Kerala Plus One First Year Offline Result Analyzer Tool - Result Scanner by Ramesh V P

Result Scanner is a user-friendly Excel tool developed by Ramesh Tirur from Govt HSS, Kattilangadi, Malappuram. It is designed specifically for analyzing the results of the first year of Kerala Higher Secondary examinations. This tool provides valuable insights and generates various reports to facilitate result analysis. 
Table of Contents(toc)
plus one result analyser

Reports Generated by Result Scanner 

Result Scanner generates the following reports: 
plus one result analyser

a. Overall Result Analysis: 

Provides an overview of the overall performance of the students in the first year. 

b List of Students with High Score: 

Highlights students who have achieved the highest grade/Score in all subjects. 

c. Group-wise Result Analysis: 

Analyzes the performance of students based on their chosen groups, such as Science, Commerce, and Humanities. 

d. Subject-wise Result Analysis: 

Provides detailed insights into the performance of students in individual subjects. 

Analyzing School-wise Results using Result Scanner 

a. Downloading and Enabling Result Scanner: 

Download the offline Result Scanner tool, and ensure that macro settings are enabled in Excel. 
Result Analyser Tools
Plus One Result Analyser
Plus One Improvement Result Analyser

b. Filling Basic Information: 

Enter the necessary details and basic information in the Result Scanner tool. 
result analyser

c. Accessing Schoolwise Result on Kerala Results Website: 

Visit the official website ( and open the Higher secondary First year Schoolwise result link. 
Result Link
Schoolwise Result(open)

d. Copying and Pasting Marks Data: 

Copy the marks data starting from the first roll number, including the Register Number, and paste it into the Result Scanner tool. 
plus one result analyser

e. Utilizing the Mark Entry Menu: 

Clear existing data in the tool's mark entry menu and paste the copied content using the "Copy->Paste Special->Values" option. 

f. Generating Various Data Analysis Reports: 

Explore the Reports menu in the Result Scanner tool to generate the desired reports and analyze the results. 

Kerala Higher Secondary School Codes (District-wise) 

a. Importance of School Codes: 

School codes are crucial for identifying and categorizing schools during result analysis. They enable school-wise result analysis and provide specific insights into each educational institution. 

b. Downloading Higher Secondary School Codes: 

Obtain the Higher Secondary school codes in PDF format by following the provided link. These codes help in identifying and selecting specific schools for analysis purposes. 
HSS School Codes
HSS School Codes(link)


Result Scanner is a valuable offline tool for analyzing the first-year results of Kerala Plus Two students. By utilizing its various reports and features, educators and administrators can gain valuable insights into student performance, eligibility for higher studies, group-wise analysis, and subject-wise analysis. 

The availability of school codes further enhances the ability to perform school-wise result analysis for a comprehensive understanding of the educational landscape.

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