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Higher Secondary Plus one/Plus Two Social Work Study Notes

Friday, October 16, 2020 / No Comments

There are mainly three subject combinations, Science Commerce and Humanities at the Higher Secondary level. The students can select their option from many of the subjects available for their study in Humanities group. One such option is Social Work. 

There are five combinations with social work as one of the subjects at the Higher Secondary level. The course name and course code of it are given below.:-

16-History, Economics, Political Science, Social Work
19-Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Gandhian Studies 
31-Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Statistics 
32-Economics, Statistics, Anthropology, Social Work 
44-Social Work, Journalism, Communicative English, Computer Applications

Apart from the study of the course book, some important short notes/points in Social Work, which is one of the rare subjects under study at the Higher Secondary level, are given. 

There are totally 9 chapters in the second year Social Work course book.
1.Primary Methods 
2.Secondary Methods 
3.Leadership and Communication 
4.Development and Resource Mobilisation 
5.Health and Sanitation 
6.Hygeine and Health Care Services 
7.Guidence and Counselling 
8.Family Life Education 
9.International Social Work

There are totally 9 chapters in the first year Social Work course book. 
1.Social work-The art and science of problem soving
2.Orgin and development of social work
3.Fields of Social Work
4.Human rights and social legislations
5.Fundametals of Social Life
6.Contemporary Social Concerns
7.Human Behavior
8.Self Development
9.Life Skill Education

The study notes from these chapters were prepared by Smt. Kavita J of Government Higher Secondary School Pampady, Thrissur
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