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Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Manual and Results

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 / 144 Comments
Update: School Sasthrolsavam Result: State ResultSub-district Result | District Result
The Kerala School Science,Maths, Social science,Work experience and IT fair (Sasthramela)  is aimed at kindling the different talents of students from primary level to higher secondary level and nurturing their skills.

The fair also aims at finding out the inborn abilities of children and encouraging them to strengthen it and imparting training to practice in daily life.

The competitions are at school level, sub-district, revenue district and state level. The first two place winners at sub district level can participate in the revenue district level and the first two winners at the revenue district level would become eligible to participate in the state level.

School Sasthrolsavam Manual Revised
The manual for Maths, Social Science, Work experience, IT fair for the LP to Higher Secondary students of the state has been revised. As per the norms in the revised manual, the competitions for the LP and UP sections would culminate at Sub District level whereas the competitions for High School And Higher Secondary sections would come to close at state level. The number of items that each section can participate in each fair is as given below.

Science fair:
LP section - 3 items
UP, High school and HSS section - 4 items

Maths fair
LP section - 5 items
UP section - 6 items
High school and HSS - 12 items

Social Science fair
LP section - 2 items
UP section - 4 items
High school and HSS - 6 items

Work Experience
LP and UP section - 21 items
High school and HSS - 27 items

IT Mela
UP section - 3 items
High school and HSS - 7 items

The directions for judgments are also made rigorous in the new manual. The judges of sub district level cannot retain the same position for the same item at the district level. This rule is applicable to the state level also. Also only two contestants should be there from the Sub district to the district level and from the district to the state level. If any student is given appeal by the court or the appealing authority, the qualified students' performance would be assessed a along with this so as to to eliminate one of them and the other two contestants would take part in the next level. The direction has also been given for video recording of the events from the sub district level.

Valuation Guidelines
Those who score 80% of marks or more in an item in the fair would be considered A grade and they would get 5 points and 30 marks as grace marks. 70 % - 79% scorers would be given B grade with 3 points and 24 marks would be awarded as grace marks. C grade with one point would be given to those getting 60% -659% and 18 marks would be awarded as grace marks.

Appeal Steps
If the contestant has a complaint in any of the contest results, he/she can give appeal to review the results. Appeal fee is Rs. 500 at sub district level and Rs.1500 at district level and Rs.2000 at state level. A sample application form for submitting appeal is given below.

Theme and Sub Theme for Kerala School Sasthramela
Science fair is organized in all states and Union Territories according to the subject and guidelines of the NCERT. The theme and sub theme of the science fair for the year 2019-20 can be downloaded from the link given below.

General Instructions for Kerala School Sasthramela
The students of LP / UP / HS / HSS / VHSS can participate in any one of the items only in Science, Maths, Social Science, Work Experience and IT fair. But it is not applicable for Quiz items. The participants in the fair should not wear school uniform.

Various circulars published in connection with Science fair, Science fair manual,Results, Schedules etc are available in the link below.
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