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hssMozhi-Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Malayalam Class Study Notes

Thursday, April 1, 2021 / 1 Comment
Higher Secondary Malayalam Class hssMozhi

hssMozhi is a consortium of Higher Secondary Malayalam Teachers. The aim of the group is to provide the necessary learning resources to Higher Secondary Malayalam students and teachers.  It is complete study package.
About Team hssMozhi
The main attraction is the purpose-oriented video classes of Higher Secondary Malayalam syllabus. 

There are mainly three tires in this project. 

1. YouTube Channel

Those are video classes based on the first and second year malayalam lessons.  Here the classes begin only after the discussion of each chapter in detail and clear presentation of the concept. The teacher follows the text well. Classes are organized in such a way that it is useful not only for the students but also for the teachers. 
Video Class Team:-
team hssmozhi
Study Note Preparation Team:-
hssMozhi team
Classes are handled by a team of efficient teachers who have handled classes in the Victors Channel too. Therefore, it can certainly be said that it is the best available supporting study material. The video is filmed by the persons handling the session itself. Editing and final mixing is done by another team. Such an idea originated during this Covid period. This has been used by umpteen number of students. Questions are given at the end of video classes. They are for the students to practice writing it for exam. Each unit is followed by review classes too. 

hssMozhi Youtube Channel

2.Telegram Channel 

In order to provide additional information related to the text, hssMozhi are also handling each telegram channel for +1 and +2 classes. It has an extensive collection of higher secondary malayalam text-related audios, videos, links, question papers, and answer keys. It is a huge collection of resources. You can watch our video classes sequentially there. Additional information is added below for this. The lesson notes also can also be found there. It is also available in PDF form too. 

hssMozhi Telegram +2 Channel

hssMozhi Telegram +1 Channel

3.Telegram Group

Telegram group has been created for +1 and +2 classes. Reflections on Video Classes can be entered here. Responses like reviews, needs and suggestions can also be recorded . WhatsApp No(hssMozhi): 7902479435 The links for video classes and telegram channel are available in Along with the notes, the link for the chapter concerned too is given.
Higher Secondary Plus One(XI) Malayalam Focus area based Notes
Plus One(+1) Malayalam Focus area based study notes(All in One PDF) Prepared by hssMozhi
Higher Secondary Plus One(XI) Malayalam Resources by hssMozhi
Unit I Lesson I Sandarshanam
Unit I Lesson II Ormayude Njaramb
Unit I Lesson III Verukal Nashttapeduthunnavr
Unit I Lesson IV Malsyam
Unit II Lesson I Kayalarikathu
Unit II Lesson II Sinimayum samoohavum
Unit II Lesson III kalanju poya cyclum kazhinju poya kaalakhattavum
Unit III Lesson I Kavyakalayekurich Chila Nireekshanagal
Unit III Lesson 2 Oonjalil
Unit III Lesson 3 Anarkha Nimisham
Unit III Lesson 4 Lathiyum Vediyundayum
Higher Secondary Plus One(XI) Malayalam Previous Question Paper & Key
HSE XI March 2020 Malayalam Question Paper & Answer Key
Higher Secondary Plus Two(XII) Malayalam Resources by hssMozhi
XII Malayalam Study Notes based on Focus Area 2021
Plus Two(XII) Malayalam Focus area based study notes by Samagra Shiksha Kerala
XII Malayalam Model Exam March 2021-Question Paper & Answer Key
XII Malayalam Public Exam March 2020-Question Paper & Answer Key
Plus Two(XII) Malayalam Chapter wise weigtage based on Model question paper 2021
Higher Secondary Plus Two(XII) Malayalam Resources by hssMozhi
Unit I Lesson I Kannadi Kanmolavum
Unit I Lesson II Prakasham Jalampoleyanu
Unit I Lesson III Kiratha Vrutham
Unit I Lesson IV Avakashangalude Prashnam
Unit II Lesson I Keshinimozhi
Unit II Lesson II Agnivarnante Kalukl
Unit II Lesson III Padathinte Pathathil
Unit II Lesson IV Mapplila Pattile Keraleeyatha
Unit III Lesson I Kollivakkallathonnum
Unit III Lesson III Thenga
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Class 10 to 12 Study Notes(All Subjects)

Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Malayalam Notes

Sunday, August 2, 2015 / 155 Comments
Higher Secondary first and second year Malayalam(Part II) study notes for each lesson are given here. Sri.Dileep Krishnan,Govt Higher Secondary School, Kayamkulam, Dr.Vijesh Perumkulam, Govt HSS, Kottarakkara, Dr.P.Suresh, Atholi HSS, Sri.Raju M.R, Govt HSS,Kappil, Sri.Philip P.K, St.Aloysius HSS,Elthuruth,Sri.Baiju K.P ,Kasargod and Sri A.V Sathyesh, Govt HSS,Kannur prepared the Higher Secondary plus one/plus two Part II Malayalam study notes unit wise to aid the Higher secondary students. Students can avail of the link below to download Higher secondary study notes for their exam preparation.
HSS Malayalam XI/XII Study Notes by hssMozhi
HSS Malayalam Study Materials by hssMozhi
XI Malayalam Part II Study Notes
Unit 1 Jonadhan Livingston (Introduction)
Unit 1 Lesson 1 Sandharshanam-Balachandran Chullikkad
Unit 1 Lesson 4 Malsyam-T.P Rajeevan (Notes 1)
Unit 1 Lesson 4 Malsyam-T.P Rajeevan (Notes 2)
Unit 2 Lesson 1 Neelakkuyil
Unit 2 Lesson 1 Chalachithra Ganagalum cinimayum
Unit 3 Lesson 1 Kavyakalayekurichu
Unit 3 Lesson 2 Oonjalil
Unit 4 Lesson 6 Sasthrakriya(Notes-2)
Unit 4 Lesson 6 Sasthrakriya(Notes-1)
Plus One Malayalam Study Notes by Philip P.K
Plus One Model Question Paper Prepared by SCERT
Plus One Teacher Text Prepared by SCERT
Plus One/Plus Two Scheme and Syllabus by SCERT
XII Malayalam Part II Study Notes
XII Malayalam Study Notes Based on Focus Area 2021(Full Notes) Prepared by Team Higher Secondary Malayalam Class
Unit 1 Lesson 1 Sakunthala Chinthakal
Unit 1 Lesson 3 Kiratha Vritham
Plus Two Malayalam Text Book
Plus Two Malayalam Teacher Text Book
Plus Two Malayalam Edumate Question Bank