Election Duty Help Files-Everything You Need to Know

During each election, Presiding Officers are often overwhelmed with the multitude of formalities that need to be completed before, during, and after the polling process. The Presiding Officer is responsible for the Polling Station and has a significant amount of work to accomplish leading up to and on the polling day. They are under constant pressure until the election materials, including Ballot Boxes or EVMs, are submitted. It is crucial for the Presiding Officer to ensure that all formalities are carried out meticulously. To assist Presiding and Polling Officers in completing these tasks without any discrepancies, we have compiled some helpful tips and resources.
Loksabha election 2024
The first and foremost prerequisite for a Presiding Officer is to attend the training sessions seriously. Even if you have previous experience as a Presiding Officer in past elections, it is essential to approach the training sessions with seriousness and sincerity. Study the Presiding Officers Handbook provided during training carefully, take note of any doubts or confusions, and ensure that you enter the polling stations with a clear mind.

Schedule of Loksabha Election 2024

Date of Poll(Kerala) 26 April 2024(2nd Phase)
Date of Counting 4 June 2024

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Disclaimer: It may be noted that this tips cannot be treated as exhaustive in all respects or as a substitute reference for various provisions of election law governing the conduct of elections. Whenever you are in doubt as to the clarity of instructions contained here in, reference should be made to the corresponding Acts and Rules(alert-warning)
Lok Sabha Election Helpfile 2024
Loksabha Election 2024-Check List & Quick Reference for Presiding Officer by Shiju S M(Uploaded on 24-04-2024)
Loksabha Election 2024-Quick Reference for Presiding Officer by HSSTA(Uploaded on 24-04-2024)
Covers, Sealing Procedures & Worksheet Compiled by Bibin C Jacob(Uploaded on 24-04-2024)
Loksabha Election 2024-All in One Tool by Sreejit P K(Uploaded on 21-04-2024)
Loksabha Election 2024-All in One Guide by Harikumar A
Loksabha Election 2024-Tips for Polling Officials by Ajith Kanthi(Uploaded on 21-04-2024)
Loksabha Election 2024-Election Duty Guide by Shaji S(Uploaded on 20-04-2024)
Loksabha Election 2024-Help file for Presiding Officer by Rajesh N S(uploaded on 20-04-2024)
Loksabha Election 2024-Malayalam Handbook Ver 2.0 Compiled by Anoop M R, SLMT, Deputy Secretary, Government Secretariat(Uploaded on 12-04-2024)
Loksabha Election 2024-Tips for Presiding Officers Compiled by Prasanth P S, HSST, Govt MHSS, Perinthalmanna
Loksabha Election 2024-Notes to Polling Officers Ver 2.0 by Anoop T & Robin Samuel
Loksabha Election 2024-Tips for Presiding Officer by Yaseer P K
Loksabha Election 2024-Help file for Presiding Officer by Rajesh N S
Loksabha Election 2024-Quick Reference for Mock Poll & Closing of Actual Poll by Shaju Alppuzha
Loksabha Election 2024-Form 17C(Filled)
Loksabha Election 2024-Help File(Presentation)
Loksabha Election 2024-Poll Manager Application(Presentation)
Loksabha Election 2024-Election Class Training Slide(Thanneermukkam)
Loksabha Election 2024-Election Class Training Slide(Thiruvananthapuram)
Loksabha Election 2024-Election Class Training Slide(Kollam)
Loksabha Election 2024-EVM & VVPAT Proceedure
Checklist for Presiding Officer
DOs & Don'ts for Presiding Officer
Mock Poll Proceedure in Single Page
Some useful Prints & Forms for Election 2024
Covers, Forms & Booklets Index
Female Count Sheet for Ist Polling Officer(Sample 1)
Male & Female Count Sheet for Ist Polling Officer(Sample 2)
Mock Poll Worksheet(Sample 1)
Mock Poll Worksheet(Sample 2)
NIL Slip for Empty Cover
Serial Number Quick Reference Sheet(Sample 1)
Serial Number Quick Reference Sheet(Sample 2)
Tokens for voters in the queue after the poll end time
Voter Statistics & Hourly Statistics
Movement Sheet for Polling Agents
Election Officials Contact List
Polling Agents Contact List
Video Help Files
Useful Videos for Polling Officers by Election Team Palakkad
EVM & VVPAT Sealing Video
Video Help Files by EC, Kerala
How to conduct Mock Poll?
Duties of Presiding Officer at Polling Station
Matters to be observed by the Presiding Officer on Polling Day
Matters to be observed by the Presiding Officer at the time of polling
Duties of First Polling Officer
Duties of Second Polling Officer
Duties of Third Polling Officer
Duties of Presiding Officer
Points to be observed by Presiding officer while closing Poll
Election Forms
Form 12-Application For Postal Ballot
Form 12A-Application For EDC
Election Duty Exemption Form
Deployment of Polling Officers through ORDER software & Application for Duty Excemption-Circular dated 29-03-2024
Data Entry of Employees for Election Duty-Instructions to all DEO's-Circular dated 16-03-2024
Randomisation of polling officials-Circular dated 07-03-2024
Official Portals
To Know your Sl.No, Booth No, Part No, Epic No etc:-
Order Software Portal-Kerala
Election Commision Ofiicial Portal-Kerala(https://www.ceo.kerala.gov.in)
Election Commision Ofiicial Portal(https://www.eci.gov.in)
Election Duty Excemption List(District Wise)
Order Software Tutorial
Order Software 2024-Tutorial(PDF)
Order Software 2024-How Institutions submit details of Staff before election(Video)
Order Software 2024-How Institutions feed employee details(Video)
Employees Data Collection Sample Format
ORDER Software Data Entry of Polling Staff–Details/Criteria to be followed for addition & exemption

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