Plus Two Geography Practical Exam Notes by Raja Rajan

We are thrilled to announce a significant transformation in the Higher Secondary level's Geography curriculum and assessment procedures, placing a strong emphasis on learner-centered, process-oriented, activity-based, and value-oriented approaches.

plus two geography lab notes

The practical evaluation in Geography has undergone a revamp, maintaining the existing syllabus while introducing a more dynamic and engaging evaluation scheme.

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Practical evaluation in Geography will now be assessed through four different methods: On the spot, Drawing, Calculation, and Computer-Aided. This diverse approach aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of students' practical skills.

Board DHSE Kerala
Class Plus Two(Class 12)
Subject Geography
Higher Secondary Practical(Lab) Exam Notes
Prepared By
Sri.Raja Rajan P K, HSST Geography, GHSS Chaipankuzhi, Thrissur

Students are encouraged to maintain a meticulous record of all practical work conducted during Class XI and XII. This record will play a crucial role and be assessed during the Class XII practical examination.

For a comprehensive guide to Higher Secondary Class 12 Geography Practical Notes, we invite you to download the meticulously prepared notes by Sri.Raja Rajan P K, HSST Geography, GHSS Chaipankuzhi, Thrissur. Click the link below to access the valuable resource:

+2 Geography Practical Exam Notes 2024
+2 Geography Practical Exam Notes(2024) by Raja Rajan
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Prepare for an Enlightening Journey in Geography!

Get ready to welcome exciting changes in the Higher Secondary Geography curriculum! Embark on your learning journey where you will develop practical skills and gain a deeper understanding of the world. Your path to excellence begins now. Best of luck, students!

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