Chuvad-Higher Secondary Political Science Study Notes

chuvad political science notes
We are delighted to introduce "Chuvad," a comprehensive study material meticulously crafted by dedicated teachers of higher secondary Political Science, Sri. Muhammed Rasak K from GHSS Eranhimangad, Malappuram, and Smt. Sumayya U from GHSS Pullengodu. 

This resource is designed to empower both first and second-year students in the field of Political Science, helping them excel in their academic journey. What sets "Chuvad" apart is its basis on the Higher Secondary SCERT/NCERT Political Science textbook, which ensures alignment with the curriculum standards. 

Chuvad Political Science Notes

Board Higher Secondary Education
Class Plus One(Class 11) and Plus Two(Class 12)
Subject Political Science
English & Malayalam
Prepared By
Sri. Muhammed Rasak K, GHSS Eranhimangad, Malappuram
Smt. Sumayya U, GHSS Pullengodu, Malappuram
In a world where understanding the dynamics of politics is crucial, "Chuvad" offers meticulously prepared content that covers all the key topics of the Higher Secondary Political Science textbook in both English and Malayalam. This ensures that a wider audience has access to the subject matter, enabling more people to engage with and understand it. Whether you are a first-year student exploring the foundations of Political Science or a second-year student delving deeper into the subject, "Chuvad" is here to support you every step of the way. 

The Chuvad is an invaluable resource that guarantees excellent results in both the higher secondary first and second-year political science exams. With its assistance, you can confidently aim for a perfect score and excel in your studies. 

How to download Chuvad? 

You can access "Chuvad," the ultimate study material for higher secondary Political Science, right here on Simply navigate to our download section, and you'll find a PDF link for downloading the material.
First Year(Plus One) Political Science
XI Chuvad-Political Science Full Scorer Notes(English)
XI Chuvad-Political Science Full Scorer Notes(Malayalam)
Second Year(Plus Two) Political Science
XII Chuvad-Political Science Full Scorer Notes(English)
XII Chuvad-Political Science Full Scorer Notes(Malayalam)

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