Plus One Result Revaluation, Photocopy, Scrutiny-How to Apply ?

Students participating in the plus one improvement exam for 2023 are now able to seek Revaluation, Photocopy and scrutiny for all subjects. If you are discontent with your marks in a specific subject, you have the option to request revaluation. 

The last date for submitting applications is November 22, 2023.(alert-passed)

Fee for Plus Two Revaluation

Upon the release of results, students have the opportunity to choose Revaluation, Scrutiny, Photocopy, etc., if necessary, with corresponding fees for each item as follows:

  • Revaluation - Rs. 500.00/- per paper, 
  • Scrutiny - Rs. 100.00/- per paper 
  • Photocopy - Rs. 300.00/- per paper.
Plus One Result Revaluation, Photocopy, Scrutiny-How to Apply

Application Form

The application form for Revaluation/Scrutiny/Photocopy can be downloaded from the following link:-

Application Form
Application Form for Revaluation
Application Form for Photocopy
Application Form for Scrutiny
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What is the difference between Photocopy & Scrutiny

  • Scrutiny primarily involves reviewing the answer sheet to identify any unassessed answers, ensuring the accuracy of the total marks, and checking for potential miscalculations. In contrast, revaluation entails re-evaluating an already assessed and graded answer sheet. 
  • The revaluation process includes a thorough examination of answer quality in addition to the scrutiny procedures. Once the revaluation process is concluded, any modifications are communicated to the students through the portal, and updated certificates are issued to them.

How to Refund the Revaluation Fee?

  • Principals are required to reimburse the revaluation fee to candidates who achieve an increase of 10% or more in their marks, and this fee has already been submitted to the PD accounts of the respective schools.

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