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How to Cancel Higher Secondary Course and Exam Registration

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 / 13 Comments
Some of the Higher Secondary students have to cancel their exam or even the course itself due to various reasons or circumstances. If the first and second year students are willing, they can cancel their exam. Also, the first year students can cancel their course registration and can continue studying a new combination of subjects.
How to Cancel Higher Secondary Course Registration?
The students who would like to cancel the Higher Secondary course registered can submit an application for cancellation to the Higher Secondary Directorate, only through the principal of their present school of study. ( sample application is given below)
Application Form for Higher Secondary Course Cancellation
They should remit a chalan for Rs.150/- under the head of account of 0202-01-102-97 (3) other receipts, obtained from the treasury and the original chalan be attached with the application. It is mandatory to mention the subject combination to be cancelled in the application. The students registered for first year exam should enter their register number in the application. If the candidate has appeared for first year exam and obtained mark list, they should return their mark list and submit their exam cancellation certificate also.
How to Cancel Higher Secondary First/Second year Examination Registration?
Generally, the students do not have any right to cancel their First Year HSE exam. At the same time, students who are to cancel their Higher Secondary course itself, can cancel their First year exam registration. For this, they should submit an application along with their original first year score sheet and recommendation letter by the principal. If the student wants to cancel his second year exam, recommendation letter from the principal should accompany their application. It should be submitted before 31st of March of the same year.Sample application form is given below.
Application Form for Higher Secondary First/Second Year Examination Cancellation
Such students’ practical and theory exam marks will also be cancelled consequently. While they apply again for second year exam, they must appear for Practical Exam(PE) and Theory Exam(TE) also. But their CE score will be retained.
How to Cancel Higher Secondary Course and Exam Registration-Guidelines