UDISE+ Data Entry-Guidelines, Tutorials, Data Collection Format

udise plus data entry
The education system in India stands as one of the world's largest, encompassing more than 1.5 million schools, over 9.6 million educators, and a student body exceeding 264 million. This diverse educational landscape spans across 27 States and 8 Union Territories, accommodating students from a wide array of socio-economic backgrounds. To facilitate an impartial evaluation of this expansive system and to effectively target improvements, the establishment of a robust, real-time, and reliable information gathering mechanism becomes imperative. 

To address this need, the Government of India has undertaken the development of an application named "Unified District Information System for Education Plus" (UDISE+), falling under the purview of the Ministry of Education. The primary objective of UDISE+ is to compile comprehensive school-related information, encompassing various aspects and resources associated with each institution. 

The application's scope covers all schools, recognized and unrecognized alike, engaged in providing formal education from Pre-primary to XII. The data garnered through UDISE+'s digital interface assumes a pivotal role in steering educational planning, resource allocation optimization, and the execution of diverse educational initiatives. Furthermore, it serves as a crucial yardstick for gauging the progress achieved. 

UDISE+ facilitates the data collection process through an online Data Collection Form (DCF), encapsulating an array of parameters that span across 7 distinct sections. The information solicited covers areas such as school details, infrastructure, faculty composition, student enrollment statistics, and examination outcomes. Schools successfully integrated into the platform are assigned a unique UDISE+ Code, which functions as a nationally recognized identifier. 

Make the most of these invaluable resources available in the link below, which will greatly assist institutions in efficiently collecting and entering information into the UDISE+ portal. These resources have been thoughtfully designed to ensure a smooth and successful experience for all users involved.
Circular 2023-24
UDISE+ data entry-Circular from DGE dtd 29-09-2023
Circular 2022-23
UDISE+ data entry-Circular from SSK dtd 21-08-2023
UDISE+ data entry-Circular from DGE dtd 16-08-2023
Resource Files
Guidelines for Filling Up Data Capture Formats (DCF) for Unified District Information System for Education Plus (UDISE+) Year 2022-23
UDISE+ Data entry help file for Class Teachers
Sample Data Collection Form
Sample Data Collection Form(Part B)
Video Tutorials
SDMS Module updation by School Login
Higher Secondary Student Details Data Entry Help
UDISE+ Portal
UDISE+ Portal Login(https://sdms.udiseplus.gov.in/api/v1/login)

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