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SSLC Exam Manager for High Schools

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 / 56 Comments
sslc exam manager software 2021
Free Software for High schools for conducting Kerala SSLC Exams. This software is meant for preparing the Seating, Packing, Contingent Bill of SSLC Theory Examinations. 

It generates automatic Seating arrangement reports, Acquittance, Notice Board Preparations, Room label, Desk label, Packing slip, Attendance, Voucher and other forms. 

We request you to make use of this software and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of this free product.

Data Copy/Import Steps: 

To copy student details from excel sheet, follow these steps. 
1.Open SSLC Exam Manager 2021 
2.Go to Basic Settings->Basic Settings (Very Important->Copy Data
3.Copy RegNos and Names from Excel Sheet without Heading (only data), click 'CopyData', 
4.Select RegNo and Name then Paste. 
5. Click 'ImportData' 
6. If you want to make any changes like Language, Candidate Type, Medium etc, Do it at 'Basic Settings'->'Student List Edit'.
SSLC Manager 2021 for conducting Kerala SSLC Examination(Last updated on 17.03.2021)
SSLC Manager 2021-Help File
Steps for Importing data from Ms-Excel Sheet to SSLC Manager 2021