS Pookkottumpadam,Malappuram
Mrs.Ananthi.M, HSST English, GHSS, Perumpalam, Alappuzha
Mrs.Sindhu.P , HSST English ,GGHSS Kallai ,Calicut
Higher Secondary First year English Solved Question paper 2021(Things to Know to Score more)
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Plus One English Study Notes
Higher Secondary Plus One Part I English discourses with format
Plus One English Question Pattern 2021
Plus One Model Exam Question Paper & Answer Key 2021(All Subjects)
Plus One Focus based Study Notes(All Subjects)

Dr.Ambedkar Post-matric Scholarships for Economically Backward Class Students

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Dr Ambedhkar Post matric Scholarship
The students of the forward communities whose annual income is not above 1 lakh can apply before 28th of September 2021 to avail of Dr Ambedkar Post Matric Scholarship. This help is being rendered by the Kerala State Forward Community Welfare Corporation. The application can be submitted by post to The Managing Director, L2, Kuleena, Jawahar Nagar, Kowdiar P.O, Trivandrum 695003. 


Bank account is must for all the applicants. No other Government scholarship or stipend can be availed of along with this. Students belonging to general category and studying in government schools only are eligible for this scholarship. Two male children of each parent can get this benefit whereas there is no restricted number in the case of female children. 


Maintenance allowance for each month is as given below. 11th std, 12th std, ITI, Polytechnic, Diploma - Rs. 260/month , but for students not staying in hostel it would be Rs.160/month. Apart from these, admission, tuition, games, magazine, medical fee and maximum of rupees 900/year towards study tour will also be given. 

How to Apply ?

Application form and detailed notification are available in the website. Application along with the copies of certificate should be sent by post to the Managing Director. It should be attested by the School Principal. The envelop must be superscribed with “Application for Dr.Ambedkar Post Matric Scholarship”. The last date for the receipt of applications is 28th of September 2021.
Dr.Ambedkar Post-matric Scholarships-Application Form & Guidelines
Dr.Ambedkar Post-matric Scholarships-List of Eligible Cast for Applying Scholarship. GO(MS) No. 114/2021 GAD dtd 03.06.2021

Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Chemistry Notes

Monday, August 30, 2021 / 193 Comments
hsslive chemistry notes
Higher Secondary Plus Two Chemistry notes prepared by Sri.Anil Kumar K.L, Govt HSS, Ashtamudi, Kollam, Malappuram District Panchayath, Association of Chemistry Teachers, Palakkad and Anoop Chandran published. These study notes are the result of 16 years teaching experience and completely based on the NCERT syllabus. So they are very useful for both Kerala Syllabus and CBSE students. The notes are divided into chapters, which makes them easy for handling. As you know more and more Chemistry will become simpler and simpler. So start with confidence.
Plus One(XI) Chemistry Study Notes based on Focus Area 2021
Plus one(+1) Chemistry Focus area based study notes prepared by Chemistry Association Kannur(K-DACT)
Plus one(+1) Chemistry Focus area based study notes prepared by Chemistry Association Palakkad(CAP)
Plus one(+1) Chemistry Focus area based study notes-Vijayabheri prepared by Malappuram District Panchayath
Plus one(+1) Chemistry Focus area based study notes prepared by Anil Kumar K L
Plus one(+1) Chemistry Focus area based study notes & Questions(Chapter 8 to 14) prepared by Anoop Chandran
Plus One(XI) Chemistry Revision Test based on Focus Area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Revision Test-1(Question & Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Revision Test-2(Question & Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Revision Test-3(Question & Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Revision Test-4(Question & Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Revision Test-5(Question & Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Revision Test-6(Question & Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Revision Test-7(Question & Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Revision Test-8(Question & Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One(XI) Chemistry Model Exam Question Paper based on Focus Area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Model Exam Question Paper-1 based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Model Exam-1(Answer Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Model Exam Question Paper-2 based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Model Exam-2(Answer Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Model Exam Question Paper-3 based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Model Exam-3(Answer Key) based on focus area 2021
Plus One Chemistry Model Exam Question Paper(Ver 2021) Prepared by Anoop Chanadran
Plus One Chemistry Model Exam(Answer Key) by Anoop Chandran
Plus One(XI) Chemistry Study Notes(Malayalam) based on Focus Area 2021
Unit 1 by Jacob Johns
Plus One(XI) Chemistry Class Notes(Text Based) by Anil Kumar K L
1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry(Notes by Minhad)
2. Atomic Structure
3. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
4. Chemical bonding and Molecular Structure
5. States of Matter
6. Thermodynamics
7. Equilibrium
8. Redox Reactions
9. Hydrogen
9. Hydrogen Prepared by Minhad
10. The s-block elements
11. The p-block elements
12. Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles
12. Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles-Video Class by Reshina George
13. Hydrocarbons
14. Environmental Chemistry
14. Environmental Chemistry by Minhad
Plus One(XI) Chemistry Quick Revision Notes(English & Malayalam)
Plus One Chemistry Quick Revision Capsule
Plus One(XI) Chemistry Question Bank(Solved)
XI Chemistry Question Bank(Solved)
XI Chemistry Question Bank by VHSE career guidance cell
Plus One(XI) Chemistry Slide Presentation
Plus One Chemistry Presentation Slides(All Chapters)
Plus Two(XII) Chemistry SCERT Focus area 2021 based Class Notes
Plus Two(XII) Chemistry Study notes based on focus area by Anil Kumar K L
Plus Two(XII) Chemistry Sample Question Paper based on Question Pattern 2021 by Anoop Chandran
Plus Two(XII) Chemistry Focus area study notes by Malappuram District Panchayath
Plus Two(XII) Chemistry Focus area based study notes by Samagra Shiksha Kerala
Plus Two(XII) Chemistry Class Notes By Anil Kumar
1. The Solid State
1. The Solid State (Prepared by Sajeev)
1. The Solid State (Prepared by Minhad)
1. The Solid State-Video class by Jayadevan
2. Solutions
2. Solutions-Video class by Sethu Nadh V S
3. Electro Chemistry
3. Electro Chemistry-Video class by Sethu Nadh V S
4. Chemical Kinetics
4. Chemical Kinetics by Sajeev
4. Chemical Kinetics-Video Class by Jayadevan P
5. Surface Chemistry
5. Surface Chemistry by Sajeev
6. Isolation of Elements
7. p-block Elements
7. p-block Elements-Study Notes by Sajeev
8. The d and f block Elements
8. The d and f block Elements by Sajeev
9. Coordination Compounds
9. Coordination Compounds-Notes by Sajeev
10. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
11. Alcohols, Phenols and ethers
11. Alcohols, Phenols and ethers(Study Notes by Minhad)
12. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids
12. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids(Study Notes by Minhad)
13. Amines
13. Amines by Minhad
14.Bio molecules
14. Bio molecules Study notes by Sajeev
14. Bio molecules by Minhad
15. Polymers
15. Polymers by Minhad
16.Chemistry in Everyday Life(Last updated on 30.01.2019)
16.Chemistry in Everyday Life by Mr.Abdul Salam K
16.Chemistry in Everyday Life by Mr.Minhad
10-13. Organic Chemistry (Chapter 10,11,12 & 13) by Sajeeth , GVG HSS,Chittur
14-15. Organic Chemistry (Chapter 14 & 15) by Mr.Sajeeth , GVG HSS,Chittur
Organic Chemistry-Name Reactions Prepared by Mr.Jinush Afsal
Plus Two Chemistry Quick Notes(Chapter 1 to 3) Prepared by Mr.Elvin
Plus Two(XII) Chemistry- Quick Notes(Kaithang) by Pathanamthitta District Panchayath
Plus Two Chemistry Quick Notes Prepared by Krishna Sampreeth
p-block elements
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Isolation of Elements
Chemical Kinetics
Surface Chemistry
Presentation Slides
Atomic Structure(XI)
Surface Chemistry
Solid state
Bio molecules
Chemistry in Every Day Life
p-Block elements(XII) by SAMIR.N
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Plus Two Chemistry Quick Revision Notes in Malayalam by Jijish Elias
Higher Secondary Chemistry-Organic Conversions by Sajeeth Antony
Mikavu-Chemistry Hand Book for Plus Two Students
Academic Updates
XII Chemistry Question Bank
XII Chemistry Question Bank by VHSE career guidance cell

How to Identify Non Programmable Calculators ?

Non Programmable Calculators
The Higher Secondary students are supposed to follow certain things as strictly instructed by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education. An Exam Manual has been published by the DHSE in connection with this. As per its directions, the students are not allowed to use programmable calculators. But the teachers as well as the students find it difficult to differentiate the programmable calculator from the non programmable one.

