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School Parliament Election Schedule & Guidelines

Saturday, September 7, 2019 / 21 Comments
Update: School Parliament Elections 2019-20-Schedule published
The General Education Department has published norms and guidelines regarding the formation and execution of School Parliament. All sections like Upper Primary, High School, Higher Secondary and Vocation Higher Secondary should jointly form the School Parliamentary Council so that it would be one parliament in one school. School parliamentary council activities' motto must be creating awareness of republicanism and developing unity among the students. School parliament election should be peaceful and devoid of any political party's interference.
School Parliament and Its Aim
The school parliament should run various clubs like Literary club, Arts club, Sports club etc to promote and to realize the concept of 'republicanism' and be part of conduct of Arts Fest, Sports Meet, Maths and Science Fair, Social Science Fair and other such public programmes. Also it should work for the academic up gradation and be part of study tour committee.
Formation of School Parliament
Each class in Govt/Aided/Recognized Un-Aided Upper Primary, High School, Higher Secondary, Vocational Higher Secondary sections would be a unit. Each unit would select a member known as Class leader. They combine and form school parliament. The link given below provides detailed guidelines on selection of class leaders. The school parliament should meet to elect Chair person, Vice chair person, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Arts club Secretary, Joint Secretary, Literary Club Secretary, Joint Secretary, Sports Club Secretary and Joint Secretary. Representations of each section from school is given below in detail. Click the link to download school parliament election related detailed guidelines, nominations papers, forms, circulars etc.
School Parliament Election 2019-20 Schedule
Last date for filing Nominations: 19-09-2019(3pm)
Scrutiny of Nominations: 20-09-2019(3pm)
Last date for withdrawal of Candidature: 23-09-2019
Publishing Final List of Candidates: 24-09-2019
Date of Poll: 25-09-2019
Counting of Votes: 25-09-2019
Selection of Office bearers : 25-09-2019
School Parliament Election Schedule 2019-20. Circular No DPI No.H1/8923/2019/DGE Dtd 07.09.2019
Guidelines for School Parliament Election.GO MS No.194/07 Gen.Edn. Dtd 05/11/2007
Nomination & Related Forms for School Parliament Election