Programmable Vs Non-Programmable Calculator

Here are certain things to be noted to find out the difference between the two:-

A non programmable calculator is of light weight with small screen display and simple outlook. It would be devoid of function buttons. 
A programmable calculator is a little heavier one with comparatively bigger screen display and graphic capabilities.
The A-Z alphabets buttons/key make the programmable calculator an easily identifiable one.
Storing texts, alpha numeric data, graphic functions, facility for internet connectivity and communications are possible only in the programmable calculator.

Non-Programmmable Calculator Models

 List of some non programmable calculator brands are given here.
Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator(Price & Link)
Casio FX-350MS Scientific Calculator
Casio FX-82ES Scientific Calculator

List of non-programmable calculators of some famous brands like Casio, Sharp,  Hewlett Packard are given here for reference.

Non-proggrammable Calculator

How to fill up Higher Secondary Answer Sheet ?
Use of Scientific Calculators. Circular dtd 29.01.2015
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HSS Plus One Study Notes 2021(Focus area based)
HSS Plus One Model Exam 2021-updates
HSS Plus One Public Exam 2021-updates
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Higher Secondary First year(Plus One) Exam Question Pattern September 2021 by SCERT

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Plus one question pattern 2021
The SCERT has published focus area in each subject for the Higher Secondary students writing their board examination in this present Covid 19 period. 

Higher Secondary Plus One Question Pattern 2021

The SCERT has also published the guidelines of board exam question paper for the First year(Plus One) Higher Secondary students. It has been done with a view to make the students aware of the type and score of questions and understand the pattern of exam. Moreover, unlike the previous years, the cool off time of exam has been increased from 15 minutes to 20 minutes this year. 

Though the maximum marks for the exam remains the same, the questions for the double the score of the maximum marks will be given, (that is, questions for 120 marks for maximum 60 mark exam and 160 mark questions for maximum 80 mark question).

Hence, the students need practice to write according to the score and time allotted and it is sure that the pattern or the structure of question paper published and the question paper of the model examination to be conducted from the 31st August 2021 will be of much help to the students for the exam preparation. 

Download the Higher Secondary Plus One question paper structure 2021 published by the SCERT from the link below.
Higher Secondary First Year Question Pattern 2021
Higher Secondary First Year(Plus One) Question Pattern 2021 published by SCERT
Higher Secondary First Year(Plus One) Model Exam 2021 by DHSE & Chapter wise score Weightage
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Plus One Study Notes, Model Questions, Revision Questions etc:- based on Focus area 2021(All Subjects)
Plus One Model Exam August/September 2021-Time Table, Model Questions
Plus One Public Exam September 2021-Time Table, Notification

Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window Admission

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Higher Secondary Single Window(Ekajalakam) Admission 2021

Admission to Plus One classes in Govt/Aided/Unaided Higher Secondary schools in Kerala is done through Single Window System. This Higher Secondary admission process has been followed for the past few years in an easy and effective manner.

When to apply for Plus One admission 2021?

As soon as the results of 10th std students studying in State syllabus are published, the admission process would begin. A prospectus recognized by the govt would be published for this. 

Single Window Admission System(Ekajalakam) 2021

Admission to Plus one classes in Govt and aided Higher Secondary Schools is done through Centralised Allotment Process called Single Window Admission(Ekajalakam). This allotment Process starts immediately after the publication of SSLC/10th standard results. Admission through this system is to procure the merit seats in Govt and aided Higher secondary schools. This is an endeavor to clear the doubts regarding plus one admission that are likely to arise among the students and parents.

How to submit application for Plus one Single Window Admission 2021?

Applications should be submitted online for admission to Plus One in Higher Secondary schools in Kerala. The HSCAP portal is exclusively for this purpose. While applying online, the scores obtained in SSLC exam, Date of Birth, details of participation in club activities and other such data should be entered for availing of eligible bonus marks.

The students should submit their Single Window Application online through Computer system/Mobile with internet connection or govt or aided Higher Secondary schools in the state. 

Single Window Admission Help Video by DHSE ICT Cell

The Higher Secondary ICT Cell has prepared separate videos for the students, on the directions and guidelines for Single Window Admission Process. 

Single Window Help Line Video by ICT Cell(2021)

Single Window Help Line Video Part 1 by CG & AC(2020)

Single Window Help Line Video Part 2 by CG & AC(2020)

Is one application sufficient for all districts in Kerala?

It is sufficient to submit one single window application for schools in one district, whereas for plus one admission to schools in other districts, a separate application to each district has to be given. Read Prospectus for details.

Can corrections be done in online submitted applications?

Yes. Corrections are possible. If the details given in the application are found to be unjust, the application will stand cancelled. Hence, the applicants had better confirm the details in the application in HSCAP admission portal. 

What is the eligibility criteria for plus one admission 2021 through Single Window System?

Students who have passed S.S.L.C or Equivalency Exam conducted by other Boards can apply for Single Window Admission.

What is Higher Secondary School code?

The code number given to govt/aided/unaided Higher Secondary schools is of much significance in the admission process. To find out the code number of Higher Secondary schools in each district. Check School Code here

Higher Secondary School Code, Combination Code & Contact Details(District wise)
HSS School Codes, Combination Codes, Telephone No, Language list etc:-

Combination Code

There are 46 subject combinations available in Higher Secondary course. They are clubbed differently as Science, Humanities and Commerce groups. The groups with subject combinations, their code, weightage given to all subjects in SSLC while choosing each combination for admission to Plus One, are given below. Refer the Annexure 10 in the prospectus to know the subject combination sanctioned to each school district wise. Check Higher Secondary Subject combinations and codes.

How to give options for Plus one Single window admission 2021?

At the time of online submission of application for Higher Secondary plus one admission 2021, meticulous care is needed for the entry of options. Applicant’s priority may vary as some would focus on school while others on subject combination. There is no limit to set options. Make a list of the schools of your preference and those have with transportation facility also. A sample form is given below to prepare a list of your options before entering online. Entry of options be done only after checking the names of institutions.  Download Sample Worksheet for Option Entry.

What is the criteria for Plus One Admission 2021?

Eligibility of each student for admission is determined by WGPA (Weightage Grade Point Average). Weightage will be given to certain subjects of the qualifying examination according to the subject combination selected by the student.

How the bonus points, if any, are granted in Plus one rank list preparation for admission?

Bonus points are granted as per the list given below.

Plus One Single Window Main Allotment 2021

Allotment list would be published in the Admission portal after preparing a rank list on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying exam. There would be two allotments in the first round. In accordance with the availability of seats, Supplementary allotment may follow this.

Plus One Single Window Permanent Admission and Temporary Admission 2021

Students who get first option allotment must pay their fee and take permanent admission within the time allotted. If the first option is not allotted in the first allotment, but expecting higher options in the next allotment, such students can take temporary admission and continue as such till the completion of main allotments.

Higher Secondary Plus one Supplementary Allotment Process 2021

Closure of the main allotment process is followed by supplementary allotment and school combination transfer allotment. Students are advised to check the admission portal regularly to alert themselves of the notifications, and latest info related to admission etc.

Higher Secondary Single Window Admission 2021

To have a clear understanding of the Single Window Admission procedure for admission to Higher Secondary course, First year, read the prospectus and annexures published by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education. After the publication of the prospectus, it can be downloaded from the link.

Higher Secondary Plus  One Single Window Help Desk 2021

Single Window Help Desk will be functioning in govt and aided Higher Secondary schools to guide and help the students to know more about the procedure and to submit Single window application 2021. The students and parents can make use of this free service.

Plus One Single Window(Ekajalakam) Admission Schedule 2021

The Single Window Admission schedule for the academic year 2021-22 and updates would be made available here, as and when it is published. Use this desk to share and clear your doubts.

Commencement of Online submission of Applications: 24-08-2021
Closing of Online Submission of Application: 08-09-2021
Publication of Trial Allotment: 13-09-2021
Publication of First Allotment: 22-09-2021
Publication of Second Allotment: Not Available
Commencement of Classes: Not Available
Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window Admission 2021-22
Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission Prospectus 2021-22
Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission 2021: How to Apply?
Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission Portal(
Vocational Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window Admission 2021-22
VHSE Plus one Single Window Admission Prospectus 2021-22
VHSE Courses-Audio Book
Vocational Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission Portal(
Plus One Single Window Admission 2020-21-Related Circular, Help files Archive
Single Window Admission 2021-22-Revised Schedule published on 02-09-2021
Submitting Online Application - Frequently Asked Questions(Updated)
School/Combination Option Worksheet(Sample)
School list(Local Body/Taluk wise)
Religion & Caste Entry in HSCAP Portal-Help File
10% Reservation in Higher Secondary Admission for Economically Weaker Sections in General Category : Govt Order GO(Ms) No. 137/2020 Gen Edn dtd 11-08-2020. (Annexure 1 & 2)
How to apply for 10th Equivalency Certificate ?
How to apply for Plus one Sports Quota Asmission ?
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